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Nah, but I do see them VFX’ing a certain silence approaching. You don’t really want to see those three have a threeway battle. Why is that? anyone can shed some light on this subject for me it would be appreciated. It will be pointless to throw money away, on the location, when you already have Pyke established. And i don’t expect something huge from the kingsmoot. Just like Jon’s election as LC, something quick, so we can move on to more important things. As much as I like Aiden Turner (still remember him from the original Being Human days). He’s a bit too young for Euron as are a lot of people on that list. Can’t say any of them really jump out at me as him.

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. Army platoon for several weeks in the fall of 1966, Schoendoerffer’s black and white footage is shot almost entirely in the field, with the exception of one sequence following a lone GI on leave in Saigon. The primary focus on the soldiers themselves both confirms expectations of military life (mail call, a field Mass replete with communion, fairly quiet patrols through the jungle), and arrests viewer attention, since the abrupt burst of gunfire or explosions always arrives without warning. Location sound is frequently laced with Schoendoerffer’s voice-over narration, delivered in his heavily French-accented English, which opens by stating. At one point, however, in reporting the general outlines of a particular mission, Schoendoerffer elicits sympathy for his subjects by suddenly lamenting. While such forces go largely unexamined in the documentary, the soldiers themselves are afforded a modicum of individualization. Several times throughout the film Schoendoerffer identifies the troops by name as they appear on camera; without benefit of interview segments, these simple introductions manage to personalize the no less anonymous soldiers, a few of whom are wounded or killed within the period of filming. We learn as much when, on occasion, the film freeze-frames on a face as the voice-over flatly states, for instance, “wounded two weeks later,” or, in a less truncated way. Yet other aspects of the soundtrack beyond these verbal revelations of impending calamity suggest more is at work. In particular, music plays a significant role (as it does in other genres) in creating an affective state of reception for spectators.

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Rainier. Mt Adams. Mt. St. Helen. The mountains rise above the clouds. The sky is blue. I feel clear. My seat mate is young--this time I am sure. I touch his shoulder and climb over him when I have to go to the bathroom.

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He is impressed. Arya takes needle and point it on him. Nymeria and the pack of wolves had surounded the area where they fought. We kill the Queen. Arya puts back her weapons and the Hound stands up. -Euron lays with gold. Comp. on the eastern coast at the Neck. A sea storm rages. The commander tells Euron he should travel back to his queen, the gold.