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3. “Dong Yi” (2010) and “The King’s Doctor” (2012) The pictures below come from two dramas, but they look almost the same. The first picture comes from “Dong Yi,” while the second picture comes from “ The King’s Doctor ” (aka “Horse Doctor”). The pictures look the same probably because both dramas were directed by the same person, Lee Byung-hoon. The whole premise of TFiP is that its lead character Ok Nyeo becomes a “waeji bu” or private legal officer in Joseon. (b) In Episode 54, the wife of the Bureau of Music’s Director urges the crowd to stone Jang Hee-jae and his mother as they’re being exiled. The actress who plays that role also appeared in TFiP as the owner of the tavern located right beside Jeonokseo. In the scene in Episode 51 (TFiP) where Lord Yoon and Jung Nan Jung are being exiled, the tavern owner urges the crowd to stone them. (c) In Episodes 40 and 41, Dong Yi leaves the Palace and gets threatened by the new Sword Fraternity. In these episodes, she wears an upper garment (“dangui”) and a skirt (“seuran chima”) that look the same as what Ok Nyeo wears when she enters the Palace as a princess in TFiP’s Episode 51. The “dangui” was also worn by women from the “yangban” (noble class) and other court women. But the “dangui” and “seuran chima” worn as everyday clothes by the members of the royal family were distinguished by gold leaf designs known as “geumbak. For the “dangui” worn by queens and empresses, dragon emblems were also sewn on the shoulders. For more information about the “dangui” and other attire of the royal family, surf to Joseon’s Court Attire: Kdrama Style (Part 1). You might also be interested in in the hit 2014 historical movie “The Royal Tailor” starring Go Soo and Park Shin Hye. For one reason or another, Dong Yi’s and Ok Nyeo’s “dangui” have silver, rather than gold, designs. The skirt (“seuran chima”) that was worn by the royal family members also had decorations (“geumbak”). Historical backgrounders, review, and analysis (external links) 1. From Wikipedia article on Suk-bin Choe: She entered the palace at the age of 7. She belonged to the “cheonmin” class which was the lowest class during the Joseon Dynasty.

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The bonus is it feels like you're doing something which might be the most important part of all. Over 70 production companies are reading all the entered scripts. And its accompanying blog Coverage, Ink where you can ask questions about screenwriting and the contest. Sponsored by Coverage Ink - a leading industry coverage service. Writers On The Storm was founded with the goal of helping talented writers get their script in front of as many decision makers in the industry as possible. Over 75 production companies, agents, and managers will be reading the winning script and the loglines of the top ten finalists. (A complete list is available on the Writers on the Storm website. 2006 Script P. . . . Screenwriting Contest Deadline May 1st, 2006. The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting The Grandaddy of them all, deadline May 1st, 2006. 2006 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Contest Final Deadline April 14, 2006. AAA Screenplay Contest sponsored by Creative Screenwriting deadline June 1, 2006. You've written the script, now let us help you get it through the door. Welcome to Creative Screenwriting's bi-annual screenplay competition. The AAA Contest is looking for the best and most talented writers from around the world. If you have written a great screenplay, please allow us to bring your work to the attention of the industry. We'll also send loglines and synopses for the top ten scripts to more than 350 agents, managers, and development executives who have requested them.

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I always keep one tucked into my pocketbook for an emergency. ? Mignonne Gavigan Smith, founder and designer at Mignonne Gavigan, is originally from Charlotte. Her hand-beaded scarf necklaces and wing-shaped earrings add star power to everything from white tees and boyfriend jeans to your go-to LBD, Southern Living wrote. “Growing up, I was always making things. I have three brothers and if I wasn’t asked to round out a wiffle ball or football team, I was in the basement creating. I remember draping my towel around myself as if it were a roll of fabric and I was creating a new dress, and cutting up a pair of my dad’s old Levi’s and gluing them back together to fit me. To me, style has always been about expressing myself and fostering my creativity. At the end of the day, style should reflect who we are and make us feel good. According to the state-run People's Liberation Army Daily news outlet, the absence of trees is causing mental breakdowns in Chinese military personnel in the city. Soldiers from Nagqu traveling to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, would hug a tree, in tears, upon arrival, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. China's new project to use solar power to allow the creation of forested areas in Nagqu, will ignoring the local climate and the needs of its native flora and fauna, is aimed at helping make the landscape more bearable for its soldiers. Workers have placed solar panels in alpine grassland areas to convert sunlight into electricity and power an underground copper-wire heating grid to melt the permanently frozen soil and potentially allow trees to grow. The project is also thought to be likely to disrupt the region's delicate ecological balance. The emergence of artificially-grown trees will drain the area's water resources. In addition, Nagqu's wildlife includes bears, foxes, wolves, goats and donkeys that are accommodated to the high-altitude grassland environment. In October, the US Treasury Department said that the United States had lifted sanctions on dozens of Sudanese entities, including banks, ports, oil and industrial corporations. The property where Kevin Neal killed his wife before his shooting spree in Northern California. The hatchery is currently bringing fish in from the ladder gate on Monday and Thursday mornings for spawning. Photographer Peter Spain captured the tumultuous waves that hit Lake Tahoe on Nov.

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Pass, pal. There are probably too many songs with that particular title (a magnet for posturing and duff lyrics). True to form, some of the words here wobble as Daniel and Anna toy with images of flames, menace and insouciance, some of which slip through their fingers. Strutting and ducking through the keyboard slams, she sells the song like a haughty Liza Minnelli. He seems eager to confess a debt to Rich Costey and Kimbra, but in truth this is his own beast, full of glowing slithering detail, ghost-orchestra arabesques and some subtle rug-pulling. You could call it dream pop if it wasn’t so wide awake and bug-eyed. Far from heavy-lidded narcosis, this is dream-sharpened wakefulness and sometimes it hurts. Is this about self-hatred or about fervid, elusive independence. Resolving one’s own terrors, or bolting from them by panic and chance? “Save yourself first,” advises Ellen, towards the end of the song. She could be addressing a loved one, or herself: it could be nobility, or a covert brush-off. Sea Change offers transformation of circumstance and state, but also a fluttering ambiguity. The musical sideline of video artist Dutch Rail, it curves and strokes its own well-toned musical hips, a perfect solipsistic pearl. There’s a little echo of centrozoon ’s evasive, bumpy pop phase in here: appropriate, as Markus Reuter guests on stacked layers of touch guitar, building himself a stepped, dissolving tower of bluesy bass growls, ambient hums and looped Europop trills. There’s a pinch of Summer-and-Moroder disco trance, as well as a dash of Bowie’s Berlin. Yet where no-man blazed with an urgent sexual heat beneath their violins-and-cream sophistication, Dutch prefers to sit alone crushing grapes against his palate and murmuring rapturously to us about the taste. A couple of tussling rhythm tracks battle it out in stop-time. The main riff sounds like a plastic bottle, tuned to baritone, being kicked around in an elevator. Rather than an elevating rush, the breakdown is a numbing blurt of hooting overload. In its dull, hopeless tyranny, it could be the klaxon announcing that another reactor has just hit meltdown.

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Okay, red hits the ball from inside the boundaries with a nice backhand— female voice (offscreen): What was your problem. The ball hits, hits the ground right before the boundary line ? e, after ? e seconds. Okay, this map shows from 1938 to 1939 all the countries that Germany had taken over, the ones that are shaded in. See? teacher: Okay. And that’s— boy: Okay, yes, and notice these are the closest ones. This is when he was just beginning to take over countries, so he started off, I guess, these were like the weak ones, because he, they just, he 210 High School II 44. Now— teacher: So wait a minute, is there anything else you want to say about them in terms of explanation. I mean, do you, are you going to talk about the order in which, or do you know the order in which Germany attacked those countries. They just say— teacher: ’Cause it might be— boy: I went to a lot of books— teacher: —it might be a good idea to ? d out the progression, how he changed. It looks like you’re not going to get a passing grade unless you— gilbert: What? 211 High School II teacher: That’s what he told me. Whether or not you think it’s ridiculous, you have to be successful in it. I want you to talk with him before the end of class today, ? d out exactly what it is you have to do to get a passing grade. Because supposing we get this thing, this mess with Morris, Phil straightened out, right. And on the transcript they’re going to look to see that you passed every single class that you were registered for this year, right.

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School district officials say the Shippensburg Area Senior High School in Cumberland County was struck by lightning, which has affected electricity within the building. The district didn’ t say on its website when the strike occurred. The building was to open Thursday, but that has now been pushed back to Aug. 21. The ninth grade orientation and open house originally scheduled Tuesday will be held Thursday. Students attending the Career Tech School will also begin classes Aug. 21. All other buildings will open on time Thursday. The lawsuit was filed Friday on behalf of a 15-year-old girl attending Frederick County High School and her mother. In addition to governing the use of bathrooms and gender-specific pronouns, the policy, adopted in June, allows transgender students to participate in sports aligned with their gender identity. That means a student born a boy could play girls sports, and a student born a girl could play boy’s sports. The lawsuit argues that the policy violates the girl’s fundamental right to bodily privacy, and her mother’s fundamental parental rights regarding the care and upbringing of her child. Lithium-ion batteries Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material. This type of LIB electrolyte allows for the movement of the lithium ions between the two electrodes in the battery. As far as performance, chemistry, and safety go, these issues vary across the spectrum of uses. Most of our handheld electronics use lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2), which has a high energy density but presents safety risks LIBs used in power tools and medical equipment uses a different lithium-ion mix, such as Lithium iron phosphate or lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide. These batteries offer lower energy density, but longer life and a better degree of safety. Electric vehicle makers are developing new variations on lithium-ion chemistry that while sacrificing energy and power density, provide fire resistance and environmental friendliness. As of December 2016, the Nissan Leaf is the world's all-time best-selling electric car with more than 250,000 units sold since 2010. Creative Commons License-Attrition, No derivitive work.

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One million call for Snapchat roll-back bbc. o. k Petition to scrap Snapchat redesign hits 1 million cnbc. om People are so furious about the Snapchat redesign that they are making rap rants now phonearena. om Pinterest now brings better organization for pins, boards, sections androidcommunity. om Snapchat urged to get 'back to basics' as petition to scrap update hits one million news. ky. om. The four largest cable and satellite companies lost 1. million pay TV customers in 2017. Sling TV, Hulu and YouTube TV do not disclose how many users they have, but research firm BTIG estimates they respectively had 2. million, 500,000 and 350,000 as of the end of 2017. To that end, Google has targeted sports fans with its TV ads this year. Ninety-six percent of YouTube TV's ads on television so far this year have appeared during sports programming, including the Super Bowl, according to iSpot. v, which tracks TV ads. When Google launched YouTube TV last April it was cautious with how much content it was offering so that it could keep the price low enough to entice cord cutters or people considering cutting the cord, Moosnick said. At launch YouTube TV offered almost 50 channels in five markets. With these additions, YouTube TV will have almost 60 channels, and be in 100 markets, Moosnick said. The Customer Isn't Always Right PS4 Is a Best-Seller but Here Are 4 Reasons It's Far From Perfect Gmail Go app is a lighter version of the Gmail app launched for devices with less than 1 GB RAM firstpost. om YouTube TV changes: Can TV streaming services learn to say no?