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Sarah H 2 anni fa I told them to kill off Bashir:( Blazed Beyond 2 anni fa Sarah H its your fault Macnutz420 2 anni fa The new channel now has 120 subscribers. Andy Hew 2 anni fa Man, we've been losing a lot of great actors in 2016. I really really want the book lol. ? and you've got 99 subs (including your truly lol) on you other channel already. It's fun trying to figure them out and theorizing what is going on. Fabian Ortega 2 anni fa Pete, have you done a Maggie the frog video. T Caw 2 anni fa brutality isn't something you look forward to. Maxine Ward 2 anni fa do the clegane's have giants blood myth in their history. Luke Van Wyk 2 anni fa Maxine Ward just good genetics I suppose JOE FIGUEROA 2 anni fa thats sad he had the look and great acting skills for the show The Seth Show 2 anni fa Might not be King's Landing but maybe Lannisport, the city beneath Casterly Rock the seat of House Lannister. Might explain the banners. RealTalkOrWalk 2 anni fa Weird that every dead soldier seems 2 be missing a boot. Lastly, I hope the part in the Plot Leak ab finally getting to see Eastwatch By the Sea is true bc I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the Nights Watch, besides Castle Black. Christopher Brown 2 anni fa RealTalkOrWalk Andrew Morris 2 anni fa I'm glad to see Im not the only nerd obsessed with anything GOT or ASIF. Thanks Lorenz Lin 2 anni fa Oh no, rest in peace my friend. Jasmin Hamel 2 anni fa Aemon was great RIP theOrder1814 2 anni fa Pete i sub to your new channel, also do you think Kingslanding scenes will use alot of CGI or mix with real ruins set and CGI for areas devestated by the wildfire.

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So far as Jon thinking about Sam’s suggestion that Dany might bend the knee to him - well, if it makes either of you feel better, this further blows Political! on out of the water completely. If Jon were only working to please Dany and ensure her continued support, he’d tell Sam to keep his fucking mouth shut because he wouldn’t trust Dany with this information at all. But if he’s thinking she might “do the right thing” and bend the knee to him, it means he trusts her, always has, and has faith in her - unlike Political! on who has to sleep with a woman who has already pledged to him because he doesn’t believe her to be telling the truth. Now Arya 1) I was irritated with this already but where the fuck is Arya when Jon and Dany arrive. Why is their reunion after the meeting with the Northern Lords. Like was she just chilling in her room all this time. Arya in S6 saying she had taken him off her list and felt confused about him was so sweet and endearing. But I honestly thought she’d be glad to see him again because she would have come to realize that he did want to protect her and keep her safe, as he had told Brienne. I really hope Arya isn’t reduced to Gendry’s love interest. So if I have to choose, I’d rather Arya just be a warrior and nothing else. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but she seems just as mute as Dany, and if not, doesn’t get any memorable dialogue. What the actual fuck? 2) Sansa’s parting words to Tyrion. She says the line like “I thought you were the smartest man I ever knew.


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Could there be threats of recalls against some legislators. Could be there be standoffs of a variety of critical issues or on the budget. That is the dream of restoring civility in politics will, thanks in part to this lame-duck session, remain just that, a dream. Yet with a new governor coming into an office and a president who so far is treating the announcement as a personal insult that needs a retaliatory strike more than a significant sign to the national economy, the announcement breaks very new ground. Yes, the announcement alone won't collapse the economy into a recession so Governor Rick Snyder will in fact be the first governor to serve more than two years to get out without having to deal with an economic slowdown in at least 70 years. And Governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer now knows as she takes the oath of office on January 1 her agenda has been expanded immensely from roads and schools and auto-insurance rates to jobs and economic change. How it will change her administration's plans is yet to be established, but it is not something she and the state can ignore. An earlier crisis with a GM plant made a profound change in the early administration of former Governor John Engler. GM in the early 1990s opened up a kind of bidding war on whether it would keep the Willow Run plant or a plant in Texas open. Mr. Engler said in opening one of his first State or the State addresses that Michigan would not lose Willow Run. But we did. And that loss had a profound change on Mr. Engler's administration. He had hoped to get away from using incentives to lure or keep companies. He even tried to get other governors to agree not to (they weren't interested in his pitch).


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Internally, the most dramatic and far-reaching act. Finally, Minto announced that “any electoral representation in India. Mahomedan community may rest assured that their political rights. The viceroy’s remarks were greeted with “murmurs of satisfaction and. They knew the Hindus would not do it, so they began operation among the. Simla deputation, however, the Muslim League would be born before the. In November, Salimullah Khan, the leading landowner of Dacca, whose. Educational Conference to Dacca for its annual meeting, suggesting at the. The “Nawab of Dacca” had been “sick” during the Simla meeting but chaired. Dacca’s Shah Bagh (“Royal Garden”) on December 30,1906. Vlqur til-Mtilk Mii. hla i' hI lucre efforts as speedily as possible to quell the hostility. League, though he did not attend the Dacca inaugural session, and later. Jinnah, who “came out in bitter hostility toward all that I and my friends. Jinnah had joined forty-four other like-minded Muslims in neighboring. Calcutta, meeting together with some 1,500 Hindus, Parsis, and Christians.


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. . . . spoilers. The show is back in Hall H Sunday morning at 10:30 (PST) and will last an hour. Briana Buckmaster (Donna) posted on Facebook that she was officially joining the spinoff, but then apparently deleted the post. That’s a little too “Potentials on Buffy ” for me and these particular showrunners can’t even make a decent premise work, let alone one as awful as the Potentials. They certainly don’t serve female characters well. The only other CW show in the top ten was Gilmore Girls, which was canceled a decade ago (though it did recently have a crowd-sourced miniseries revival). It’s been stronger than expected across the board, even though more women than men are reportedly watching it (traditionally, superhero films skew male). Hopefully, it will open a lot of doors for women in front of and behind the scenes in the lucrative blockbuster category. Which makes sense, considering these repeats are getting the same demo as the Reign series finale last Friday. The final schedule will be out about two weeks beforehand, but the show will probably be on again on Sunday morning. I laughed when the same article talked about Robert Singer saying at the time that hint of whatever-it-was would be “subtle. As if.


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It makes sense that Davos would try going there because of that letter. The only thing is geographically it is a bit far away. Also, I’ve always thought that bit of dress in the pic of Mel leaving castle black (which I’ve read elsewhere is from episode 5) had to be Sansa. Who else? All of the visual cues seem to indicate a very prominent and exciting story for Sansa this year. I used to hate the character, but she gets better every year and her mistakes and her suffering last year have made me root for her. I definitely think she will have some sort of relationship w Davos. The stark banner behind him among other things seems to confirm it. I’m hoping for a JS comeback by episode 4, hopefully one witnessed by Sansa. It looks like she might make it to Castle Black, and you have to figure that means shaking off LIttlefinger. If I wasn’t so sure that LSH is never happening on the show, I’d bet on that. As to Brienne, I’m assuming Sansa sends her off either to find Arya or to do something in Riverrun. It can’t be to ask for help from Blackfish, since he is probably under siege. We are all assuming he goes to Pike, I think because he was with the actress who plays Yara. She might be hugging him but why should he go back. I think it must have something to do with the arrival of Euron who most probably claims the Seastone Chair after Balon’s demise.


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LIFE AFTER BETH stars Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, Anna Kendrick, John C. Reilly, Alia Shawkat, Cheryl Hines and Molly Shannon. Yes it’s another found footage but perhaps this one is actually worth out attention. Check it out below: We love a good creature feature at SCREAM Towers and so we are already looking forward to this one. The film stars C. Thomas Howell (E. . The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Justice League Flashpoint Paradox), Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club, St. The film stars Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Brenton Thwaites, and Rory Cochrane. In the film Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe stars as Igor, and for the role he had to grow his hair bigtime! “I don’t mind how it looks but I mind dealing with it. Exciting Subscribers competitions in the works soon. We have 5 copies of the new DVD release to give away to 5 lucky SCREAM magazine subscribers. He talks about his favorite song on his iPod, his favorite movie, the funniest video on YouTube, things he wish he could understand better. Dengan gerak 'cooling down' melalui iringan muzik dari kepulauan Borneo yang boleh diperolehi dalam DVD Senam Seni 1 Malaysia. Program ini adalah kerjasama antara Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara bersama Radio Televisyen Malaysia melalui rancangan Selamat Pagi Malaysia.