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As of now, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), and Lena Headey (Cersei) are signed on for Season 7. In addition, Joe Dempsie (Gendry) and Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) were spotted in Belfast, Northern Ireland where Season 7 is filming. Each actor also has a contract option for Season 8, leaving the door open for an untimely character death. Still, the change that’s really had book readers in a frenzy has involved the character of Lady Stoneheart. In the books, Catelyn Stark is brought back from the dead by Beric Dondarrion, and subsequently goes on a revenge tour of Westeros alongside the Brotherhood Without Banners. At one point, she even hangs Brienne and Podrick, accusing them of betraying her by associating with Jaime Lannister. Director Mark Mylod attests to as much, claiming, “I can honestly say, hand over heart, that I have not had one discussion about Lady Stoneheart. That certainly doesn’t rule her coming back sometime later on down the line, but for the time being, it looks like Faceless Arya will be the go-to vessel for Stark-related vengeance. They also cite rumors of a scene being filmed that shows Euron engaging in a sea battle with Theon and Yara, eventually capturing one of them. Their report digs into some other pretty massive spoilers that you can read here, most significantly one concerning Euron going toe-to-toe with one of the Sand Snakes. That said, there’s one, huge reason why this is actually a good thing: According to a recent interview with Iain Glen, “they are taking the length of time it takes to shoot ten episodes to shoot just seven this year. . The Reddit user who originally posted the leak lays out the entirety of Season 7’s story, down to specific details that have since proven to be true based on new set photos.

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Cyclopaedia of education — d. . . . Arrangement in reference books, 221212. Ex. 3. Up-to-dateness, 22132. g. . . . Subject bibliography, 4621.

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Hong Kong fails to delay pro-independence lawmakers from taking office dailymail. o. k Hong Kong leader in court battle with pro-independence lawmakers dailymail. o. k Hong Kong government fails in court bid to block pro-independence lawmakers from taking office dailymail. o. k. Mohamed Abdulrahman's equalizer four minutes into stoppage time gave the United Arab Emirates' club a 5-3 win on aggregate. The 2003 champions will face a South Korean club in next month's final, with Jeonbuk Motors taking a 4-1 lead into its return match against K-League rival FC Seoul on Wednesday. Mohamed Abdulrahman ensured the semifinal series wouldn't go to penalties when he scored late for the visitors. Wes Morgan hails Leicester atmosphere after beating Copenhagen for third straight Champions League victory. 'It's nights like this you live for' dailymail. o.

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This death came as a shock for many people but the way in which Ramsay killed Roose reminded us of the Red Wedding, where Roose Bolton stabbed and killed Robb Stark in the same manner. Well, it seems the Mountain still loves smashing skulls. The characters from the books are compared against the characters on the screen and the casting is a topic of endless discussions. When it comes to Game of Thrones that is based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, things are no different. But hardcore book fans, even though most of them enjoy binge-watching the series, miss some important Game of Thrones characters from the books that were completely omitted from the series. In the spirit of the 7, here are the top 7 characters from the books that we wish we could have seen on the screen. Oberyn Martell was the only Dornishman everybody liked, but we know how that one ended. And we are left wondering, What just happened here. The bickering sand snakes can never come close to the regal way in which Arianne exudes her strength. She was once promised to Prince Viserys (yes, the fake dragon). And through Arianne, we also get a glimpse of Dorne’s non-patriarchal laws where a daughter can ascend to her father’s throne. The way she carefully plans Myrcella’s ascent to the Iron Throne after Joffrey’s death would have been a treat to watch on the show. And her sudden murder at the infamous Red Wedding was shocking, to say the least.

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It has a rich heritage and a reputation for poetry and music, and the surfing’s not bad onegal is D either. Its name translates from the Gaelic as “stronghold of the foreigners,” referring to its history as a Wking base. And it is now the site of an outbreak of tentacled Lovecraftian alien sea beasts. It was brutal, but fun. in 2009, Already a cult hit in much of the world and on the festival circuit. Grabbers finally reaches U. . VOD and select theaters July 19 from IFC Films. It’s been so long getting here that director Jon Wright has since moved on to his next project, the Ben Kingsley-starring dystopian sci-fi cameras within a year, “which is unfeasibly fast for any production, let alone in Ireland. It’s just one of those unfortunate things that the United States territory. It was supposed is to there last Halloween, but there difficulty the final come out was some with Sony having first refusal in the UK and wanting to hold to that. The film’s popular success has also, ironically, contributed to its Stateside delay. “It was so low- it was already soon as it was completed and the deals budget that in profit as were signed,” Lehane explains.

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A report Friday from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the US economy added 156,000 jobs in August, fewer than economists had expected. One of the earliest indicators of the jobs market impact of Harvey would likely be in weekly initial filings for unemployment claims. “The data is going to be very noisy,” said Carl Tannenbaum, the chief economist at Northern Trust. The nation’s largest refiner, Motiva’s Port Arthur facility, which can handle 600,000 barrels of crude daily, will be shut for at least two weeks, according to sources familiar with plant operations. According to a Friday ruling from the Senate parliamentarian, the window to pass an Obamacare repeal bill through the process known as budget reconciliation will close at the end of September. Now Apple’s Siri efforts are being led by software SVP Craig Federighi, instead of online services SVP Eddy Cue, who had previously led its development, according to official corporate bios. The change highlights the increasing importance of AI and so-called intelligent assistants like Siri as the top tech companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all ramp up their own efforts. The cryptocurrency has climbed higher eight out of the last nine consecutive sessions. The worst of the storm was over by Thursday, August 31, but recovery is expected to last months. 325,000 have already applied for assistance from FEMA, the only aid available for the more than 80% of people without flood insurance. Aerial photos of the aftermath in Houston show entire neighborhoods submerged in water. Houston officials estimate that up to 40,000 homes in the city have been destroyed. The coastal areas of Rockport and Port Arkansas, which are close to where the storm made its first landfall, were heavily damaged as well, as were the nearby cities of Port Arthur and Beaumont.

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An additional patch could be placed on the right pocket in the position of the. Boy Scout Specifics: Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training is Requirments for Various Leadership Positions to Earn Trained Patch. For example, BSA's requirements for a Patrol Leader. This ultimate guide to Cub Scout patch placement will show you exactly where the Just below the Council shoulder emblem at position 2a is where the small. Our Council is All Cub Scout leaders wear round cloth badges of office on the left. List of boy scout leadership positions in Troop Because being a leader is more than just sewing on a patch. A Quick Guide to. Boy Scout. Leader Training. The success of every Scouting and Assistant Scoutmasters) to earn the “Trained” patch for their position. Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training is the BSA's initial level of training for the leaders of Boy Scout troops. Welcome to the Grand Canyon Council of the Boy Scouts of America. This patch will be part of a set of five patches, one per year, representing the 5 C's of skills resource course for adult leaders -- Venture, Varsity, and Boy Scout leaders.