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The 4-th Festival will pass at November-December 2017 in Kyiv and another Ukrainian cities. Films that are produced before 2015 will not be considered. Priority given to films with a special emphasis on topics that have been censored or stifled, particularly as related to cultural or religious taboos. We screen the nominated films in the official selection at a grand theatre inside the Nordic Center for press, distribution, filmmakers and general admitted audience. The chosen films are put on the big screen at a one-night event at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, May 2018. The festival mission is, as its name goes, to create a great cinema and audiovisual feast; the artistic direction of the festival intends to give space and reward the art, creativity and the beauty not only with a statuette but with employment contracts, stages, workshops and distribution of the directors and of the works rewarded. We accepts all genres of short films and feature films. Sister festival of the River Bend Film Festival in Goshen, IN, United States. The Festival has evolved from a commitment to promote and showcase the creative talent that has been developed at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and to also introduce to the world the fantastic students and professionals that we have working at UCLan and to open our doors to the City, to the North and the world beyond. We are creating a long-lasting transfer between education and entertainment, reaching different target-groups, participants and visitors. With creative days and emotional experiences we are welcoming the masters of cinema as our guests at the TV SERIES FESTIVAL BERLIN 2018. Filmmakers are divided into teams in which they must write, shoot, direct, edit and score a 7 minutes short film in only 48 hours. The best part? Filmmakers will have their films screened in front of a live audience of over 500 people. Join us to watch the efforts of local filmmakers come together in a night of film on August 26th and 27th. We want to spark the artistic and creative realm of film-making and discover the new films with true significance, passion and vanguard. We have selected Media Partners that will hype the Festival and our films. Any studio, club or school who works with children in a field of film animation are welcome to our festival. After 5 successful years and an Overwhelming Positive response from independent filmmakers, filmActors and filmLOVERS from DIVERSE ethnic backgrounds across the Nation. I am proud to announce that the 6th Annual Las Vegas Black Film Festival proudly welcomes INTERNATIONAL films from ALL over the WORLD.


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The tribe decides to accept Tumak as one of their own. This, however, makes her blonde boyfriend Ahos very jealous. After saving a little girl from a hungry Allosaurus,, Tumak and Ahos duke it out over possession of the victory spear. Tumak gets banished yet again, but this time he’s accompanied by Raquel and her fur bikini. Tumak and Raquel (and the bikini) are ambushed by Tumak’s old tribe, and Tumak vanquishes Sakana. But a Pterodactyl attacks and carries Raquel off, fur bikini and all. The lovers are separated as the flying terror tries to feed poor Raquel to it’s babies. Eventually, they’re reunited, just in time for a fight between the rival tribes. The battle’s just getting underway when a volcano erupts, spitting lava and causing massive earthquakes. The villages now all destroyed, the two tribes band together and march toward an uncertain destiny. Harryhausen’s special effects are always a joy to behold, and I’ll still take them over CGI any day of the week. John Richardson makes a sturdy leading man, even with dialogue that mostly consists of grunts and groans. Well, in the case of the just-released (and record-setting in terms of its worldwide box office take) Jurassic World, it turns out that tired old adage is actually quite true, since director Colin Trevorrow has chosen to hew pretty closely to Steven Spielberg’s original model for this fourth installment in the previously-presumed- moribund franchise extrapolated from the works of Michael Crichton. Truth be told, we just got back from seeing it in Imax 3-D and it’s got pretty much everything you’d ever want in a brainless summer thrill ride: superb effects, likable leads, drama, suspense, tension-cutting humor, nicely despicable (sorry, does that even make sense? villains, and mile-a-minute thrills. My wife and I both left the theater smiling and I ain’t ashamed to admit it. Not every movie needs to re-invent the wheel to stand out, and Trevorrow wisely has that figured from the outset here. All we want from his big-budget extravaganza is pretty much the same sort of story that had us jumping in our seats all those years ago, and to feel the same sort of “rush of excitement” that we did back then and which the two previous installments in the series just weren’t able to capture. It’s a dinosaur movie, for Christ’s sake, so just give us a shit-load of dinos on the loose and we’re gonna be happy. But rich people with more money than sense employing unscrupulous lackeys and amoral scientists have been a Jurassic staple, in one form or another, from jump, and one might even argue that really smart people doing really dumb things has always been at the heart of these flicks.


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. the hero, the terrorist, rabbit, the frickin' idiot) but Jung's access to pop culture was limited by the times. If he'd have seen Ziggy Stardust he'd have a whole treatise by now. No, the reason I print this now is that I'm confused and overwhelmed by the heat, unable to finish things that hit closer to home. So the query is, are aliens all one gender, or beyond gender, or have cross-dressers and fabulous gay culture icons conscripted the alien look to help us contextualize their gender flexibility within our known parameters. Insecure men don't beat up aliens to prove their Earth heredity, and we don't fire aliens from school jobs. We wouldn't believe they were aliens even if they told us (just like you could be totally fey in the 70s and no one would guess you were actually 'one of them' - just expresssive, artistic, which was encouraged back when I was a kid, thank god). Oh well, we gained some things in some places, lost some in other. Ask not what color the elephant is in the room, for he's electric pink. And if you can't handle it, honey, go back to Janice. Where if you didn't know exactly what you were doing you were glowered at mercilessly. But lately I saw it at home free of liens and was so blown away by Tim Curry's wry swagger and fey gonzo cool that I clean forgot about all that. A true demonstration of the force and strutting seductive sensual freedom that's to be had when tapping into the source voltage of both genders at once, he's a walking ad for Transylvanian bisexual transvestism, and his inevitable return to his home planet feels like our loss even more than his. We've not seen his like since, try as John Cameron Mitchell might. Even as a straight female, I have to admit my breath was taken away at Dr. Frank N. Furter’s grand arrival. He oozes sensuality from every pore: raw, unadulterated, glitter-honey charisma. The teasing, rolling rhymes, the “an—ticipation” dragging you to the cliff’s edge. It’s one of those star-making movie moments where you know, as the viewer, that cinema won’t ever be quite the same.


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The award is a memorial for Dr. King’s daughter, Nicole, who had a love and passion for travel. Fouch and Mrs. Fouch’s sister, Vicki Yoakum Burton. Vicki was born on October 14, 1952, in Muncie, Indiana. She had a great love of music, theater, and people. She passed away from a sudden illness in October 1987. He was an accomplished teacher of Greek and Latin as well as ancient religion, history, and classical culture. Dr. Kadletz was described as a “classicist, humanist, and epicurean who spent his life in quest of what was most beautiful and best. . Nathan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ball State University in 2011 with a degree in Latin, Greek, and Classical Studies. Useful links to search for national scholarships and fellowships. Students who plan to study abroad for six months or longer in a non-western country should consider applying for a Boren Scholarship. To learn more about these and other national scholarship opportunities, contact Dr. Barb Stedman, Director of National and International Scholarships. For further information regarding application and requirements, for either departmental scholarships or the national and international scholarships, please contact Dr. Chris Luke. Appointments can be made through the Office of Modern Languages and Classics in North Quad, room 178 or call 765-285-1361. University Ave.