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Comey also delivered an implicit rebuke to President Donald Trump, saying that he had “no information” to support claims by the President that he was wiretapped on the orders of predecessor Barack Obama. Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer said Trump would not apologize to Obama for the accusations against him, adding that there were questions still remaining about surveillance that may or may not have taken place during the campaign. Limbaugh and his wife had dinner with the president, Vice President Pence and Pence’s wife Karen at the White House. Democratic Co-Chair Schiff strongly objected, calls it a “serious mistake”. Ryan said he told President Trump the best thing to do was pull this bill and Trump agreed with that decision. The White House said Comey visited to attend a “routine interagency meeting,” but did not say with whom he met. No meeting with Comey was listed on the president’s public schedule. Comey was spotted leaving the White House less than an hour later after television cameras showed him entering the West Wing. CNN reported on Monday morning that Nunes had gone to the White House grounds to view those documents, which further raised the question of whether the Trump administration had given them to him and coordinated the story. The visit raised questions about whether the White House itself was the source of the mysterious intelligence that Nunes, but no one else on Capitol Hill, has seen. Nunes has vowed to protect his source while offering contradictory descriptions of what the documents reveal. The calls are a stunning breakdown for a committee that has traditionally operated in a bipartisan manner.

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He would say he was sorry, Mr. Cherry said, and then blame others for his troubles. When he was finally expelled, Mr. Jaye and his lawyers held a press conference in the Capitol rotunda that was more theater. Mr. Jaye proclaimed he had won a great moral victory for the people. He was suffering, he said, “payback by the GOP bosses” and that he had been subjected to a witch-hunt and Gestapo-like tactics. At the same time he made those charges, his former colleagues told reporters if Mr. Jaye had acknowledged his difficulties, expressed genuine remorse and sought help he could have spared himself. THE FINAL LESSON: There is an inherent contradiction in politics: You have a right to run for office; you have no right to hold office. You are in office at the sufferance of the public, and your colleagues have the duty to ensure that everyone in office recognizes that fact and behaves in a manner that respects the public’s dignity as well as the chamber’s. That ultimately is the reality anyone serving in office has to remember.


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Definition of Fear is also the debut feature film for long time producer James Simpson. Also interesting is that before Definition of Fea r hits and cinemas or streaming platforms it will open the Delhi International Film Festival. Jacqueline Fernandez will be the special attraction of the 4th Delhi International Film Festival, 2015. Jacqueline will kick start the Delhi International Film Festival which will be from 5th December to 10th December 2015, with the premiere of her English film, Definition of Fear. The story of the film revolves around four girls who holiday in an old mansion in the forest and how their holiday turns into a fearful death trap causing their death. Along with Jacqueline, Catherine Barrel, Blythe Hubbard, Mercedes Papilla and Mathew Stephuik have essayed prime roles in the film. This will be the first time that the opening ceremony of the Delhi International Film Festival 2015 will be held at Central Park in Connaught Place, which is called the Heart of Delhi with Jacqueline Fernandez's film Definition of Fear being shown on a massive screen at the venue. Some of our first trolling rage was from the screenwriter. Ah. Memories. . So, brush up on your Australian feminist film trivia because the battle to topple those Bristol Silents is ON.