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Elliot from Leverage, I like short hair, but he was awesome. I also like Longmire and Jesse Stone. trong men, who are quiet and smart but not intellectual or geeky. Not familiar with the others well enough to comment. They've cancelled other shows that I liked, but they usually had low ratings and stuff. Not even ashamed to say I've watched the entire run, from start to finish, three times now. It's just been a lowkey gem for awhile now so I'm glad it's getting out there. There are a few scenes here and there (like the flashback when clarke's family is watching a old recording of a football match with their friends) that do but it's too little. The world lacks substance and isn't fleshed out enough. In a science fiction show, it's a really big problem imo. Clarke is so devoid of personality and charisma that I can't understand why people seem to think she's a good leader. Maybe because she's the only character in the entire roster that has half a brain. Bellamy is interesting, because despite his broody, handsome, twenty y-o archetype, he is often shown to be not much of a thinker. My personal favorite is Kane, I like the actor and like the character. I can't care about the rest of the characters, which is a problem. I have not yet seen what I would call a redeeming feature about it yet. Hell, they defeated the water creature and saved their friend in the first episode by. plashing. If you don't like it after season 1, I'm guessing you never will.

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Park starred as Officer Kono Kalakaua in the CBS television series Hawaii Five-0, from 2010 until 2017. She was raised in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kerrisdale. Park and fellow Hawaii Five-0 co-star Daniel Dae Kim left the show in 2017, leaving the cast without any Asian regulars, after a salary dispute where it was reported that CBS's latest offer paid them 10-15% less than their white co-stars, Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. Asian Hall of Fame. January 20, 2014. Retrieved December 27, 2014. It is hard to know how my Korean heritage has impacted my life and achievements without thinking about my parents. The Province. Archived from the original on November 9, 2009. Director Mark Sawers won for Camera Shy, and for the screenplay he wrote with Doug Barber. As well, Gerard Plunkett was named best supporting actor for his role as a crime boss, and Camera Shy took prizes for musical score (Don Macdonald) and cinematography (Brian Johnson). The rest of the movie awards were spread among several contenders, with Jennifer Copping named best actress as a reformed hippie mom in the 1970s-set coming of age story Becoming Redwood, Michael Eklund taking best actor as a tormented scientist in the stylish psycho-thriller Errors of the Human Body, and Agam Darshi supporting actress as an aerobicized femme fatale for the noir thriller Crimes of Mike Recket. Prizes were handed out at Friday and Saturday night galas at the Westin Bayshore, with Saturday’s event hosted by TV comedy couple Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson. Lauro Chartrand won for best stunt co-ordination for the Steven Seagal-Steve Austin action flick Maximum Conviction, while the sexual awakening drama Lucille’s Ball earned the best editing prize for Jeanne Slater. The western Dawn Rider earned Zohra Shahalimi the prize for best costume design, and the revenge drama Bailout: the Age of Greed took the prize for best sound, for the team of Kirby Jinnah, Chris Gilling, Iain Pattison and Graeme Hughes. On the TV side, the Showcase network sci-fi series Continuum dominated the awards, winning seven Leos including best series. William Waring won best director for one Continuum episode, show creator Simon Barry won best screenwriting, while editor Alison Grace and costume designer Maya Mani were also honoured for their work. The new CW network superhero series Arrow earned awards for stunt co-ordination (J. .

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Also popping out of beta are the company’s tools for managing e mail advertising campaigns (Microsoft Connections), creating invoices (Microsoft Invoicing) and holding tabs on a business’ on-line presence on engines like google, social media and Yelp (Microsoft Listings). Make sure you (and your security workforce) are snug with the disclaimers Microsoft put around knowledge privateness and compliance. Essentially the most crucial file type that the SharePoint CDN cannot cache iscss, which can be used on every single web page of a publishing portal and in many collaboration scenarios in SharePoint on-line too. Enables you to choose the frequency (hourly, weekly) and stage of granularity (particular person files, entire databases) of your cloud-information backups. All information of kind GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPG, JS and PNG stored in origin areas will likely be cached by the SharePoint CDN. To tackle this market, the group combine Windows 10 and Workplace 365 with a simplified device management service that gives a lot of the facility of its enterprise-class counterpart behind a far simpler to use interface that gives sane default choices. The barriers include the EU Knowledge Protection Act and nationwide implementations such as the UK Data Safety Act enforced by the ICO. As you understand, there are six platform help QTUM ico, most of them have refund to customers. Most businesses are utilizing cloud functions in some capacity or are contemplating doing so with companies like Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce being very fashionable. At work the final couple of weeks, I’ve been taking a look at how an Azure Public CDN (Content Delivery Community) and the newly-launched SharePoint On-line CDN can improve efficiency for geographically dispersed users in Office 365. Qtum tokens will probably be obtainable to purchase through the ICO from Bizhongchou, Yunbi, Yuanbao, Allcoin, and ICO365, though they are saying the record would possibly change earlier than the ICO start date. Qtumteam is right to state that qtum coin cant be withdraw until mainnet on-line. The revolutionary method of Spinbackup is to vary the paradigm of knowledge security by constructing a Security Bridge between the Blockchain Community and Conventional Cloud Companies. PORINI ERP for Dynamics 365 offers you a complete enterprise administration resolution that provides a excessive degree of scalability and readily adapts to your company needs. Alternatively you may manually create an URL pointing to a picture in public CDN and reference that in SharePoint pages. Qtum boasts technical improvements, a stellar staff, and current support within the Chinese blockchain community. ICO Techniques have helped many businesses and charities embrace the advantages of subscription based email and office functions. The SharePoint CDN can only be used for SharePoint On-line, not SharePoint Server on-premises, or the on-premises parts of a hybrid implementation of SharePoint. This is a really well written article.

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The bad news was that we had a crying baby next door that woke us up nightly and the walls were thin. We spent one day driving to the north shore, and stopped at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. The best thing about the Dole Plantation was feeding the koi fish, the fish were hilarious. We skipped everything else because it was so expensive. By the time we made it to the Polynesian Cultural Center, the kids were tired and didn't want to go. The next day we just hung out around the hotel: went to the Army museum, went kayaking, and got ice cream at the Hilton. The show at the PCC or at Smith's on Kauai is much better. You need to get there early (8am) or you won't be able to catch a ferry. We had to wait 3 hours for our ferry, so we drove around town while waiting. The kids were happy when they found out that there were 200 teenagers on the ship. We spent the first morning going to the Marine Ocean Center. Two of our kids really enjoyed it, especially our 16 year old son. The other 2 kids were bored and didn't get in the water. After that, we drove by Lahaina and checked out some surf shops. It's beautiful! After that, we drove back to Lahaina and our daughters took surfing lessons from Romi at the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy. That was the highlight of the trip, and they want to go back to Maui. My husband and I picked up the car, and drove around a bit. We took the scenic route, and we stopped and got yummy smoothies at a roadside shop.

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In private, Danerys tells Jon they are really bending the knee to him, not to her. -Jamie and Brienne share plenty of small scenes across the season. In Riverrun, Jamie tells her she taught him what it means to be a true knight. Brienne says she hopes she can live up to that image. Heavily implied they both have growing feelings for each other. Some banter with Tormund who tries to impress Brienne and fails. -Tyrion tells Jamie to stop worrying about Cersei and the baby because Varys took care of that. Jamie does not take the news well. -The Mountain oversees the burning of the corpses in the street. They torch the houses of people who disobey. -Sam discovers information about the white walkers in his books. He learns that the white walkers were never really defeated and that a pact was made between white walkers and men. Men agreed to do human sacrifices to please the walkers but eventually this tradition was lost and men lost their fear. Gilly says that her father had spoken about this tradition and that he respected it. She fears the night king might still come for her child. -Bran sends a raven to Riverrun saying all the Night king wants is the the prince who was promised. Jon believes this refers to himself and he considers surrendering himself to the night king to end the war, but Danerys stops him. She says the prince who was promised could be her, or someone else. -Qyburn reanimates some of the dead children piled up outside the Red keep and sends them back to their homes, where their parents receive them thinking they are alive.

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