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The box office and the critics are fine without being in any way exceptional, though, so this is less the one that's surely going to take the Oscar, than the one that only takes the Oscar if nobody else can be bothered. Both Nathaniel and Margaret were pretty high on it, though, and on the strength of 2009's The Secret of Kells, I feel that following Moore down the rabbit hole of brightly-colored Celtic mythology is a pretty safe bet. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to look at this one a bit more closely in the next few weeks. Being the most traditional, and probably also the most striking, of the nominees can only help. The big uncertainty here is that distributor GKIDS ended up with two nominees, and it's hard to guess if they have the resources to handle two campaigns. Retelling the most ancient story in Japanese storytelling using digtital animation techniques designed to mimic pencil sketches and watercolors, the film is a smart blend of fable and domestic drama without any anachronistic modern attitudes but also without old-fashioned fustiness. It's my favorite animated feature of the year, so I get a little over-passionate about it; it's also the only one of the nominees mostly meant for an adult audience. These seems like the stronger play - it has more critics' awards, it's probably the last Ghibli film that will have a real shot at winning, the same for Takahata - but the category hasn't favored grown-up animation yet. And was The Lego Movie robbed, or is that just the cost of making a feature-lenth toy ad. I'm hoping Birdman wins but I can't for the life of me figure out what effects work went into The Imitation Game (? which is also nominated. I liked it at first well enough but it's one of those films that can't bear the weight of all these honors and thus you begin to turn on it. I actually felt a bit betrayed this summer when Toothless, one of my all time favorite screen cats suddenly seemed almost doggish in How To Train Your Dragon 2.

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'He fought with them. If may be nothing, and it may be the lead we need. 'We want to bring this to closure. Police have said there had been numerous robberies in the area in the lead up to Rich's murder and suspect he may have engaged in a fight with his attackers. Mrs Rich said her son was always wary of his surroundings and played it safe. 'Next time something like this happens, it might be someone you love, ' she warned in a previous press conference. 'The only thing I can say as a mother is it warms my heart that he lived such a great life, even though it was cut short,' she added. 'I can always hold on to that. Despite D. C. police suspecting a robbery, Rich's family said that nothing had been taken from their son. The trail seems to have gone cold after the DNC staffer was killed on July 11. Rich's body was found covered in bruises on the 2100 block of Flagler Place NW, but he still had his watch, cell phone and wallet on him.


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Bing Spear spent years as the mandarin responsible for the supervision of the prescription of Class A drugs in the Home Office’s Drugs Branch. Bing Spear and Sir Peter Morrison were most conveniently found dead just four days apart in July 1995, as decisions were supposedly being taken by John Major’s Gov’t as to whether to hold a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. The decision to hold the Inquiry and to appoint Ronnie Waterhouse as Chair had obviously been taken by then because Ronnie had altered his retirement plans and was on manoeuvres, as was the well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend Professor Eric Sunderland, former VC of UCNW (Bangor University). Then there had been the recent musical chairs at the very top of the Welsh Office, with Secretaries of State coming and going and paedophiles’ friend Lord David Hunt just taking over for a few days whilst all the crime was concealed as best as it could be. Eysenck was there for years, Dafydd et al will have known him even if they didn’t work with his team. Many people named in the Home Office Research Unit’s June 1974 Report have disappeared without trace, some became well-known but are now names from a previous era, whereas a few are still highly influential today or have only relatively recently died. Such experiments at Aston Hall Hospital were a smokescreen for the most serious abuse of children by the Top Doctor who ran that institution. The people who abused children, patients and prisoners in the name of this lame, poor quality research trained the generation of researchers and practitioners who are just retiring now ie. Professor Fergus Lowe, who led the regime there for decades, was known to lie, cheat and plagiarise. The School of Psychology used to recruit a lot of people to participate in the PhD students’ experiments and I and two friends of mine volunteered for this in about 2005. The students didn’t know that two of us held postgraduate qualifications in science subjects ourselves and they responded to us as they did to other participants. They were rude, arrogant and patronising while we watched them make elementary mistakes. Midway through one trial which involved me hitting a computer key in response to images flashing on the screen in front of me, the keyboard provided for the participants was changed.

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The stump of my shoulder had been branded, no doubt to stop me from bleeding out. A single holographic screen ran, projecting tonight’s news. A woman I didn’t recognize stood next to a picture of me. “A neighbor heard screaming. His landlord found the tenant’s arm laying in a pool of blood. He has been declared deceased. €ť Deceased. She’d done it. I was officially dead. No one would be after me, or tracking me through the tech that’d given me an arm, but caused me so much pain and grief. “You’ll be escorted to a private vessel, and it’ll take you to the surface. UniGov won’t bother hunting for people there. €ť Her voice echoed in my head, but she was nowhere to be found.