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iyyat apar? s? ? v. While Sara’s success is soaring through the skies after she headlined films like Kedarnath and Simmba, she makes it a point to not let her fame get to the head. he beauty, who was earlier asked about her thoughts on comparisons with Janhvi, said that she thinks the industry has room for them both. In a recent interview now, Sara has come forth revealing that she makes sure these comparisons don’t affect her equation with Janhvi and just like any other girls, she messages Janhvi and the two laugh it off. “Can I control it? What’s the point. But I don’t think it’s anything to get insecure about if it’s motivating. I’ve Instagrammed messaged her so many times. ook they’ve compared us again or. his is so funny. It all depends on the way that you react to it. I think comparisons are inevitable, pitted against each other is inevitable. It depends on you to comfortable in your own skin,” the 23-year-old actress said. The 34-year-old Teenage Dream hit maker after landing in contention extracted two designs from her online stores as the designs depicted a blackface resemblance that left social media outraged.

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I would disagree and put ROLLER BOOGIE up for that honor. All the guys in the film wear the skimpiest shorts I've ever seen, and I've been to 14 gay pride parades. Also stars Jim Bray (who never acted again), Beverly Garland, Mark Goddard and Jimmy Van Patten's abs. THE APPLE (1980) Yep, my gay night continued with this legendary film which retells the books of Genesis and Revelations as a glam 80's rock musical. Written AND directed by Menahem Golan, the movie concerns ballad singers Bibi (played by Catherine Mary Stuart! and Alphie (George Gilmour--who never acted again) who are offered to be repped by the devilish music corporate owner, Mr. Boogalow, who uses his influence to make it a law that all citizens must wear a sparkly triangle chip on their foreheads. Boogalow breaks up the duo by signing Bibi to his music label while Alphie tries to rescue her from herself. He finally meets some hippies who are waiting for God to rescue them while the government, under Boogalow's control, becomes more fascist. Insane production design, songs you absolutely will not remember, and with more body glitter, eye shadow, big hair and gold lame thongs (and that's the guys! than you have ever seen. TOBOR THE GREAT Fun little timewaster with plots about the conflict of a scientist and a pushy reporter that didn't go anywhere. The kid was great, as was the robot, and I wanted to see more of them. HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD A mad scientist starts experimenting on transferring souls and uses his family as guinea pigs. Dull, boring, snoozefest, sleep-inducing, tiresome, humdrum, yawnfest, uninteresting, blah, tedious and mundane. nd that's without checking a thesaurus. RADIO DAYS Woody Allen's masterpiece about his (fictitious?


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Granted, SOME of the homeless have created their own problems from their demons, but not all of them are that way. The new uniforms are in stark contrast to what Strotbeck remembers wearing while competing in 1984. The shorts were cotton and nylon and about as form fitting as a trash bag, he said. To say they weren form fitting at all. holesale nfl jerseys from china. He said if the bike has been stored in the basement all winter, I can guarantee the tires are flat. He said they need to be inflated slowly so the rubber can adjust to the renewed pressure. heap nfl jerseys. He is the science teacher in whose class Julie enrolls herself and Claire in a quest to leave the confines of her working class universe, where many more women marry and reproduce than get their high school diplomas. Will we be able to use them there We are moving there permanently. What provider would you recommendIf you were in Prauge and wanted a gaming machine, what would you do I need to get a computer and laptop first thing when we arrive. He already had a bed there that I had set up for him six days before. One of the handiest promotional gifts you can hand out to a girl in the midst of the planning whirlwind is a personal wedding planner. The timing of K2’s arrival couldn’t be better for Minnesota smoke shops. Salvia divinorum, a short lasting but powerful dissociative herb, was a previous best selling item. A raft of YouTube videos showing smokers briefly taking leave of their bodies helped popularize the product, but also attracted the attention of anti drug activists. I was surprised that you’re not more popular given that you most certainly possess the gift.


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The List, Set, or Map returned by the of() static factory method is structurally immutable, which means you cannot add, remove, or change elements once added. Calling any mutator method will always cause an UnsupportedOperationException to be thrown. However, if the contained elements are themselves mutable, this may cause the Collection to behave inconsistently or its contents to appear to change. This is the same as the unmodifiable list you create in JDK 6 or 7 as shown below: The list returned by the unmodifiableList() method also doesn't support add, remove, or set operations and throws an UnsupportedOperationException if you call them. The only difference between two code snippets is that earlier, it required more than 6 lines of code to create an immutable Collection, e. . an immutable List, Set, or Map, but now you can do that in just one line. There are also several overloaded versions of List. f() is available on the List interface, e. . to allow you to create an immutable list of 1-10 elements and a variable argument method, which allows you to create the list of any number of elements. The same is true for the Set. f() and Map. f() methods as well. Here is an example of creating an immutable Set in Java 9: You can see that you can create an immutable Set in just one line. Similarly, to create immutable Maps, JDK 9 provides two methods — Map. f(K k1, V v1) and Map.


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His exact date of birth is not recorded but, according to estimates, he was born around the year 1810. His education was mainly focused on Islamic studies and he acquired a proficiency in Arabic and Persian. His exceptional learning abilities included a phenomenal memory coupled by other qualities of head and heart. He soon drew the attention of the Nizam of Hyderabad. For a few years, he served in the Nizam’s army and then in the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad in different capacities. His rapid rise in the estimates of the Nizam also earned him many enemies. An attempt was made on his life by his detractors but he had a miraculous escape. His stint with the Nizam of Hyderabad had tested his inner mettle and also whetted his appetite for further exploits. During his stay in Hyderabad, he took lessons in English and soon acquired a reasonable proficiency in this language. He persuaded 58? Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British India his father to permit him to visit England, where he was exposed to the lifestyle and mindset of the British nobility. According to one version which finds its place in the 19th-century account by Moinuddin Hasan, he travelled all over Europe for nearly 20 years in the garb of a mendicant. His return journey to India via Arabia, where he performed Haj, completely changed the course of his life. It is believed that some mystical experience at Mecca and Medina had a very deep impact on his mind. His attention now shifted to the affairs of the mind and the spirit, away from the world of statecraft. His spiritual search led him to the doorsteps of a great Sufi of the Qadri order, Saiyid Qurban Ali Shah, in a remote corner of Bikaner in Rajasthan. His peer and patron bestowed upon him the title of Ahmadullah Shah.


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But the eight-legged invertebrate is real, and it may not be the last sea creature to venture outside the ocean and into human society. University of Miami associate biology professor Kathleen Sullivan Sealey spoke to The Miami Herald and said beach residents should get used to seeing encroaching sea life due to rising sea levels pushing water (and the creatures that inhabit it) further inland. According to Conlin, security from the building filled a bucket with sea water and rescued the octopus. Click through above to see interesting facts about octopuses. The supply crunch has driven up prices in India to levels higher than in the global market and could force buyers to switch to other producers like the United States, Brazil and African countries. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrapped 500 rupee and 1,000 rupee bills to crack down on corruption. Expecting a bumper crop of 35 million bales, Indian traders had contracted 2 million bales for exports to China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan for shipments in November to January. But traders have managed to ship only around 300,000 bales and nearly 1 million bales that were due to ship in November and December are getting delayed, three exporters told Reuters. They have risen about 5 percent over the past fortnight, versus a 10 percent gain in Indian prices. The surge in local prices is also making signing new export deals difficult for India as overseas prices are lower than local prices, Jaydeep Cotton's Patel said. She said that every year the department received thousands of applications from the 569 schools at which fees were payable for fee exemptions. And the problem isn't confined to the Western Cape, say the heads of school governing bodies. In Gauteng, 20% to 40% of parents apply to their child's school for either partial or full fee exemption, said Kathy Callaghan, of the Governor's Alliance, which works in association with school governing bodies. Teachers and principals in KwaZulu-Natal say parents are increasingly applying for fee exemptions and have questioned the effectiveness of the quintile system for ranking schools. In Gauteng, fee-charging quintile 4 and 5 schools receive about R590 a year for each pupil. Naven Govender principal of Brailsford Primary, in Phoenix, said fewer than half of the parents of his school's 468 pupils paid their fees this year. Brailsford is ranked as quintile five, on a par with model-C schools.


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It’s not as if she just gets things done just because. She get’s things done because she has three flipping dragons that listen to her commands. Lol Pred rokem Harish RR Daenerys did suffer in S1 and most of her character development happened in first two seasons. IMO, her highest point in the show was in Astapor when she got the Unsullied. However, after that she was pretty much handed everything to her with minimal effort or sacrifice on her behalf and her character became stale and went downhill. She didn't have to deal with any diplomatic hurdles like most other characters, even if she did, she messed them up and eventually her Dragons (or her fire immunity) will show up and save the day for her. All the useful allies flock to her just because of her Last Name, Dragons or she looks hot with minimal to no effort from her side. I hated her in the later seasons because she became way too arrogant and full of herself. Pred rokem Alex M Tha Mad Villain I mean, Jorah Mormont wasn’t kneeling by Daenerys’ bedside holding her and and telling her it would be okay as she was repeatedly raped. He also didn’t help her cow Drogo into respecting her, she did that by herself. And while Jon was with the wildlings, he was banging some chick, so at least he had that. This “who had a tougher time of it” competition is retarded. Pred rokem Kristoff Bjorgman Some conservative critics felt it was being too politically correct. Pred rokem akeel brown Fuck danaerys Pred rokem Lobby Fisher akeel brown lol I feel the same Pred rokem crusty nuggets Totally agree. Show sucks. Book good Pred rokem Murdock Files Season 1-3 were great, and it's no surprise that the show was at its best when following George RR Martin's story. Once it deviated the show really started going downhill.


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That's when uncle benjen comes and saves Jon snow. Dany and the guys have a white and the white will be brought to the dragon pits in kings landing where everyone will observe and see that winter really is coming. Cersci vows to help Dany and the realm fight the whites. Either the writers are being lazy, or maybe Dany has a traitor on her council. Ive heard people speculate that maybe Missandei is a faceless man because of that scene with Davos at the beginning of the episode. Davos has traveled everywhere but didnt recognize her accent. And how does Euron ALWAYS know where Dany's ships are. If Dany doesnt wreck shit in the next episode Im gonna lose my shit. Melissa Kessler Rok temu Jon Snow cannot bend the knee he will lose his support and that would be horrible for what's coming, he did the right thing resisting. He has military experience but not nearly as much as Jamie sineaterdred1 Rok temu The father told Cerse that they were broke not Tyrion Niyah Rok temu Fuck reek because as soon as i forgave him again by saving sansa he let me down. As soon as i started calling him theon i got to call him reek again. Tywin tells Cersei that they 're broke in season 4, when Tyrion is in jail and waits his trial. The plan is not bad in general, but it is poorly executed. My only problem with this episode, is that they made Olenna Tyrell look stupid. She should be at Dragonstone, safe and secured, not in Highgarden, when even her own bannermen (Lord Tarly) have switced sides. Strategically speaking the plan is fucking retarded. Beyond stupid.