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They also are able to evaluate functionality with hands-on experience, which results in stronger buy-in by all parties and greater user adoption. By its very nature, software development is both risky and complicated. But when software is developed for a government agency, it is even more so. The federal procurement process includes security requirements, such as Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance, which adds to the time required to deliver useful solutions and functionality. So much input from a variety of stakeholders can wreak havoc on the project schedule and budget. Agile methodologies give developers useful tools to manage changes in priorities and requirements, while addressing stakeholder input and delivering working software throughout the process. A collaborative process Collaboration is the key to a successful agile project. In traditional waterfall projects, the work is completed in phases where specialists work independently on specific areas of the project. With so many people involved in different steps of the project, you can often end up with a game of pass the buck when problems arise or components are missing. In agile projects, a cross-functional team works with the product owner. Having a dedicated product owner is essential to success. This role is best suited for a person from the business unit who understands the users and can make informed decisions about how the software should function. Once a product owner is in place, this person will participate in the collaborative process. The product owner must be able to easily answer questions that arise from developers, a key to removing any guesswork so the software can be delivered right the first time. For a government project, the product owner should be a representative from the government organization and be interested in meeting with the development team daily. While the idea of daily meetings can be daunting, because it appears to be way too time consuming. But once they experience the benefits of this close collaboration, and see the results, most clients won’t settle for anything less.

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Directed by acclaimed documentarian Robert Stone (Oswald's Ghost, Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst ) Earth Days is both a poetic meditation on humanity? complex relationship with nature and an engaging history of the revolutionary achievements? nd missed opportunities? f groundbreaking eco-activism. Johnny Weir: Pop Star on Ice features Weir as he struggles to overcome his disappointment at the 2006 Winter Olympics and live up to his natural talent on the ice. Then the eight-part original series ? e Good Johnny Weir. The looming question throughout is can Weir avoid the distractions that make him such a pop culture sensation and focus on winning. Johnny Weir: Pop Star on Ice is directed and produced by James Pellerito and David Barba. ? e Good Johnny Weir. Directors James Pellerito and David Barba will attend the screening and are available for interviews. ? ogether this documentary and series tell the hugely entertaining tale of a very independent quest for greatness. The final eighth episode will include either Weir? participation in the 2010 Olympics or his disappointment in missing the team and his decision whether to retire from the sport or not. Both the documentary and the series capture the behind-the-scenes world of the outspoken figure skater and three-time US National Champion.

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If you noticed, Jon and Sansa left Castle Black with Davos, Melisandre, Tormund and the Wildings not with the Night's Watch. Also Jon already asked help from Tormund and the Northern houses and Sansa brought in the Vale reinforcement during the Battle of the Bastards. The only thing that they need to worry about are the While Walkers and in Sansa's case, Littlefinger. Also, I doubt Oswell would be just standing there while Lyanna was telling Ned to promise her and had the maid gave baby Jon to him. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: None sayaleviathan May 17th 2017 at 2:53:37 AM Changed line(s) 947 (click to see context) from: For some reason regardless of what had happened in the Season 6 finale, Jaime will remain on Cersei's side and will continue to help her conquer the Reach and Dorne and defend her rule from Dany. And if he and Cersei finally defeated the Reach and Dorne while fighting against the returning Targaryen forces, he will experience that VengeanceFeelsEmpty. When they found out that the White Walker threat is indeed true, Cersei will not help out and decide to let the White Walkers deal with her enemies. She may be the TV version of Penny from the books - and among book readers there's a fair amount of WMG rampant speculation that Penny is actually Tyrion's long-lost daughter with Tysha that he never knew about. It reads more like a caricature of him written by someone who's aware of his insanity, but not familiar with how it manifests. So clearly she can change her appearance and has a proclivity for very accurate predictions, including ones involving people's deaths. He'll out Littlefinger for his role in Ned's death. His word alone probably won't be enough for Jon to execute him right away, but it'll spell his end. Theon will go North to ask for Jon's help, fully expecting Jon to either refuse or outright murder him. But Jon will instead forgive Theon, or at the very least be pragmatic enough to ally with him, and join forces with what's left of Yara's followers to take the Iron Islands from Euron. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: None jormis29 Apr 12th 2017 at 3:43:14 AM Changed line(s) 887,888 (click to see context) from: There are set photos of Euron, parading Yara, Ellaria and Tyene in King's Landing as his prize which means he managed to overwhelm Yara's and the Dornish fleets.

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25. Utah Nick Fazekas F Nevada Utah could use a big man but none should be available worth taking here. Another shooter in Fazekas would improve an already excellent perimeter offense. 26. Houston Aaron Affalo SG UCLA Houston's G situation isn't great and Affalo hopefully will learn to play the PG as well. Houston is trying to move down and Luther Head is available, Affalo fills in right away. 27. Detroit Petteri Kopenen With Detroit's second pick Kopenen fills a potential need at PG. He carried Boston College all season long with his scoring, rebounding and intensity. 28. San Antonio Tiago Splitter F Brazil Splitter won't play in the NBA next season but should be pick in the first round regardless. He is a tough defensive minded center who can contribute right away. Really stood out in the NCAA tourney during Vandy's run. He slips due to lack of upside GM's desperately covet more than actual proven talent. 30. Philadelphia Glen Davis F LSU Philly's third pick may turn out to be a steal in terms of value since he can match up against athletic PF's and even C's. Davis should be a serviceable big man right away due to his strength and decent offensive game but his weight needs to stay in control so there is risk involved.

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In other words, no one on earth can be manipulated by demons, except through the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind. In the occultic or witchcraft manipulations of principalities and powers of darkness against people, via the aforementioned propensities, the power of lust constitutes fifty percent, anger tweny percent, while greed, vanity and attachment to mundane things, are interwoven, and each constitute ten percent. Also, all the thoughts, words and deeds proclaimed to be sin, directly or indirectly eminate from these five perversions of the mind. It follows therefore that sin is the major stumbling block of the enemy in the life of man. It is the highest power that submits one to the authority of the entity called Satan, which is the devil. Theophobia: The Fear of God According to an online encyclopedia, Theophopbia is defined as the fear of God. 145 However, author Brooks Alexander, explains that Theophobia is more than just a fear of God. It is man s constant quest to hide from God, to escape an infinite God one cannot control and manipulate. Alexander remarks that Christian cynicism in particular, knows that fallen human beings shrink from the presence of God. That evasive impulse was the first of the new characteristics Adam and Eve exhibited after their fall, (Genesis 3:8). 146 Just like Adam and Eve, all of mankind is still running and hiding from God, because of their sin and guilt before Him. 147 When Adam heard the voice of God, he was forced to remember who God was and again realized his own identity. He had to face the consequences and accountability to God. Adam s consequences were ridden with guilt and shame over his sins. Utter fear absorbed him at the realization that God was a Holy God, that he was accountable to God, that God would punish sin unto death, and that there was absolutely no manner in which to escape the judgment of God. The concept of physical death resulted from the very day Adam and Eve sinned. They spiritually died on that day, because they were alienated from God (Isaiah 59:2).

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We see a strong case that the addition of the much maligned mozzie to your emoji toolbox could help health authorities battle the health risks associated with these bloodsucking pests. Given it is the most dangerous animal on the planet, the mosquito is more than deserving of an emoji. But will it make a difference to the way the science behind mosquito research is communicated. Could it influence how the community engages with public health messages of local authorities. Will more people wear insect repellent because of the mosquito emoji. We won't know for sure until the mozzie is released. A staggering sixty million emoji are shared on Facebook each day. We've needed a mosquito emoji for a while now (although the blood filled syringe has been a useful substitute). The idea arose during the Zika virus epidemic in South America, when the mosquito-borne infection was triggering many questions and few answers. While the emoji doesn't represent a specific mosquito species, it captures the distinctive shape of a mosquito. The mozzie emoji will give health professionals and academics a more relatable way to communicate health risks and new research using social media. Surveillance programs across the world routinely monitor mosquitoes. Local health authorities could simply tweet a string of mozzie emoji to indicate the relative mosquito risk or identify that there is a risk. Adding in the new microbe emoji (currently in the form of a generic green microscopic shape) could even indicate the presence of mosquito-borne viruses such as dengue virus, West Nile virus or Ross River virus. Emoji could remind us to tip out, drain or cover backyard water-holding containers that may be a source of mosquitoes following rain. Weather monitoring services or health authorities could simply add the mosquito emoji in alerts featuring a string of storm clouds and water droplets. More than likely, it'll be used by the public to punctuate those summer tweets complaining of bites and bumps following backyard BBQs.

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It also didn't make any sense from a logistics point of view. It would be easier to march across the Riverlands to get to Casterly Rock than sail ALL the way around Dorne. King's Landing is alled that because that is where Aegon the Conqueror landed. She could have taken the city the same way she took all the cities on Slaver's Bay, now the Bay of Dragons: buy inciting the populace to revolt against those in power. O'Hara Young 7 miesiecy temu Jody needed to take the L on this subject but i was entertained as always lol but nothing but love to my 2 favorites Vaughn Crawford 7 miesiecy temu I don't think Tyrion could've known or predicted the Grey joy attack. Thats why they had to split up their army Alisa Jett 10 miesiecy temu This is my very favorite video on you tube all time. Cersei had nothing to do with the trial, and the Viper had volunteered himself only to stand there and let the Mountain gain the upper hand, and getting his skull crushed was his own damn fault when he could have killed the Mountain right then and there. This was the only time I was happy that Cersei exacted her revenge on someone like this, since it was deserved. Alisa Jett Rok temu I totally agree with Jody on this, just as passionately. But I love you guys discussing it every time your points are both so good. This time though you two had me laughing so hard I was crying. Can't wait for next season so I can join with you on discussions. Hope you do down time Got video as so ill check my notifications. Rachel Dalton Rok temu I'm glad Jon didn't bend the knee. Hunley Pants Rok temu All I have to say is you guys are awesome. Jonathan Blaze Rok temu The guy on the right is right. They lost their ships at Casterly Rock, They lost Highgarden and the Queen of Thrones died and Cersei got her gold.

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Tovabba a haromszemu hollo is arra utalt, hogy itt az ideje atvenni a helyet Brann-nek. Most jon a logikai csavar, jol figyelj: Nem lehetseges, hogy az egesz GOT egy time-loop, az az korbe-korbe mennek az esemenyek az idohorizonton. Es igazabol a 3 szemu hollo az maga Brann, es a hodor jelent mar lejatszodott egyszer, es azert hodorozik megint, mert mar az elozo korbol is azt orokolte meg. Nem tudom mennyire birtatok kovetni ezt a magas labdat. Hodor azert gagyult meg (bakker szegeny) mert Bran ezt meg nem tudta teljesen kezben tartani. Ott Folyami Brynden a neve asszem es a csuf neve Verhollo o segito es fattyu Targ. Ott mondjak, hogy ezer es egy szeme van Verhollo urasagnak. A sarkanyok tancaba a Bran fejezetbe a gyermekek ugyan ezt mondjak a Haromszemure, hogy ezer es egy szeme van es erre tesz egy vicces megjegyzest is 3szemu. Falra ugy kerult Verhollo, hogy nem volt mas valasztasa, mert eluztek asszem es ott parancsnok lett majd egy orjarat kozben eltunt. Aemon pedig lemondott a tronrol mester lett majd onszantabol ment a Falra mikor oreg lett. Allitolag szerelembe esett egy, a Masok altal megolt novel, es az Ejvarba hozva ot a kiralynojeve tette, magat pedig kiralynak nevezte es feleskudott testvereit boszorkanysaggal magahoz hajlitotta. Tizenharom even keresztul uralkodott, mig Eszak kiralya es a Falon Tuli Kiraly, Joramun egyesult erovel le nem gyozte. Halala utan jottek ra, hogy a Masoknak aldozott, buneiert meg nevenek emliteset is megtiltottak. €ť. Nem o volt az elso White Walker, mert a szoveg szerint mar leteztek akkor. Jo a konyvben “minden kapitany kiraly” es ezert voltak ott sokan, itt meg szerintem a tenyleges “huberurakat” lattuk akiknek van foldje meg par hajoja, ezert voltak kevesebben. Az meg, hogy kimaradt a kurt annyira nem zavar, ugyis mindenhol elharapozott mar a varazslas meg a misztikum (foleg az elso evadokhoz kepes).