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A shot that starts with his entire family gathered around the dinner table ends with Marty munching on chips alone. The premiere’s opening scene shows him hiding a mountain of cash in a shed out in the middle of nowhere. But the best part of that scene is that we catch up to it midway through Episode 2. Again, if this show wanted to be “Breaking Bad,” it would have made us wait to find out what that scene really meant. It would have used the scene to foreshadow something way down the line that we wouldn’t understand for hours. But “Ozark” is aware it hasn’t earned that yet: It’s about the now. The premiere is filled with big moments that matter in that very moment. Del (Esai Morales) suspects his money launderers are skimming money in the process, which we later find out is a bluff. He didn’t know. He just presumed, and Bruce fell for it. What’s important to note about all these deaths goes beyond simple set-up. Yes, Marty’s last-second idea saves his hide and sets in motion the entire series — moving the family to Missouri, laundering more money than he ever imagined possible — but it also sets a standard: The worst can happen, and Del won’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Del found out what Wendy was trying to do and dealt with it before Marty had a chance. How he handles Gary — and Wendy — is memorable for all parties: exactly the response Del wants.

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And right now, when I thought I was dying, all I could think about was one. You. “Brienne looks slightly outraged. Brienne tells Tormund that she’s doing this for the oath and to save at least the last child of Catelyn Stark. In the north we have to help them and, if necessary, fight the golden company. ” His soldiers roar Jaime in agreement. Meera sees no one but hears Bran again saying “Meera. She calls him and asks if he is really here. He hears the voice of the 3-eyed raven, “you have to kill the enemys in the north. The 3-eyed raven says”the white walkers are coming” The mad king starts silently to say something “enemys in the north” Bran reacts slightly surprised. He mumbles, “burn the wall? Bran tries to intervene and says, “No, stop that. Because of you my uncle and my grandfather are dying! Bran stops, looks at the Night King and says, “I am your prisoner.


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In direct parallel, by threatening to disinherit Ramsay in favor of his new infant son, Roose has made himself an obstacle to Ramsay's ongoing survival in a position of power - so by the example Roose himself set, his own son killed him, similarly not caring about breaking a grave social taboo (in this case, kinslaying ). Roose derided Ramsay for his bastard status, and through his actions taught him to betray anyone and break any rule if it meant securing power for yourself. Both bastards were molded by the lessons their fathers taught them. Jaime and Littlefinger, both of them rational and sensible, pointed out that the Lothston and all the other Houses whose seat was Harrenhal were destroyed one after another, and every individual who ever served as its castellan or lord was killed: Lady Whent, Janos Slynt, Tywin, Amory Lorch, Vargo Hoat (Locke in the show), the Mountain, and Polliver. One of the few exceptions in the book is Roose Bolton, who has somehow evaded the curse by the point the books reached. Roose's death in the show underscores the possibility of the curse. Another exception to this rule (so far) in both book and TV is Petyr Baelish, the current Lord of Harrenhal in both continuities. Of course, after being made nominal Lord of Harrenhal, Littlefinger never sets foot in the castle - hoping to avoid its ill repute - while Roose did command the garrison there for a time. Harald is actually a condensation for the TV series of several different Karstark characters who had a longer subplot in the novels. This episode confirms that Harald is Rickard's own son, rather than some other relative. In the books, Lord Rickard had three sons: Harrion, Torrhen, and Eddard Karstark. In the books Harrion was captured by the Lannisters (it is unknown where he is held, and whether he is still alive) while Rickard's old uncle Arnolf sides with the Boltons - not because he resents the Starks for his nephew's death, but because he seeks to take over Karhold. While his lingering hatred for the Starks is understandable, it made no sense for him to just stand idle as Ramsay murdered the rest of his own family. In the first place, Roose was the one who killed Robb, and although his motive had more to do with his own self-preservation and the elevation of his house than avenging Harald's father, Roose still did Harald a favor by killing his father's executioner.


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His reawakening will happen via fire, and, accordingly, the wight’s face is “surrounded by a nimbus of fire, hair blazing like straw. This is a terrific depiction of both a burning ice moon and a burning ice moon man. As I have said before, this dream frightens Jon because it is essentially a prophecy of his future told in symbolic terms, and it’s a little rough, admittedly. We’ll also be taking a hard look at the Wall, which kind of goes hand-in-hand with Winterfell and the Starks. I hope to see you at the Prose Eddard Livestream this Sunday, May 13th, 2:00 Est. I’ll be on Joe Magician’s YouTube livestream later today at 7 EST, so come on by and talk prologue with us, and don’t forget to check out Blue Tiger’s Amber Compendium for his outstanding Tolkienic Song of Ice and Fire, Okay, cheers everyone, and thanks for joining us! Ta ta. It’s your host, LmL, and it’s time to talk about the end. It’s finally, finally time to discuss the possibility of a new moon meteor incident and a new Long Night. t’s been suggested right from the very start. My first episode, which began as an essay before there was such a thing as the Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire podcast, began with the famous quote from Doreah about the Quarthine legend of the second moon, which ends with a prophecy: “One day the other moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return. While we have seen the fire-breathing dragons return, I think it’s obvious the Qarthine prophecy is about the meteor dragons returning. Four hundred years ago the Doom of Valyria killed off most of the Valyrian dragons, but before that, the Valyrians had had control dragons going back at least 5,000 years ago, when they wiped out old Ghis with their dragons. Even before Valyria, people in Asshai probably had control of dragons.


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His responses were often seen as out of touch and grassroots groups still oppose him. Both Pinera and Guillier would keep in place the longstanding free-market economic model in one of Latin America’s most developed countries. SUBDUED ATMOSPHERE On the eve of the vote, the atmosphere in Chilean capital Santiago was subdued. New restrictions on campaigning have left the city uncluttered with political posters and the sense that a Pinera victory was inevitable had quieted the usual political debates in cafes and bars. In addition, Chileans have grown disenchanted with politics following campaign financing and other cash-for-influence scandals that have entangled politicians on both the left and right. Voter turnout will serve as a bellwether for the runoff. A strong showing of voters could help the left marshal enough votes to defeat Pinera in the second round, while apathy and continued quarrelling among left-leaning parties would pave the way for a Pinera victory. Bachelet’s administration offered free rides to voting centers on public transportation, part of a get-out-the-vote campaign criticized by Pinera’s campaign as a political maneuver aimed at bolstering Guillier. “It’s important for people to turn out, to exercise their right as a citizen and vote for whoever they think represents what they want for Chile,” Bachelet told journalists Sunday. It seems like the model, who is not partaking in the runway event of the year, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, was feeling kinda felt out — because she took to Twitter and hilariously trolled the show by asking people to crop her into a promotional photo that the company posted to Instagram. And Chrissy Teigen photoshopped into the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the best thing we've seen on the internet today. The model and bestselling author is apparently wishing she was a part of the Angels squad, because she decided to troll the fashion show via Snapchat and Twitter. The joke started on Nov. 18, when Chrissy Teigen decided to tell her fans via Snapchat that she's in Shanghai, China prepping for the main event, which will air on Nov.


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Mr. Roe sensed quickly the upbeat nature of his address hadn’t gone over, but he handled the questions well. He stressed repeatedly that Michigan couldn’t prosper and grow without Detroit doing so as well. He didn’t convince several delegates, though others applauded his comments. In questioning Mr. Roe afterward, I asked him about the reaction he received, especially the reaction about Detroit. Oh, he said, people are upset now but they’ll understand how important the city is and why we can’t abandon it. As was said above, Mr. Roe knew everything about Michigan, he was just 40 years ahead that night in Adrian. Yes, yes, we all know about this system which requires an enormous and bizarre leap of faith on the part of the voters if not the judicial candidates themselves. And some Republicans are unhappy with Supreme Court Justice Beth Clement, the newest member of the court who sided with the majority in two of the last rulings of the 2017-18 session, which were also two of the most controversial decisions. She agreed that under current law school districts have the power to ban guns on their property and that the Voters not Politicians redistricting proposal could appear on the November 6 ballot as a constitutional amendment. One group, which has called for prayers for both the Democratic and Republican conventions, called for GOP delegates to abstain from voting for Ms. Clement, apparently so she can be shamed into not “violating” the Constitution again.


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Bran being wolf-less is a big development, if it mirrors the books, since many (myself included) assume Bran is going to be our last POV chapter. After watching that episode, Sansa reminded me of Cat a lot. Also, I'm hoping that Ramsey lives is some kind of false information being spread because the show is foreshadowing him being eaten a lot. He tries to play Sansa and in the end she plays him by getting the Vale army to fight for the Starks and then letting the truth that Littlefinger murdered his mother slip to Robin; allowing Royce to bookend Littlefinger's arc this season as he comes in and executes Littlefinger on the fickle orders of a halfwit boy. Neither is the ideal candidate for the Northern Lords on their own (bastard or daughter), but as a union (once his parentage is revealed) they're everything they'd need. A male with Stark blood (albeit via Lyanna) and military experience to serve as Warden, whose wife can provide trueborn grandchildren of Ned Stark as the future heirs to Winterfell. Bran will then be the opposite number of Dany (who is the champion of Fire) and I see the prospect of some sort of mystical union of opposites or sacred marriage that likely causes both to transcend the mortal world being the event that actually that ends the final conflict of the series. Littlefinger has already started undermining Sansa's trust in Jon by reminding her that he's only her half-brother (and, he seemed to be hinting, a bastard and therefore untrustworthy), and it seems to be working: Sansa lied to him about meeting with Littlefinger, and Jon seemed suspicious about where Sansa had acquired the information about Riverrun. We got the goopy, shmoopy reunion in 6x04 because it's all downhill from here. Jon doesn't need to want to usurp Sansa's claim to Winterfell (and I doubt that he does); Sansa just needs to believe him capable of it. Littlefinger probably knows that Jon is the biggest threat to his control over Sansa; Littlefinger knows that if Sansa has someone else she can rely on for protection, she won't need him anymore. If he manages to find his way back into Sansa's life, I fully expect he will do his utmost to convince Sansa that Jon is untrustworthy or even a threat to her. Whether it works is another matter, but 6x05 did not encourage me. Can't wait to read the discussions tonight for analysis.


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There is also a definitive biography of Vera Brittain by Mark Bostridge and Paul Berry, as well as Bostridge’s edited collection of Vera’s poetry and prose (Because You Died). Roland Leighton’s poetry is featured by Vera Brittain within Testament of Youth. Vera’s daughter Shirley Williams was extremely supportive and generous with her time, meeting with the production team and discussing script drafts, and giving insights into her mother. Into that time-honored tradition comes Rock the Kasbah, a hilariously skewed look at war-torn Afghanistan from the unlikely perspective of Richie Lanz, a failed showbiz huckster who finds his one last shot at success in the guise of a Pashtun girl whom he discovers in a remote village and coaches through the Afghan equivalent of American Idol. Screenwriter and Producer Mitch Glazer was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. After graduating from NYU, Mitch stayed in New York writing lengthy magazine profiles for Esquire, Playboy, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair on everyone from John Belushi and George Harrison to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Richard Neutra, Peter Sellers and Roman Polanski. As a screenwriter, Mitch and his partner Michael O’Donaghue wrote the cult classic Mr Mike’s Mondo Video and the Christmas perennial, Scrooged starring Bill Murray. Mitch went on to write, among other films: Great Expectations, Three Of Hearts and The Recruit. Mitch is the creator and executive producer of Magic City with aired on Starz and is now being adapted by Mitch for the big screen. Glazer also wrote and produced with Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola the Netflix special A Very Murray Christmas starring Bill Murray, George Clooney, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus and others. And who better than Bill Murray to be your guide through the insanity of Kabul today? . It was 20-foot high sandbagged walls, razor wire, armed guards, a gun room where you go and you check your weapons, and then you go into this room behind a metal door, and it looks like something out of San Tropez. .


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This one earns points for being a lot more contemplative than most zombie flicks, which means it's more about the ideas than the carnage. Where to watch it: Netflix related Horror Movie Remakes That Are Actually Good Share on Facebook Pin it IFC Films 39. Pyewacket Release date: March 23 Cast: Nicole Munoz, Laurie Holden, Chloe Rose Director: Adam MacDonald ( Backcountry ) Why it's great: A troubled young woman is having problems with her mother, so she summons a demon to help her out. This is one of those low-key, character-based, slow-burner horror stories, but it leads to some very creepy places. Terrified Release date: October 11 Cast: Norberto Gonzalo, Maxi Ghione, Elvira Onetta Director: Demian Rugna Why it's great: Haunted houses are fairly common in horror cinema, but haunted neighborhoods. This eerie Argentine import owes more than a little to the atmosphere (and the jump scares) of the best Japanese horror films, but it also moves well and keeps the jolts coming. Where to watch it: Shudder Share on Facebook Pin it Gravitas Ventures 36. The Appearance Release date: December 8 Cast: Jake Stormoen, Kristian Nairn, Adam Johnson Director: Kurt Knight ( We All Fall Down ) Why it's great: There's something irresistible about the idea of a horror story set in a medieval-ish setting -- provided the filmmakers have the talent to deliver a compelling story -- and that's certainly the case with this dark and gruesome tale of murder and inquisition inside a grim and uninviting monastery. It takes a little while to warm up but pays off rather creepily. Share on Facebook Pin it Hood River Entertainment 35. The Ranger Release date: TBD Cast: Chloe Levine, Jeremy Holm, Larry Fessenden Director: Jenn Wexler Why it's great: Wexler, the indie horror producer of such titles as ABCs of Death 2 and Psychopaths, tries her hand at directing with this comfortably familiar and frequently gruesome slasher throwback about a weird park ranger who butts heads with a gang of troublemaking punks. While scrappy and simple, The Ranger earns points for being an affectionate homage to slasher classics that maintains a sense of humor without becoming goofy. Also it has some kick-ass punk rock on the soundtrack. Where to watch it: Rent on Redbox; coming to Shudder in 2019 Share on Facebook Pin it Momentum Pictures 34.


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