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We had a GL 2 which is strong with 3 ccd but has that video look and we had three or four Sony Digital 8s that could do night vision (we went through everyone of them). I also have a love for Hammer films and their atmosphere and I really wanted to capture that but without a certain ingredient it just doesn't get it. Also love the grand characters from those films. The Preacher dressed in all black damning Satan anyone. Everything from the wardrobe to the fire built at the barn which had pine thrown on it to get the popping embers, was worked to give a visual experience. We wanted to also practice suspense, build and restraint. Funding will begin when final draft is finished along with a trailer posted on kickstarter. om. This film is in the vein of REC, THE TROLL HUNTER, QUARANTINE, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. This found footage short starts with a family going on their first camping trip with friends but the outcome wasn't so friendly. The Louisiana has an old and dark history, full of secrets and death.

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Where the Truth Lies Mese fa Don't play stupid. ou know it was a fake hate crime to make Trump supporters look deplorable. WESTGATE RAISED ME Mese fa Black people don't get targeted for hate crimes, blacks commit the hate crimes. Pun P Mese fa He did it cause he getting written out the script on empire n wants some attention Yankeefan24 Mese fa The attack happened a few days before his concert, coincidence. CarlRenard 77 Mese fa Black women will defend him because he is gay and emasculated which they feel empowers them. Anneyah Grace Mese fa Jussie and His Kind want to have the same struggle as black people, AND THEY DON'T. Coco Large Mese fa Why turn off like bar man, you know everyone gonna like it. They’re leaving out the fact that he claimed the guys had on MAGA caps and yelled “this is Maga country” at him. It’s not by chance that they happen to omit that part of it. - yet when it first was reported, that’s all they could talk about. And especially not CNN Hinatachan360 Mese fa Jussie, you would have gotten more support if you had told the truth.

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I was sitting outside probably between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM on a weekday with a friend, watching the stars. We were in our college dorm room and sitting in a well lit area outside the second floor. Suddenly, all the power went out for like two seconds and the entire sky turned bright green, then bright blue, then dark blue, then back to darkness with stars. Both of us saw the exact same transition in the sky and while we have found a few similar stories online neither of us have ever been able to find any explanation. I should mention that we were in central Florida just outside of Tampa near an Air Force base. I was hoping you all would have heard of similar occurrences. Albert was born in Cuba and migrated to the US in 1966. He witnessed several unusual incidents as a young man while living in Cuba, which continued throughout his life in the US. Albert became interested in unusual phenomena and UFOs at a young age, but soon directed his focus to the crux of the phenomena. he humanoids and otherworldly entities. He began collecting data on encounters from worldwide sources in the late 80's.

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Krayzie was indicted in August 2004 on two counts of felony nonsupport of dependents? ? ach count punishable by up to a year in prison. He staunchly denied the nature of the charges, claiming the non-payment stemmed from a lack of a biological test proving paternity: “I know it’s been in the papers about me having child support issues, going to jail for child support or whatever. I really never drank a lot, but I keep that to a minimum. I was just spiritually weak, you know what I’m saying. Released the next day, Krayzie promised it was his first and last DUI, and eventually pleaded No Contest in exchange for three years summary probation and a promised enrollment in an alcohol education program. “I was just riding home late and got into a little trouble with the law. I’m cool now. First time it has ever happened to me. So lesson learned.