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Conversely, no prognostic disadvantages were associated with concomitant wrist fractures. Data show a worse functional recovery and a prolonged length of stay in the subgroup of hip fracture patients who sustained a concomitant fracture at the proximal humerus, but not at the wrist. The aim of this study was to assess the influence of potential risk factors for six-month mortality in hip fracture patients. Methods The study included all patients with a hip fracture older than 65 who had been admitted to the Clinic for orthopaedic surgery during one year. One hundred and ninety-two patients were included in the study. Results Six months after admission due to a hip fracture, 48 patients had died (6-month mortality rate was 25%). The deceased were statistically older than the patients who had survived. Univariate regression analysis indicated that six variables had a significant effect on hip fracture patientsa. Multivariate regression modelling showed that the following factors were independently associated with mortality at 6 months post fracture: poor cognitive status, poor mobility prior to the fracture, comorbid disease. Conclusion Poor cognitive status appeared to be the strongest mortality predictor. The employment of brief tests for cognitive status evaluation would enable orthopaedists to have good criteria for the choice of treatment for each patient screened. Although information on unemployment following ankle fractures can be important in cases of financial compensation, no studies have investigated rates of short-term disability and employment status among patients who have suffered isolated ankle fractures in the US. We retrospectively reviewed 573 medical charts for patients who were treated for ankle fractures in the last 3 years at a level I trauma center. A total of 83 non-elderly patients that had isolated ankle fractures were contacted and surveyed over the phone.

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Harold Urey and Stanley Miller produced a small yield of amino acids in a highly controlled experiment. In 1983, Miller discovered that if carbon monoxide is added, plus a large proportion of hydrogen, then glycine, the simplest amino acid, could be produced, but only in trace amounts. Rather than demonstrating chemical evolution, all this really showed was that an atmosphere designed for life could be carefully guided to produce ONE of life's many building blocks. Their meager success depended not on a random and unguided process, but on an intelligently designed and managed experiment that started out with the necessary chemical components. While attempting to verify evolution by blind, materialistic means, they merely confirmed the need for an intelligent agent to create and control the conditions necessary for life. This experiment does not pose any difficulties for the creationist. It actually strengthens our argument. “Life in the lab” would prove the necessity of an intelligent designer. “To claim this experiment as evidence for evolution would be akin to allowing water to flow over a bed of coal, and upon identifying a little ink-like substance, claiming the Encyclopaedia Britannica was produced by natural, random processes” (reference here ). A dead body has all the chemicals needed for life, but it is not alive. If life is just chemicals, and our brains just operate on chemical and electrical reactions, then how do we know we can trust our thoughts or conclusions. One year after the experiment, other scientists unraveled the structure of DNA. With that, scientists learned that the instructions for life came from a code within the DNA molecule. As a result, the cell could no longer be thought of as a simple collection of chemicals reacting under the right environmental conditions.


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They won the game 3-1, ending Minnesota’s recent winning streak and making it five wins in a row at the Capital One Arena. Ovechkin Catches Puck to Face, Gets Stitched Up, Finishes Game Anyway (VIDEO) sputniknews. om. The convictions were vacated two months after lawyers for the 15 men filed a joint petition seeking to overturn 18 criminal drug convictions among them, the Chicago Tribune reported. The dismissal is believed to be the first-ever mass exoneration in Cook County, according to the report. “In these cases, we concluded, unfortunately, the police were not being truthful, and we couldn’t have confidence in the integrity of their reports and their testimony, and so, in good conscience, we could not see these convictions stand,” Mark Rotert of the Cook County Conviction Integrity Unit said during a press conference. Ronald Watts, who went to prison for a related crime, have been placed on desk duty pending an internal investigation into the incidents, the Chicago Police Department said, CNN reported. The exonerees alleged that Watts and his team of officers planted drugs on them during arrests between 2003 and 2008, and falsified police reports that led to their convictions, according to the Exoneration Project, a free legal clinic at the University of Chicago Law School. All 15 men had served their sentences for the alleged crimes, according to the Exoneration Project. One of them, Leonard Gipson, said he twice went to jail after being framed by Watts. “If you’re not gonna pay Watts, you were going to jail,” he recalled. “I went to jail and did 2 years and 24 months for Watts. I came home, and he put another case on me. the victim said.


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