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Randall, have impressive service in this term-limited age. Mr. Randall, who turns 70 in June, served 16 years in the House as a Republican member from the Mt. Pleasant area. A former public broadcaster, he guided his GOP colleagues on how not to act like a 2X4 when on camera. Only in his last four years in the House, during joint power in 1993-94 and then with the Republican majority of 1995-96, did he sample control. He chaired the then Commerce Committee in his last term. After giving up his seat, he’s been on the House rostrum either as clerk or assistant clerk, sharing that position with six speakers, three governors and one U. . president along with lieutenant governors, various speakers pro-tem and their assistants and associates and his assistant clerks. He was assistant clerk for six years: 1997-98 and 2007-10; and clerk for eight years: 1999-2006 and 2011-12. Having been re-elected Wednesday, he’ll have 10 years as clerk under his belt by the 2014 election. But two other men share the top spot for longest term as clerk. Daniel Crossman of Williamston used to pony into the Capitol to handle House sessions for 16 years, from 1873 to 1889. Then there was the gravelly-voiced, chain-smoking T. Thomas Thatcher, who was clerk from 1937 to 1938, and then when Democrats finally retook control of the House from 1966 to 1980. Back over to the Senate, Ms. Viventi has been secretary since 1995 and will have a tidy 19 years on the rostrum when the current session ends. Governor John Engler administered Ms. Viventi, his former aide, the oath after her first election to the post.

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Could you provide an opinion concerning this overheating incident. Thank you. The original system voltage was 84 volts (42 cells in 2 modules or 21 cells each). I use many home appliances but initially I only have some basic ones like digital Samsung fridge, toaster microwave TV internet and cable (No heater or air conditioner). If I take each battery to a common buss, will that cure the problems described with multiple batteries in parallel. Rule of thumb double it ! 2V is good forrunning a couple of leds and a phone chargerbut if you want to be able to boil the billy in the morning you will want 6x800AH in 2 banks. I know as I was sold a12V sys years ago Disadvantages of lowvoltagestorage 1. Step 2 will be 3S groups to get 24V then 3P to get 510 AH ? will see. hanks for your help good advice. I’m measuring more than 10 A from the output of parallelly connected batteries. Think of it as a comprehensive technology catalog: a ticketing system where you can submit and review your service requests at any time, regardless of Service Desk hours, and a support site where you will have quick access to user guides and instructions. If you have a question or a need and do not find a relevant technology service, please let us know by using the We’re Listening. Have a general question or can't find what you are looking for. He posted 18 points per game, which was his highest average since 2011-2012, and he shot 47 percent from the field. While his defense continues to be lackluster, the 2011 MVP gives the Cavs' second unit a scoring boost. Irving requested a trade late last week, indicating Rose may be pushed into a more prominent role. Now, the Chicago kid will try to win alongside The King. The US Dow Jones Industrial Average ended 0.


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Amiens: Festival International du Film dAmiens, 1996. Amiens: Le Film Af-ricain and Le Film du Sud 3536 (2001). London: British Film Institute, 2000. Gray, John. Blacks in Film and Television: A Pan- African Bibliography of Films, Filmmakers and Per-formers. Gugler, Josef. African Film: Re- Imagining a Continent. Gutberlet, Marie- Hlne, and Hans- Peter Metzler, eds. Haff ner, Pierre. Essai sur les fondements du cinma af-ricain. Paris: Nouvelles ditions Africaines, 1978. 1. Palabres sur le cinmatographe: initiation au cinma. Amsterdam: Matutu 19 (1997). 1, ed. African Cinema: Post- Colonial and Femi-nist Readings. Trenton, N. . Africa World Press, 1999. 1.

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All I ever hear is your nose whistling in every Fukn video. Actress Senay Jackson Anos atras I'm a sensitive and former GH'er. If your not blessing him before and after your investigations. His board needs to be taken and buried in a unmarked grave and his home blessed. ITS Nobama Anos atras Only reason I don't believe this is because they're told to use abracadabra. I am, however, a strong believer in this stuff and a lot of what they do, to an extent. Me: wait what Nina Renate Bertelsen Mes atras DEMON NOT DEMAH Dokan Anos atras Hahahaha fuck Rosemarie Cocola Anos atras That's funny I saw a creepy shadow in my pants. GUILLERMO RAMIREZ Anos atras HeroOfTimeVevo show us a link with the proven results. Scientifically proven stonebrooks 12 Anos atras they stole this from a movie, same scene just different characters Incentric Anos atras Holy shit this man just got possessed or some shit and he just brushes it off like oh ya it happens Lizzie Flores Anos atras at 4:19 tim is the one who said zozo. David Santos Anos atras im glad your ok tim i do appricate what you do god bless. There is no zozo. Lexey jay Anos atras You ARE NOT supposed to let any spirit count down the numbers. That lets it out. And Zozo is literally THE MOST DANGEROUS demon there is. You should NEVER allow him to count down the numbers. Scott Albaugh Mes atras Stupid hoe hahahahhaaaa Scott Albaugh Mes atras Lol your obviously one of the most dumbest bitches I’ve read the comments on in my entire life. LOL Jon Tom 8 meses atras You have no idea what ur talking abt lol. Jahaira Zavala Anos atras Lexey jay just because they claim to be zozo doesn't mean they are. He's a moron. And anyone who believes it to be zozo is also a moron.

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If it’s not him, it will be someone else, and not just Beric! . But even those presets need to likely be recalibrated for your space. Each setting allows you to update it yourself, but it’s a tedious process. It’s helpful to google “omtimum settings for what ever your tv make and model is and see what comes up to use as a guide). In S7 E7, Tyrion deduced Cersei was pregnant by her refusing to drink. We’re going to lose a lot of folks in heroic last-stands early in the season. I, for one, welcome that- fewer plot exigencies means more time for story. I was pondering if Missandei has to braid Dany’s hair and bathe her and shit which doesn’t seem fitting for the queen’s most trusted advisor. I guess there are just tons of unseen seamstresses and cooks and maids though. She even has the Valyrian one on her belt while holding the dragonglass one. Maybe she has the spear for long range and she will still use the dagger in close attacks. Often Bronn and others keep their daggers ready while they also have their sword. She’s definitely going to be doing some serious stick twirls and stabbing something. Arya should have an advantage fighting in the dark. Often Bronn and others keep their daggers ready while they also have their sword. he’s definitely going to be doing some serious stick twirls and stabbing something. rya should have an advantage fighting in the dark. Did anyone else hear what sounded like an incoming explosion. Like when the wild fire blew up the sept, everyone in there heard loud boom noises getting closer befor the screen went KABOOM in wildfire green.

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This document is a striking illustration of Ahmadullah Shah’s vision for his native land. The proclamation read: The Hindus and Muslims passed their days in peace and tranquillity since the days of their predecessors. For some time, the Quam Angrez became ruler after occupying these territories. Now since they were desirous of taking away the beliefs of these two groups by grandeur, it appeared proper to expel them (not only) from these territories (but also) from this consideration or keeping it in view (even) from the territories of Hind. The success of the rebel forces not just at Lucknow but at Kanpur, Jhansi and large areas of Bihar, had deeply unsettled the British rulers. Conflicting orders to General Havelock added to the confusion and gave enough time to Ahmadullah Shah to consolidate his hold over the surrounding areas of Lucknow right up to Unnao. On 6 August 1857, there were celebrations amongst the rebel troops parked on the other side of the Gomti River when news was received that Bahadur Shah had been crowned as the Emperor of India. The rebel army had been desperate to find a legitimate leader for the people of Awadh. Since Wajid Ali Shah was a prisoner of the British at Calcutta, the field was open. A large section of the populace and the rebel troops were keen to appoint Ahmadullah Shah as the Nawab of Awadh. It is doubtful whether he aspired to the throne of Lucknow, for according to the legend on his seal, he styled himself as Khalifatullah or vicegerent of God. He was an office which combined temporal and spiritual authority, and his claims could not be reconciled with allegiance to any earthly power. Barkat Ahmad and the cavalry were said to favour the claims of Suleiman Qadr, a prince of the royal house of Oudh. This probably explains his supersession in favour of the members of the dominant party. It was in September that the commander-in-chief of the British army in India Sir Colin Campbell decided to personally lead the attack to confront the rebel forces at Lucknow. The commander-in-chief ordered the British forces to move towards Lucknow. A furious battle took place near Sikandar Bagh on 25 September 1857, in which the British forces lost more than 207 officers. However, a decisive victory for any of the two parties was still elusive. The British forces were fast running out of provisions. In the first week of November, it was announced that the commander-in-chief of the British forces would himself move towards Lucknow.