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Littlefinger isn’t stupid enough to think he will be able to handle her as easily as he did Lysa, but I can’t help but think he may be a little in over his head with Olenna. This may be where we see his hubris really bite him in the ass. As for the climax, we have at least big 4 climax this season, I don’t think it would be stupid but wise to save the battle of Ice for next season. I just don’t see both Boltons dying, and I am starting to believe that Stannis is a goner. They will leave Sansa, Brienne, Stannis, Roose, Ramsey, Yara, Theon on cliffhanger. They cut that from the second movie where that climax belonged and it felt so rushed in The Battle of the 5 armies. To defeat the WW, enemies will have to band together. There was that one shot of her in one of the previews in the snow. I’m wondering if her and Yara meet up to take on Stannis. And honestly, characters like Jamie are getting almost no screen time. It’s just weird. Yes, yes I know, they have the largest cast, etc.

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Alien 3 ), Enzo Cilenti ( Rome ); Jessica Henwick ( Silk ), Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Keisha Castle-Hughes ( Whale Ride r), and Jonathan Pryce ( Pirates of the Caribbean; Brazil ). These nods for GOT brings HBO’s number of total nominations to 99. The wines will be supplied by Australian winemakers and include Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Noirs, Merlots, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignons and Shiraz wines. They are available for pre-order and will launch in time for the new season expected to air next year. The exhibition features 100 props from the TV series including a 4D 90-second virtual reality experience where guests can “ascend” The Wall. The free event draws in thousands of fans on opening day who eagerly waited hours for the chance to gain admission to the exhibit. The exhibition will be open to the pubic until July 5th. The Alcazar of Spain will serve as the Water Gardens of Dorne with the possibility that the country will also host scenes for Sunspear, the seat of House Martell. The app works similarly to the popular Yo app where users can create a username, locate friends using the app, and then send them a single word message; in this case, the word “Hodor. The phrase (and the audio clip used in the app) is from a Game of Thrones character names Hodor who can only say the word “Hodor”. The blog estimates the premiere will reach 7. million downloads by the end of the week, which will make it the year’s most pirated show.

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Saw it coming after he killed his father, but still fucked as hell. I honestly thought when Ramsay stabbed his father, that it was the other way around for a second and was about to cheer. o While most likely true, he's one of my favourite characters. Agreed I still reference that scene to my co workers sometimes:o. Then the horse died, which really messed up his head. Also might explain why he likes to carry Bran on his back all the time and his fear of thunder. Cool theory, but that's a few too many wargs for me. Bran is a warg, who meets a warg, who takes him to meet another warg, when he's being carried by a warg. Nah, I'll just go with him getting kicked in the head by a horse. Damn, did Alister make an awesome little speech, though. However it goes, I think Ramsey's probably going to get it worse than anyone so far. Was not expecting Rickon to be put in Ramsay's possession, that antes it up a bit more for John.

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Many things will have happened in 5 years, but learning and reflection will be deeply infused into my future life. I love the city. London has a wonderful bio-environment for designers. I really want to continue my studies and discovery of the diverse cultures in London in the future. That makes it a philosophical, historical, psychological, cross-cultural, cross-time endeavour. Through literature, we see a singular yet diverse thread of humanity. I travelled for many years, lived in other countries and cultures, and still work with students from all over the world. Just looking at a world map can bring tears to my eyes because I’m fascinated by this planet, the variety of life, the landscapes and the languages. I love moving across lands seeing how people live, and observing and discovering what their experience of life is. Although our lives are personalised by culture, history and circumstance, they’re replete with associations, interconnections and responses both profound and subtle. Those perceptions colour my writing but also mean that cultural and semiotic analysis is a natural place for a mind like mine. Amber Miyamoto is also half this and half that and is growing up with a space where her father should be and I felt it was an important to express the feelings that arose from that experience.

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