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? ridging the Gap. Unpublished manuscript, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Center for the Study of Language and Information: Stanford. Kuno, Susumu. 1981. ? he Syntax of Comparative Clauses. Chicago Linguistic Society 17: 136-155. Lasnik, Howard. 1995. ? Note on Pseudogapping. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 27: 143-163. Rizzi, Luigi. 1997.

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8, 0. 6) and SD (5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm). Representation of women in N-TA 3 CT is important even though there is not enough power to analyze data separately for women. Abdominal aortic aneurysm is not as well studied in women as in men, and we believe that information will be valuable. HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) were being taken by 163 (82%). Discussion N-TA 3 CT is a Phase IIb clinical trial because the primary outcome is a continuous, anatomical measurement that patients do not perceive, instead of a clinical event important to patients (i. . repair, rupture, death) that would be required for a Phase III clinical trial. We are gaining information about the distribution, growth and correlations of CT scan measurements of AAA maximum transverse diameter, adherence to study treatment, adverse effects of study treatment, retention and completeness of follow-up that will be necessary for a Phase III clinical trial. N-TA 3 CT is designed as a critical experiment that will determine whether doxycycline can reduce MMP-9 levels and reduce systemic markers of inflammation (interferon- gamma and hs-CRP) in ways that we associate in bench experiments and observational human studies with AAA growth. We will learn whether or not we are pursuing a pathogenesis that applies in humans and whether we are pursuing an efficacious or an inefficacious treatment. If doxycycline has an effect of marginal clinical relevance, the search for more potent or specific MMP inhibitors could be the next step. Even if doxycycline has no effect on aneurysm growth, we will be assaying specimens for candidate biomarkers and banking specimens for possible assay of new biomarker candidates that could be surrogates for expansion. Based on the present state of knowledge, a hypothesis that inflammation results in AAA growth and elevates MMP-9 and hs-CRP levels as systemic markers of this inflammation is plausible. Under this scenario, we hypothesize doxycycline will produce a series of events: 1) therapeutic levels of doxycycline are achieved in the aneurysm; 2) a reduction of MMP-9 levels is observed; 3) a reduction in hs-CRP is observed; 4) a reduction in aneurysm expansion is observed. This sequence of events takes time to change the course of aneurysm growth.

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Igor Balashov Mese fa I have a feeling that Arya would not be so scared by whitewalkers and whites, even if they raised Ned as white. Andrew Deen Mese fa ba ba booey to you as well sir. Thomas Martin Mese fa Haven’t seen Arya with such fear in a while. Death scares her again Jeffery Daggs Mese fa I like how they drew parallels to the 1st season in this trailer. The scene of the boy looking at the unsullied approaching winner Phil, which mirrors bran Stark watching Robert brathin in his king's guard approach Winter fill in season one. You're sober other call backs in that nature as well. Then you have the scene of Jorah Mormont and it took me a few times watching the trailer but I noticed he as Hearts Bane. Which is Samwell Tarley's family Valyrian steel sword. I'm so excited at the same time petrified to know that this is the last season of one of my favorite shows kunal dhiman Mese fa r. . jon snow Dilyan - Mese fa Trailer is soo bad compared to season 7 or 6. TheMoonatDawn Mese fa Isn't it supposed to be the Long Night returned when the sun doesn't shine even in the daytime. Tito Pabon Jr Mese fa It's been more than 150 years that a Dragon has flown over Winterfell. Kh rod Mese fa No, she is afraid because: she is in the family cript and she just saw her father alive ))))). Trump Mese fa watch trailer then watch all the videos on the trailer usman Mese fa Just enjoy it Carmine, Jesus lol, it's the best show ever Elisha Singh Mese fa It doesn't sound like Jon, more like Davos. Dilly Dilly.

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It seems the show is sacrificing acting and dialogue for spectacle, maybe in an effort to avoid being boring now that the show has become so mainstream. Even in an episode last night that we knew would be mostly aftermath and set-up, it still weirdly felt rushed. I've still enjoyed this season, but I feel like what we've seen so far would've easily been stretched to a full season in the past without sacrificing so much. But yeah, I think this season, and possible next season depending how it runs, would be absolutely amazing and better if they were the standard 10 episodes. Dany and Jon getting together just seems like fan service at a moment where it wouldn't advance the story in any meaningful way. Jorah and Dany on the other hand would be a relationship based on previous history, an elimination of marriage as a political tool for Dany, and an amazing setup for a three way alliance if they can dethrone Cersei and make Tyrion Lord Lannister. Something the equivalent of the Fly episode in Breaking Bad. I could see an all-Winterfell episode having enough drama to make it work. Sure the pace would be better, but the budget per episode would be roughly half. We've seen more of the three dragons this season than the last two combined already and it's not over yet. Just a place for longtime fans of the show to air their frustrations with the current season. We all knew before the season started we had 13 episodes left. Is it annoying that fast travel is part of it now? Sure. We've had 6 seasons of dialogue and character development. That's the purpose served when we went with them on their travels.

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They wouldn't put theon or viewers through more torture, and saving yara would help theon further redeem himself after helping Sansa. Also, Euron's competition is yara Freya Westergard 2 years ago kill the other two, don't kill Tyene and Ellaria. William Julien Nkoghe Olympio 2 years ago thank you for trying to upload better videos. I'll be looking for any improvement Ayush Sariyar 2 years ago Why your name Last Harpy you liked harpies. His sister will become fleet commander of Dannys fleet after the upcoming wars. Her fucking smug face is so annoying I wanna punch her right in the mouth. GRRM is working his magic to show how messed up born into power can be through this character. I am a combat veteran as well, and you and your direction and presentation is what brings the audience. You'll figure out ur new software, and I'll still be watching, whether u figure it out or not. Daniel Heredia 2 years ago wow Ibraheem alotaibi 2 years ago Love the vids sooo much and i can tell you seriously care about the quality thank you the last harpy Vilkku 2 years ago Whoa Theon might get captured, never seen it coming. BeanFromPA 2 years ago Maybe Theon will take on the Damphair plot this season. Benjamin Crane 2 years ago Won't be hard to improve. Jaime Lannister 2 years ago With his big fat cock ofcourse Military Videos 2 years ago Nice work, you are doing a really good job with this channel, tons of content, I don't know how you do so much. I would look into Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing as well, it's not too hard. Also, Lynda. om has tons of classes on video editing, that may help.

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An alpha force of nature (remember, he played Gandhi), he is all brute force and no finesse, equally enthralling and terrifying in a portrayal of an enforcer who will never take no for an answer unless you kill him. A wonderful movie whose character relationships echo those of British TV sitcom Father Ted. 7 Chapter 18 Transgression Natural Born Killers. To Be or Not To Be. Obvious Child. What you can and cannot portray in comedy has always been subject to degrees of censorship, either by the Hays Production Code, the MPAA ratings that succeeded it or by libel and slander laws. Presently, the Internet is not policed except when pressure is brought to bear on a website that oversteps boundaries of taste, privacy or decency (pending). Overt crimes to the person or offensive racist views can be reported to authorities but there is no governing body covering its output. Meanwhile the Internet is producing comedy stars, such as US comic Bo Burnham, Issa Rae (The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl) and UK Vlogger Dapper Laughs. Silent comedies were violent, but always within the dictates of comedic distance. This was comic pain, regardless of whether the performers were hurt or not, but there was no censorious body. The Red Headed Woman (1932) made fun of a character played by Jean Harlow as she rose by having affairs: previously this would have been melodrama’ (King 2002). Mae West’s sexual double entendres Who was given an ITV2 series, which was subsequently cancelled for being sexist. 1 180 Writing the Comedy Movie were removed from her scripts. Innuendo in His Girl Friday (1940) and Bringing Up Baby (1938) (lots of jokes about bones) and To Be or Not To Be (1942) had to be carried across by implication as the Production Code Administration (PCA) curtailed all but the most simple of stories and actions. The cabaret of the Weimar Republic poked fun at the rise of Fascism, but the first major picture to tackle Nazism was Chaplin’s The Great Dictator (1940), which lampooned Mussolini and Hitler, albeit safely from Hollywood as the US was neutral at that time.

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That said, this book was beautiful, truly and wonderfully written. This book follows Steffi who is a selective mute with sever. This book follows Steffi who is a selective mute with severe anxiety that makes it difficult for her to speak about her peers, strangers, or in large social situations. She mainly speaks only to her best friend Tem and her family but she's working to overcome her anxiety and start speaking more. It also follows Rhys who is deaf and new to Steffi's school. The two are paired up because Steffi knows BLS (British Sign Language -as the book is set in the UK). The two form a friendship that leads to first love and discovering how they fit into the world around them and one another's lives. This book is raw and real and discusses a ton of important topics for teens and young adults. The displacement you feel going to University, the ups and downs of friendships, navigating your first relationship, sex, dating, love, and so much more. The family dynamics are messy and loving and Steffi herself-man is she a force. I thought every aspect of this book was handled BEAUTIFULLY. I mean, again it makes sense but I found it to be a bit grating at times. Especially a mute girl with anxiety issues and yeah. ots of verbal diarrhea. I suppose it was realistic, but it would have been nice if it was trimmed a bit. Still.

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In the ground rules for the Comedy Central Roast back in 2011, there was only one joke that Trump declared off limits: that he wasn’t as wealthy as he said he was. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites or services, including their use of any information (such as IP number, browser type, or operating system) collected when users or visitors to the Services click through links to those sites. Even though such information might not identify you personally, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with the privacy practices of those sites and services. His family is hurting, they lost a man they loved way to early to an incredibly rare disease. That terrible. But I hate how victims families always look to blame someone else. If it was supposed to be an emotional moment of betrayal, it failed as her and Bruce were together for just one night. There wasn’t any time to build on their relationship or give it any weight. In 1907, the Chicago Tribune thundered against nickelodeons for exerting influence that is wholly vicious. That was the same year Chicago instituted its movie censorship board, one of the first cities to do so. Frantically scribbling away while the professor drones on about complicated organic chemistry concepts is a thing of the past. With the OnePlus 5’s telephoto lens, students can snap photos even from the very back of the classroom (where the best possible acoustics are for the lecture, of course). If they did they would have found out thathe wasn’t ready for the NBA. In fact his high school coachwas as surprised as anyone that Young was skipping college for the pros. Walnuts might be small in size, but they pack a big nutritional punch. They are filled with Omega 3 fatty acids, the good kind of fat your brain needs.

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Just be assured, finishing one of these will also mean you’ll need time for a nap after. They are huge! Wash it all down with a pitcher of swizzle at Swizzle Inn. Be easy though, because the sweet drink has a punch to it and can quickly sneak up on you. Swizzle Inn also collects business cards or pictures you can attach to their walls. You can even leave your initials marked right on the table. Some of the best fish and seafood can be found at the annual county cricket games or the Cup Match Classic. Some come to the two-day Cup Match Classic for the cricket, others the atmosphere and the food. Fresh Swizzle is in almost every camp, and freshly fried local fish is served right at the field. There is plenty of fish, curried mussels, shark hash, chowder and fish pies. These cricket events are the only time you can get food from certain fisherman and their counters—and people go specifically to these games to get the yearlong awaited taste. During lobster season, a visit to The Red Carpet or Lost in the Triangle (LITT) is mandatory. Here you will get some of the best tasting lobster, served with sides like peas n’ rice, mac and cheese, and fresh veggies. What type of food do people normally miss while in Bermuda that they should definitely try. Most tourists like to stick to the more popular places on the island to dine, but some of the best eats are found at small mom-and-pop joints that make good home cookin’. Eat where the locals eat and you'll never be disappointed.