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The all seeing eye is at the top of the pyramid, and that’s more or less the image George is creating with the green dragon creating alair at the top of the pyramid. The green beside his head, his braid coiled around it. Green-seeing is done with the mind and the third eye in other words. Drogo’s oily black braid coils around the green egg, surrounding it, a similar image to the green dragon living inside the smoldering black pyramid or below the pyramid in the pit when he’s chained up. The black sea in particular is a reference to the cosmic ocean of space, which again speaks to the greenseers’ ability to travel time and space through their bond with the weirwoods. That fits with the green egg being placed by the head, I’d say. He’s like a greenseer dragon, defying death and swimming in the dark ocean of space through the use of the weirwoodnet. Or is this more a metaphor for using greenseer magic to reach for the fire of the gods. Well, that’s a question we’ll have to return to another time. That’s pretty much it for today, though I have a bit of bonus material here to act as a cool down from the sheer raw intensity of touching comets and flying through space. As for the white dragon placed in Drogo’s crotch, that’s too big a topic to open up right now and I’d be tempted use up all my good penis jokes that I really should save for the white dragon episode. It seems that the three cracks of the eggs pretty much relate the sequence of the Long Night disaster in detail, check this out. This is the white egg, and it’s definitely associated with the moon, because as Dany is “showered with ash and cinders” and as “the roaring filled the world,” at Danys feet lands “a chunk of curved rock, pale and veined with gold, broken and smoking. A pale stone crescent is a clear moon symbol, so that’s what this first crack is about, the breaking of the moon. This is the Storm God’s thunderbolt descending from the moon and setting fire to the “heart tree,” if you will. Right after this is when Daenerys thinks to herself “I am Daenerys Stormborn,” and then comes the line about stepping into the firestorm. This is the green dragon’s egg and everything here is about storm and thunder, so again, this is the thunderbolt coming from the moon and setting fire to the tree.

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I would get rid of my mustache in three seconds flat with that kind of offer. Kidman challenges the “code of silence. Amazing how men can get together and talk about anything under the sun except for what’s troubling them. But Firth’s callous remark is far more shocking than the preceding incident. “You will be killed shortly. Blood doesn’t flow any colder than that. That line actually seems like it belongs in an action movie, not a historical drama. “No one would believe what you did to us. The atrocities of war are unfathomable to all but those who willfully choose to perpetrate its evil acts. I’ve never seen a more meaningful bow. Tearing up. Final analysis: a deeply moving tale of the devastating effects of war. nd the miracle of racial reconciliation. Firth and Kidman are simply masterful in their roles. Not an easy movie to negotiate emotionally, but well worth watching. As is indicated by the title, railways and trains play a pivotal role in the movie’s plot. It’s fitting, then, that director Jonathan Teplitzky and his film crew should so elegantly isolate images of trains, tracks and bridges from different countries (England and Japan) and different time periods (the WWII 1940s and the film’s 1980 milieu).

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As a baby he was smuggled out of King's Landing and replaced with another child (who was killed by the mountain). He was brought to Essos where he has been groomed for ruling his whole life and is nearly ready to head back to Westeros in order to try to take the throne. A lot of folks, myself felt this was really cheap on the part of GRRM and much too late to try to add a character like this to the story. Daenerys was never part of their original plans to restore a Targaryen on the throne, she was just value added for Viserys, who was the original plan B. Some other random details. - Jon Connington, short-lived Hand of the King to Aerys Targaryen and good friend to Prince Rhaegar, is the one grooming Aegon Targaryen. She had already moved away from his counsel several times and now Jon will have even more sway on her decisions. As we've seen, Jon, while honorable, isn't exactly the most tactically sound. Through the whole show, the Lannisters were always in control (even with Robert on the throne). She saw all the scars Jon had from the penultimate episode, but I dunno if she just chalked that up to normally battle wounds or not. Dude has many other special abilities it seems so maybe being brought back has a different future for him than the others. Or OMG I cant believe it, you would actually go as far as killing me. Seems like he's finally realized how much his relationship with her has changed, and how little respected he is by her. And after having his life threatened by her, is it enough to turn him against her. Remember, he became the Kingslayer because the Mad King was about to use wildfire on innocent people. I Think the Danny and Jami dynamic will be the same as when Catlyn let him escape. Plus Browne will vouch for him and Brann will probably be there as well.

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