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This jewel box, for example, despite rich materials, is its use of quite restrained. This vase, with its trifoil rim, sug- gests a cluster of three upright leaves, Although the commade up of gently flow- vertical stalks. The primary aim of the Tiffany Glass Company was to produce stained-glass windows and mosaics, and the vases and other small objects for which the firm eventually became most famous resulted from an effort to use up quantities of excess stock glass. DewRn It was — the first movement in the arts to break with the custom in the nineteenth — prevalent — of century imitating past styles. In furniture designed by the French architect Guimard the various elements were joined so that they appeared to flow into each other. Usually his designs were symmetrical, but in some larger pieces, and often in the applied decoration, he composed asymmetrically and somewhat in the manner of the Rococo. The large own use not employs what are now called desk designed for his only free-form shapes, but also anticipates today's practice of grouping separate storage elements in a convenient L-plan. 684. Hector Guimard. Entrance Gate to Paris c. Subway Station (Metropolitain). 1900.

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It made him feel very negative toward the bishop and was convinced that such an absurd old ritual would end in failure. He mumbled something to Nina about the whole business being a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Bishop McKenna, on the other hand, felt immediately that the exorcism would be successful, but he could sense that the demonic spirit within Ramsey was going to put up a fight. Thirty minutes into the ritual, Bishop McKenna took Ramsey’s head in his hands and ordered the werewolf spirit to be banished forever. The demon within Ramsey caused him to shake and writhe and to curl his hands into claws to attempt to rip the Bishop’s face. Two of the burly policemen restrained the werewolf, and the clergyman pushed a crucifix against Ramsey’s forehead. The sight of the cross caused the werewolf within Ramsey to go berserk, snarling, growling, and grasping at the Bishop. The curse of the werewolf had been lifted from his soul. Sources: Zaffis, John. “Report from the New England Society for Psychic Research,” 1998. ! Rancho Santa Elena I n April 1989, Mexican police officials followed a member of a drug-demented satanic cult who led them to a large black cauldron in which a human brain, a turtle shell, a horseshoe, a human spinal column, and an assortment of human bones had been boiled in blood.

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Moses, Ogova Ondego, Jeffrey Ruoff, Keith Shiri, Joanna Sterkowitz, Trevor Taylor, Keyan Tomaselli, and Angela van Schalkwyck. I am very grateful to the Leverhulme Trust for the award of a second Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship, which helped finance this dictionary and has provided funding for the research to be undertaken for the companion volume, a discussion of Issues in African Film. Though I have made every effort to check information, errors and omissions are inevitable in a work of this nature and I would welcome contact from any readers who can help correct the mistakes and fill the gaps. Dictionary of African Filmmakers INTRODUCTION: Mapping the Field— Feature Filmmaking in Africa There is no single entity called “African cinema,” and the films produced in Africa over the past hundred years offer at best a very partial (if totally fascinating) image of the history and current development of the continent. Africa itself can be defined unambiguously in geographical terms: an enormous land mass, stretching over 4,500 miles at its widest point and measuring some 5,000 miles from north to south, with which are associated a range of widely spread and totally diverse islands, from Madagascar and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to St. Helena in the South Atlantic and the Cape Verde Islands and the Canaries in the North Atlantic. But as soon as we depart from the geography of the continent, problems of definition—both cultural and national—become acute. The heritage of colonialism is everywhere apparent. Arbitrary boundaries inherited from the colonial era divide some communities into two, while elsewhere artificially yoking together totally divergent groups into newly defined nation-states. To the north there are recurring tensions between Arabs and non-Arabs (as in the issue of the Berber communities) and between Muslims and Christians (particularly in Nigeria and Sudan). To the south there is the anomaly of the white population of South Africa and the question of its place in a wider Africa. Across Africa the all-too-prevalent dictatorships drive artists and intellectuals into exile, and at the same time the whole continent is shaken both by mass migrations of whole populations fleeing recurrent wars and famines and by tens of thousands of mostly young men annually seeking to emigrate to Europe for economic survival.

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