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So by your account Harold Potter was a perfecdy ordinary Englishman without any. Wife: Absolutely, yes. (suddenly remembering) Mind you he did always watch Dr Finlay on. Inspector: Well you see Scottishness staffs with little things like that, and works up. Pan with him. Cut to bus queue: man in a city suit and bowler. She looks aghast for a moment and then she too changes into a Scotsman and. The baby suddenly develops a beard and the pram follows her. Suddenly they all change into bearded Scotsmen and race off in unison. Pan with them past sign: 'Welsh Guard'. (Quick animated shot of flying saucer disappearing over. She: Charles. there's something I've got to tell you. She: Surely, Charles, you're the Chief Scientist at the Anthropological Research Institute, at Budey. Down - an expert in what makes people change from one nationality to another. Charles: So I am! (pull out to reveal they are in a laboratory; he is in a white coat, she is in.

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Paul-based mentoring program for young black men, many of whom have had brushes with the law. The “Ujaama Men, ” as they call themselves, filled jury seats as law students conducted mock trials, in order to offer feedback on their performance. And they met one-on-one with students to discuss their own experiences with the courts. “Law students, they come into law school and they start out idealistic about serving. And traditionally, we spend three years beating the idealism out of you, ” said Gordon, who has been chair, president and dean of the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law in St. Paul since 2015. From the start, he’s had other ideas. “I call it the Mitchell-Hamline model to legal education, ” Gordon said. “It’s a very different approach to teaching and preparing students to be lawyers. Given the time difference, just an hour separated Gordon from his old role as president of Ohio’s Defiance College, a small rural school with a large population of low-income and first-generation college-goers, and his new position as dean of two law schools in urban Minnesota. And during his midnight limbo back in 2015, the Harvard-trained legal professor had to decide. What kind of changes did he want to make as he oversaw the merger of the two schools. Instead of a removed, insulated, purely cerebral approach to law, Gordon is pushing a series of initiatives aimed at getting law students to leave the classroom and learn by doing, often by helping others. He’s eager to get students into externships, legal residencies, nonprofits, mock trials and simulations. That unconventional approach includes tailoring legal training to nontraditional clients. He’s pushing night and weekend classes, a new “executive JD” program for working professionals, and a mostly online “hybrid” program aimed at offsite students anywhere in the country, if not the world. Related Articles Sales of 3.

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Most of the characters have great participation and the viewers will certainly anxiously looking forward to see the sequel. Finally allowed to speak more than three words, her first real conversation comes in the form of an interrogation of Varys, bringing to light a part of the show's history perhaps we'd all forgotten. Varys is almost renowned for abandoning his leaders when he stops agreeing with them, double crossing them and venturing to the other side of the battle. What's to say he won't just do the same whenever Dany doesn't see eye to eye with him. It's a riveting scene - even more so for the way Dany shuts Tyrion out when he tries to diffuse the tension, this isn't his moment - and Emilia Clarke and Conleth Hill act the hell out of it. I'd comfortably label it the pair's strongest dialogue led scene in a very long time, the kind of focused, verbal sparring match Game of Thrones used to excel at but now rarely indulges in. There's also the undeniable thrill of seeing so many characters in the same scene. Check out the occupants of Dragonstone's war room: Dany, Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm, Missandei, Olenna, Theon, Yara and Ellaria. Even just seeing them together feels like momentum, so to have them strategising over their plans to invade King's Landing is exciting in all the ways last week's premiere wasn't. Characters are plotting their course, they're talking about what they're going to and, in a rare success for Game of Thrones, it feels legitimately thrilling. There's a certain flair to Mark Mylod's direction in the Dragonstone war room, the way the camera cuts to so many faces, picking up so many reactions. It would've been very easy for an episode like this to slip back into mundanity and feel like more place holding, but instead it feels momentous. While Dany looks into the past to question Varys, Cersei thinks back to the previous Targaryen ruling of King's Landing to help her prepare for the upcoming war. After a mixed bag of an attempt to rally supporting houses to her side, she retreats to a dungeon under the city with Qyburn to discover his latest, dragon-killing weapon. Cersei stands next to the skeletal remains of the Mad King's biggest dragon, her whole body not even reaching the height of its skull. As well as giving Cersei and the Lannisters a kind of back up defence and helping to even the playing field, it works as foreshadowing - is this the size Drogon will be by the time Dany attacks. Will we get a similar shot of Cersei standing by his freshly killed head.

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Tyrion tries to reason with Daario and GW, but they continue to obey Daenerys's instructions. The fight begins. Not before long, the NK arrives on Viserion's back as well. Meanwhile, Cersei is giving birth with the aid of Tyrion. She gives birth to a beautiful son and in a rare moment of compassion, she asks Tyrion to keep their son safe for her and Jaime. Meanwhile, inside the Red Keep, Qyburn is taking care of Cersei in the Red Keep. However, at one point, he makes his identity known (it's Arya) and claims to have poisoned her. Together with the Hound, Arya tries to escape the Red Keep but they are stopped by the Mountain. Jaime sees the NK's army gradually destroying the city and returns to Cersei to have her and the baby brought to safety. Cersei and Jaime are both consumed by the fire; so are the Hound and the Moutain's bodies. Jon, who's outside fighting the Army of the Dead, encounters the NK. In Dragonstone, Bran tries to warg inside the NK, but at first, it seems to be impossible. As Bran is trying to take over the NK's mind, Jon is able to kill him. Daario Naharis tells Dany of Tyrion and his betrayal and the latter is executed for that by the end of episode 6. He tells Daenerys the truth of his heritage, and it breaks her heart. However, she understands that they cannot be together. They do decide to marry for the good of the child and to live their lives separately.

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. He held a combat knife, which he fiddled with absently as he said, “Talk. . Nothing happens in this city without my knowledge, without my order. He hurried to the window of his chamber and looked out. A giant plume of black smoke was rising from the southern end of the city. Then the Commander came on and announced, “The city is under attack. I repeat, the south wall. The message continued in this vein, until the moaners got the idea and began to march to the city’s defense. He waited until he saw a column of trucks go speeding away to the south. Eight trucks-enough to carry most of the officers who lurked about the palace. Park knew he might never get a better chance to scout out the “petting zoo. . He slipped into a shadowed alcove, and a guard passed by, heedless. Another time, as Park climbed a staircase, he imagined he heard wailing, but when he stopped to listen there was nothing. The head was that of a young man, blond, who even in this grisly state retained a look of gentle innocence. “Sorry,” said the head.

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While some conversations flowed well and added a lot of subtext to character motives, others felt like exposition dumps that could do with one or two more revisions. Nothing I’ve seen in Vampyr was bad, it just wasn’t quite as refined as I expected. There are a still a few things a little rough around the edges in Vampyr. And with only a few months before release, I’m not entirely sure the team at DONTNOD have enough time to get everything as polished as it could be. But perhaps this roughness is just some pointy fangs sticking out. My experience with Vampyr was a fun one and I’m looking forward to getting to play more, even if it means feeding on a few less than savory characters to do it. Vampyr launches on June 6th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You may check out some new gameplay footage below, grabbed by YouTube channel Gamesworld at the What’s Next Focus event. Following the January Machine Learning and 5G workshop in Geneva, the ITU has launched a focus group to try and identify where standardisation is needed. Contributors including Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, ZTE, KT and Volkswagen told the workshop they expect machine learning to do some of the heavy lifting in designing, operating and optimising 5G networks. The focus group is chaired by Slowomir Stanczak of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut for Telecommunications. We have to clarify which data needs to be collected, do we need to protect the data in the network, questions about the quality of the data. Networks already generate huge amounts of data telling operators about user location, movements between cells, and call patterns, but as the focus group's terms of reference (linked here) explains, the group hopes to get better information out of that data with machine learning. One of the problems the group highlights is that operators want to extract “relevant information” from the network without wasting links (for example, from base stations to the core) passing around unnecessary amounts of operational data. It's more efficient to use compute resources closer to the edge to run the machine learning, send the insights upstream to the network and (quoting again from the terms of reference) “leverage this knowledge for autonomic network control and management as well as service provisioning”. As affiliated technologies like software-defined networking and network function virtualisation mature, the ITU also envisages machine learning increasingly taking a hand in automating network control and service provisioning. The group will be looking at whether members want to standardise formats specifying how to “train, adapt, compress and exchange individual ML algorithms, as well as to ensure that multiple ML algorithms correctly interact with each other.

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In those dark days, our government acted with determination and decision. We ensured, through shovel-ready projects, that Canadians stayed working through investments in our community infrastructure. Now, as we look to a brighter future, the foundation in place, it is time to build upon what we have already put in place. Many countries still have economies that are on life support, but not Canada. Our government has taken the steps to grow our economy. How. Canadians, being prudent, will also save some of it for a rainy day. We cut the GST. We raised the personal tax deduction. We implemented tax credits for kids' sports and arts, for transit, and for apprenticeships. We also created the tax-free savings account, and we gave seniors pension income splitting. We know that the job creators are those businesses such as the ones that belong to the Newmarket and Aurora chambers of commerce: manufacturers such as Axiom and Canada Plastic, restaurants like Al Casale's and Cachet, and the UPS Store that Faizy owns in the 404 Plaza at Leslie Street and the 404. These are the businesses that are the job creators. He came from Iran for opportunities, and better opportunities for his kids. What did he do? After he bought the UPS franchise, he created two new jobs. We are helping Faizy keep those employees by reducing EI payroll taxes.