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6 or higher since they will get that low again throughout the months till next BF. I am a smaller BF budget this year, so upgrades and movies with less interest can wait. A total of 8 movies, 4 each from both stores, including one UHD movie from Walmart. I'm going to return Hotel Transylvania 3 back to Target, since it was cheaper at Walmart. Second Devil's Due (that'll be the sequel. ). If anything, I think this film warns us not to trust taxis. I’m not super big on found footage films I think they’re either hit or miss or just complete bullshit lol but the ones I fell in love with most was The Poughkeepsie Tapes because of how fucked up and raw it is and Sinister because of how creepy and cute Bughuul was. Yet, that leaves me no time to keep up with political and social news happening in my country. I love my dear country and wishe things could get better so I can move back without fear of insecurity and other issues that can effect my daily life or my children. I have hope that Haiti with prevail and we will be once again the best island on planet earth. Thank you for thinking about us that have the unfortunate choice of living outside the country to find better life with the dream of returning back home on day. Pafwa ou konn monte sou yon chen, yo mande'w pou tann, phone ou dichaj san ke imaj pa janm monte. M'espere ke teknisyen ki responsab App sa ap pran tout sa'm di yo an konsiderasyon. Head to,tv, or check link in profile to change your Netflix country and watch now. Our podcast DOCTOR OF THE DEAD is also nominated for Best Multimedia Site (category 20)! Some would say it's pointless to remake a movie and just make it the same, but I say why not. Tom Savini brings new blood into the characters, and Barbara is now a badass survivor with attitude. The Blu-ray from Umbrella looks great, unfortunately it's still not uncut.

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After each call I wound up checking a box for the outcome -- no answer, wrong number, don't speak English, or promised to vote, have already voted, promised to vote, did not promise to vote. After finishing each packet I brought them to a person who was responsible for collating the data and entering it into a computer to submit information about whether the leads were good or not. On Monday, they had an online program available called a predictive dialer. I hadn't had it on Saturday since the access has apparently been sporadic. With the dialer, you enter your phone number in a program and it calls you first. Then you click a button when you're ready to take calls, and it auto-dials numbers on the list. It filters out the numbers with no answer, or disconnected tones. This process was a lot more efficient, connecting me with a live person about every minute or so. But on the other hand, it was also a bit more stressful. I found that a high proportion of these people had been subject to regular calls and weren't happy about it. One guy said he's been getting ten calls a day, and it's tiring especially when he already voted. I wound up apologizing a lot and explaining why the Get Out The Vote effort targets them so much. Being in the solid red state of Texas, I have not received any election calls myself. Some were understanding, some hung up pretty pissed off. Still, there were a fair number of legitimate opportunities to remind people to vote and give them polling information, and some people were genuinely happy that we were doing this. One guy I called said he was in the middle of calling other states himself. To wrap up this post, I just want to say that I'm a big believer in crowdsourcing big jobs. I like wikis, and I like spreading information through Facebook posts and blogs. Spending some of a long weekend doing election work may not be some people's idea of a good time, but I found it very satisfying.

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Giraldi also directed the features Hiding Out (1987) and Dinner Rush (2000). Club Med presents Jack Scalia as the head honcho at a resort when his ex-wife (Linda Hamilton) shows up to rekindle sparks. The performing acts include Gloria Estefan, Sinbad, and Bill Mahar, and the flick feels like an open-bar happy hour on the sand. Girard’s features include The GreenEyed Blonde (1957), Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966), and a cult film called The Happiness Cage (1972)—which has also been titled Mind Snatchers and The Evil Within—starring young Christopher Walken with a bandaged head after a brain experiment to pacify him. Girard’s stuff was consistently odd, with his standalone hour-long pieces including the dramatization of the start of World War I with the assassination of the Austrian archduke (Robert Loggia) in End of a World (1961) on Alcoa Premiere, and using Milton Berle in a dramatic part on Kraft Suspense Theatre called That He Should Weep for Her (1964). Four Women in Black was a western with the title nuns played by Helen Hayes, Katy Jurado, Janice Rule, and Narda Onyx, getting the best of Jim Davis’s sheriff and Ralph Meeker’s Carbine Webb. Hunters Are for Killing starred Burt Reynolds as an ex-con who returns to his home town for his mother’s inheritance and finds that his stepfather balks at the idea, especially since the old man believes his biological son was killed by the recent jailbird. Girard’s cast gives the piece zing, including Melvyn Douglas, Suzanne Pleshette, and Martin Balsam. Girard imbued the film with a kind of stifling view of small-town bickering. JOSEPH GISTIRAK Play of the Week (New York): The White Steed (1959) The Paul Vincent Carroll play The White Steed featured Dermot McNamara, Helena Carroll, Tim O’Connor, and Frank Conroy. He directed the features Band of the Hand (1986) and The Running Man (1987) and the series Miami Vice, Judging Amy, and others. Glaser’s life has had its share of tragedy as his wife, Elizabeth, and seven-year-old daughter, Ariel, died of HIV-tainted blood. In Glaser’s Amazons, a cult of female warriors plots to assassinate male politicians worldwide. In Into the Homeland, Powers Boothe delivers one of his better performances as an estranged father who realizes his shirking of duty when his daughter falls in love with a white supremacist. Arye Gross, C. Thomas Howell, David Caruso, Cindy Pickett, and Paul Le Mat co-star. While Glatter had worked on ER, she also put some bodies and soul into State of Emergency, about an ER in an inner-city hospital, where Joe Mantegna plays the top doc whose resources are very limited and the bureaucrats mostly interested in protecting themselves. Sanders, Deborah Kara Unger, Richard Beymer, and Robert Beltran form part of the ensemble in this grimy and unapologetic HBO film. Miss Julie was the recording of a stage performance of the August Strindberg standard starring Helen Mirren.

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