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. Remaining faithful to the original text, the story is woven together with music and song, sparkling sets, period costumes and more than a sprinkling of snow. You will be magically transported to the Christmas of Victorian London by the warmth of Scrooge's transforma on and the joy of Tiny Tim's redemp on will fill you with the true spirit of Christmas. B 15 18 November A frigh ully English, seriously funny farce. The Independent Presented by the Original Theatre Company with Eastbourne Theatres and Anvil Arts CONNAUGHT See How They Run by Philip King Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th November, evenings at 7. 0pm, matinee Saturday at 2. 0pm I assure you I am in complete possession of all my facul es and forgive my saying so I am beginning to think I am the only person in the house who is. Starring Arthur Bostrom ( Allo Allo! and Lucy Speed (EastEnders, The Bill), this 1945 farcical gem sees a maverick soldier, an escaped POW, a bishop and a few vicars get tangled in a case of mistaken iden ty. At its heart is the refreshingly modern Penelope, who finds out more about herself, her husband and her uncle the bishop than she ever imagined as she tries to keep a semblance of order as a harmless joke throws the village into mortal peril. They are joined by The New Honeycombs with vocalist Angela Rose performing The Honeycombs hits including Have I The Right as well as classics by The Shirelles, Dusty Springfield and The Crystals plus a Motown medley. Tickets: 15, Saturday 19th November at 7. 0pm riends Offer A live high energy rock n roll performance featuring the massive 70s and 80s hits Don t Stop Me Now, One Vision and It s a Kind of Magic. The Bohemians will be joined by the 10 piece gospel choir from Last Choir Standing for a magical second set including songs such as Somebody to Love and Bohemian Rhapsody, backed by spectacular pyrotechnics. Tickets: 15. 0, 17, riends 13.

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He asked Pakistan to understand the very fact that the promotion of subversive groups and elements on its soil typically adopting militancy as its state policy will harm its core philosophy as the proposed Nation of Brotherhood with pious hearts and so as a Nation it must try to initialize the process of containing and eliminating all type of anti-human groups on its soil so that it may no more be individualized on the world platform. Leniency shown by Indian forces must not be taken granted by Pakistan, he warned. hile stressing on the stand of BJP under the leadership of PM Modi, he said that India as the proud Nation will take all possible measures to defend and if need arises avenge them with full force, the life of its security personnel and citizens. He said that in no way any atrocity or attack on the life, livestock or property of civilians or the security forces will be tolerated. He also directed the civil administration to take quick action for the support of army and civilians as needed. DY CM Dr Nirmal Singh chairs meeting on PIA charges PIA Charges fixed at 8% for transmission, 8. % for distribution works for various programmesDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh today chaired the meeting of Project Implementation Agency (PIA) charges under IPDS, DDUGJY, RGGVY-II, PMDP and R-APDRP (Part-B) today at Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi. he Minister for Finance Dr Haseeb A. Drabu also attended the meeting. uring the meeting certain issues pertaining to re-negotiation of Project Implementation Agency (PIA) charges of Power for transmission and distribution and RE works were discussed. It was decided that the charges would be 8 percent for the transmission works and 8. percent for distribution networks. nion Power Secretary, Union Jt. He prompted them to visit every single booth activist individually and conduct vigorous Booth Meetings. He asked them to boost up activists for public contact while taking up the local issues to solve all genuine concerns of common masses. He added that the energetic work will help to ensure win of every single party supported candidate in the coming Panchayat elections.


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Minutes to Success The Real Housewives of Orange County S13 The Real Housewives of Orange County - S13E12 - Nice to Meet You. Get Me Out of Here! - S18E17 - Episode 17 Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Get Me Out of Here! - S18E18 - Episode 18 Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Get Me Out of Here! - S18E19 - Episode 19 Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Petersburg, Florida Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation S02 Beachfront Bargain Hunt- Renovation - S02E13 - Back to the Beach on the Jersey Shore Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation S03 Beachfront Bargain Hunt- Renovation - S03E01 - Surfside Revive in Texas Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation S03 Beachfront Bargain Hunt- Renovation - S03E02 - On the Hunt for a St. Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E02 - Off The Radar Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E03 - Pretty Cheeks Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E04 - I Dont Date, I Mate Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E05 - Im Ironing the Captains Shorts Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E06 - My Dearest Emile Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E07 - Storms a Comin Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E08 - Boom Boom in the Laundry Room Below Deck S03 Below Deck - S03E09 - Fire. Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E02 - Foam, Party of One Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E03 - Im Also a Boat Captain. Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E04 - Bitch in Charge Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E05 - Naked Smoothies Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E06 - Get Better or Go Home Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E07 - New Kids on the Dock Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E08 - Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star Below Deck S06 Insult to Injury Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E10 - Man Overboard Below Deck S06 Let Them Eat Chicken. Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E13 - I Said I Got It. Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E14 - All That Glitters Isnt Gold Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E15 - Shame Cacoon Below Deck S06 Below Deck - S06E16 - Au Revoir. Botched S01 Botched - S01E04 - Making of a Belieber Botched S01 Botched - S01E05 - Like A Surgeon Botched S01 Botched - S01E06 - Boob Freak. Botched S04 Botched - S04E15 - Double Bubble and Butt Trouble Botched S04 Botched - S04E16 - Mother Knows Breast Botched S04 Botched - S04E17 - Gimme Gimme More. Counting On S02 Counting On - S02E05 - Ben Drops Beats Counting On S02 Counting On - S02E06 - Girls Hit the Road Counting On S02 Counting On - S02E07 - Family Reunion Counting On S02 Counting On - S02E08 - Israel Meets Spurgeon Counting On S03 Counting On - S03E01 - A Courtship Begins Counting On S03 Counting On - S03E02 - Its Official.


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Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, you can meet real people from right here in Austin who share your interests and lifestyle. The word jazz was originally spelled “jass. Posters promoting “jass” events were often defaced by prankster kids who would scratch off the “J,” and thus the spelling was changed. The word “Caucasian” is derived from the Caucasus Mountains. In the 1500s, French noblemen wore fitted heels so their feet stayed put in stirrups. “Well-heeled” came to mean a man who could afford such extravagances. Director D. . Griffith invented the first pair of false eyelashes. The above is information that Mr. Smarty Pants read in a book, a magazine, or the newspaper; heard on the radio; saw on television; or overheard at a party. Training will be provided, but some tech savvy is preferred. Lots of walk-ins. 320-5907. STYLIST NEEDED South Austin Salon seeking independent stylist. If interested call 916-1323 120 ENTERTAINMENT CASTING BIRTHDAY PERFORMER Mad Science is currently looking for high-energy birthday performers who love working with groups of elementary age children.


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Dia pergi mencari Sekretaris Moon tapi Seung Jo tidak ada di kantor. Semua orang bertanya-tanya apa yang terjadi dan dia berjanji untuk menjelaskan kemudian, ketika ia ditemukan. Ayah Seung Jo juga diberitahu bahwa anaknya tidak dapat dihubungi. Ayah mengatakan padanya untuk menemukan Seung Jo tidak peduli apapun yang terjadi dan membawanya pulang. Disitu dia tahu Seung Jo datang namun lukisan itu telah dipindahkan dan Seung Jo pergi untuk melihatnya. Ayah Seung Jo telah memberitahu polisi untuk mencari Seung Jo juga. Sekretarisnya datang dan mengatakan pertemuan dengan GN Fashion akan segera dimulai. Ayah Seung Jo berjalan ke pertemuan dengan GN Fashion dan mengatakan Seung Jo tidak akan datang dan proyek ini berakhir. Royal Group tidak akan bekerja dengan GN Fashion lagi dan ia tajam melihat Shin In Hwa dan mengatakan bahwa In Hwa tahu persis mengapa itu terjadi. Setelah dia pergi, ayahnya dan Min Hyuk berpaling padanya dan bertanya apa yang terjadi. In Hwa mengatakan dia akan menjelaskan itu setelah mereka pulang. Yoon Joo mengatakan bahwa adiknya bahwa In Hwa telah mengatakan semua pada Seung Jo dan ia khawatir bahwa Min Hyuk akan segera tahu. Yoon Joo sangat tenang dan mengatakan dia akan meneleponnya nanti. Madam Shin pulang dan memberitahu Yoon Joo bahwa Royal tidak akan bekerja dengan mereka lagi. Semua orang pulang dan Yoon Joo menyusun dirinya sendiri dan pergi untuk bergabung dengan mereka. Pintu lift terbuka dan Yoon Joo melihat bahwa In Hwa memiliki tablet di tangannya.