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Only three supporting acts on stage. Vincent Lopes, New York— (Paramount; 3,664; 35-55-85-99). Plus Milton Berle on stage and 'Night in Lisbon' (Par). Guy Lombardo, Pittsburgh (StanWith 'Affectionately Yours' (WB) ley; 3,800; 25-40-60). 'People Vs, First-run picture is not helping this KUdare' (M-G). This Is the fifth orchestra, with full burden resting appearance here of the Lombardo on femme leader's aggregation. At Lakeside Park, Dayton, O. Sunday (16) Myers Lake Park, Canton, O. Palisades Park, Fort Lee, N. J. JImmIe Lnnceford, June 24-July 21, Casa Manana, Hollywood; 23, week, Golden Gate theatre, San Francisco; 31, Riverside Park B. Phoenix, Ariz. Johnny MoGee, June 21, Potomac River Boat Line, Washington, D.

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. Have read all the books and seen all the TV episodes but honestly can't remember anything specific. Stannis brought in every maester he could find, and eventually she was cured. Whether they determined what exactly cured her, I don't know. His body will be 90% covered and then he'll stand in front a dragon and poof! Cured. Many children survive greyscale and become immune to the deadly kind, but are disfigured. EDIT: From A Wiki of Ice and Fire: Greyscale generally affects children, especially in cold damp climates. The afflicted flesh stiffens, calcifies, and cracks. Second, regardless of what wiki says, the show version does not have to follow it and have re interpreted how things work to suit their needs and story line. I am a little late to the GOT train, and have not read much of the books. You knew that Euron and Yara would cross paths at some point, but even still that was a pretty wild battle scene; Theon morphed back into Reek but I can't imagine that's the last we'll see of him treading water among the wreckage (maybe Gendry rows by and picks him up? .


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Then tonight, I added the first coasst of paint to the custom Oija I'm building and updated the HVC200's firmware so I can start using my P2 card (been using SD tape for the last month). Seems like every day lately has been an incredible learning experience. Tomorrows all about refining the Focal Flange on the Redrock and setting up the Follow focus. Saturday and Sunday are coming fast, and finally on the set I will be able to relax a bit and do my thing:-). Hell, sometimes shooting feels so anti-climactic after the months or weeks of prep work. In couple of days, or in a day in some cases, it's all over and then you're moving on into the edit. I don't know about you guys but i get the PPB (post production blues) after everything is all done. In this case, I'm looking forward to the down-time of the actual shooting day. Imagine we were playing with a couple of Quija boards in Toy's R Us and suddenly Chucky shows up. These immunosupressant drugs help me keep all my organs intact and stay fresh. It's ACTUALLY working. 16 hours to go. Once the first picture is up, I'm opening a can of whoop beer.


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I realized one thing tonight though and it is that the only real story line I’m truly invested in anymore is Jon’s. I thought that something interesting might be ahead with Doran, but oh well. And I was hoping for something more glamorous, for lack of better word, with Melisand or at least some interesting conversation between her and Davos. Sure I know it’s coming most likely, it’s just the wait has been so long I wanted it now. I understand why most comments have been negative — the tone of these scenes just did not fit with the rest of the episode. I have to give Dan and Dave credit — it took guts to commit to a storyline that was almost universally ridiculed last year. I am in the minority of readers who actually liked Arianne and the Sand Snakes in the books, and I was still thinking that Doran had a master plan that would pay off in the show. I don’t want to give up hope that the showrunners will find a way to redeem the whole mess. Reference to the prophecy again. -I wonder what sight Arya will soon have. There are some parallels to the Blind Beth storyline. -Sansa and Brienne’s encounter brought me to tears and I am a little nervous whether there will be some StoneSansa this season. I now fear that the Queenmaker plot is going to move from Myrcella to Dany in some weird way.


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10,999. The tablet will be available for purchase exclusively via Flipkart from February 16. In a special launch offer, first 200 customers of the Alcatel POP 4 10 can purchase the Alcatel KB9030 Bluetooth keyboard for just Re. 1. The tablet is available in Dark Grey and Silver colour variants. The single-SIM (Micro) Alcaltel POP4 10 tablet runs Android 6. (Marshmallow) out-of-the-box. It sports a 10. -inch full-HD (1920x1200 pixels) display. The tablet is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 SoC, coupled with 2GB RAM. In the camera department, the Alcatel POP4 10 features a 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel selfie camera. The tablet has 16GB of inbuilt storage, expandable via microSD card (up to 32GB). There is a 5830mAh battery under the hood, rated to give the voice-calling tablet up to 30 hours of talk time.