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R’hllor provided her with all the nourishment her body needed, but that was something best concealed from mortal men. A Winter queen. Ice made flesh. A sorceress who was transformed by ice magic. Interestingly, Martin may also be hinting at a similar, parallel process with ice in the prologue of A Game of Thrones when Gared is talking about frostbite. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. First you go weak and drowsy, and everything starts to fade, and then it’s like sinking into a sea of warm milk. I got off light. We found my brother frozen at his watch, with a smile on his face. . I do not think it’s a coincidence that this talk of having the cold inside you is used in proximity to both Others and humans becoming wights. So we can see that all three of these black brothers “had the cold inside them” in one way or another.


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I can't believe that you're fed up after Arya getting out of a near-death experience, when we've got a shit-load of characters that have literally come back from the dead haha. I think that (1) Jaqen has a soft spot for Arya that goes all the way back to when she saved his life in the burning wagon (and I still want to know why a Faceless Man allowed himself to be locked up in King's Landing) and (2) it may have been his goal all along to help her learn what she needs in order to attain her goals, knowing full and well that she would never be A Girl or No One, but that she would always be Arya Stark. Even though we wont be getting Clegane bowl, it was fun to the see the Mountain and the Hound putting in some work today. We could still get Cleganebowl, it just wont' be an official trial by combat. Perhaps undead Gregor becomes a Wight, and the Hound will strike him down fighting for R'hollor. I feel like they should have just avoided the Iron Islands storyline altogether. As much as I like it in the books, it doesn't do it for me on TV. They could have had Theon do pretty much anything else and used that screen time for Bran or Jon. They wasted half a season on Dorne and are making the same mistake again. Isn't that guy not the Jaqen she saved from the fire. I thought the real Jaqen died and this is some rando FM using his face so they could keep the actor. I thought it was still Jaqen, and that his exit from season 2 (?


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Tyrion had nothing to do with the murder of Joffrey. Tyrion had nothing to do with the murder of Joffrey He means does he feel worse that Joffrey actually died, or that he believed Tyrion could have killed Joffrey, while also running him the hell out of town for it. It seems very predictable for Jon and Dany join forces, kick Cersei to the curb, and then unite to face the real enemy to the far North. And the series (from the books to the show) have delighted in subverting fantasy cliches. And what are Jon and Dany but walking cliches (relatively forgotten noble children rising in stature until they are the ones to save the world from evil forces? . I doubt it'll be as simple as that (and if it is, well then that's just dull and crappy). The events afterward spiraled out of control, including the death of Marcella. The Warden of the South would be a nice position for Bronn. That sucks but know I'll probably read whatever is put out there. Spoilers for this season have been around for months as it is. Pretty much the only way they can spoil it more is by posting full episodes.


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As frustrating as it can be for fans of the book, the show already has plenty of compelling characters that take up majority of the screen time. Euron is't getting the throne by the end of both the books and the show and with 6 episodes left of the show they don't have time for him to be able to take the dragons for himself for what only amounts to filler before he is inevitably defeated by the, again, important characters. Just another cheesy, poorly written male character. Take the Iron throne for example, the throne room game of thrones is shot is the biggest set in Europe, its the location where the Titanic was built. On top of that characters like book Euron would require episodes if not seasons to themselves. The show needs to cut down on the book, that is just a reality Ali Ali Il y a 15 jours The two dickhead that are directing the show has really messed up the book version. George RR Martin Road a great story and it pissed me off that these guys changed a lot. Lithium Man Lithium Man Il y a 15 jours Ok, I get it. So writers downgraded him to a supporting role, as the show cannot have someone of book Euron’s significance and menace without making him central to the main plot. They, instead put another character that has the same name to serve certain plot needs. What you fail to realize are that if they did what you want it would require several seasons per book rather then one book one season. And the show are already on an incredibly big budget.