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And if GRRM’s plot even remotely follows historical precedent, the former Slaver’s Bay will still be grappling with its terrible history long after Dany has returned to the dust from whence she came. I find it very interesting that hers is one of the storylines being kept tightly under wraps. She doesn’t mock or bully people her people or those who are around her. I guess you are confusing dany with someone else. As hard as they are, even they have codes of honor by which they live, such as the prohibition on weapons in Vaes Dothrak. And it has always grated on me that Dany and Drogo’s wedding night was changed in the adaptation; in the book Drogo was gentle with her, which made it far more believable that she eventually fell in love with him. My main concern about them isn’t the rape-and-pillage part, which as you noted, would be no different from what Westerosi soldiers have been doing. It’s the peacetime adjustment to Westerosi society, where the only people with whom they might have anything in common are the Ironborn, who have promised to stop their reaving ways, and the Free Folk, of whom very few are left. I know that somewhere out upon the grass her dragons hatched, and so did she. If Daenerys had been weak, she would have perished with Viserys. Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen are proof enough of that. She has crossed the grasslands and the red waste, survived assassins and conspiracies and fell sorceries, grieved for a brother and a husband and a son, trod the cities of the slavers to dust beneath her dainty sandaled feet. Years of service in the Kingsguard had taught the white knight how to remain unobtrusive when she was entertaining, but he was never far. The lines around his mouth had deepened. “So,” she said to him, “it seems that I may wed again. Are you happy for me, ser? €ť “If that is your command, Your Grace. €ť “Hizdahr is not the husband you would have chosen for me. €ť “It is not my place to choose your husband. €ť “It is not,” she agreed, “but it is important to me that you should understand.

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ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection theatre technology designed to enhance the moviegoing experience. The new fright-fest, directed by Corin Hardy ( The Hallow ) and produced by James Wan, and Peter Safran, the latter of whom has produced all the films in The Conjuring franchise, delves into the shocking origin of the demonic Nun Valak, who first made her evil presence known in The Conjuring 2. ScreenX allows moviegoers to go beyond the frame of the movie screen by expanding the center image of feature films and pre-show advertising to create an immersive, panoramic, 270-degree format that projects onto three theatre walls. To date, ScreenX has been installed in 203 screens around the world, including 87 screens in South Korea; 66 screens in China; 17 in the United States; 9 in England; 4 in Turkey; 4 in Japan; 3 in Switzerland; 2 in France; 2 in Vietnam and 1 in Spain, Hungary, UAE, Kuwait, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Canada, and Poland. ScreenX was recognized as the “Innovator of the Year” at ShowEast 2018. It was a movie that lived up to the urban legend type hype that surrounded it, and that’s before the extended cut ever came out too. The power to grab you and show you the face of real evil. William. Friedkin filmed the exorcism scenes in an almost documentary style fashion, which just helped cement its realism. A young Linda Blair cast as the possessed Regan is a revelation, and I don’t think she’s ever been better. It’s sad that she never capitalised on her role in this movie, and instead fell into VHS hell from which she would never really recover. Whether you believe in God or the Devil is not important, as what’s on show is always done in a way that never feels unbelievable. It feels like something that could happen should you fool around with a Ouija board. The final third of the movie, as a possessed Regan torments Father Karras played by Jason Miller is chilling. The plot of that movie is about an undercover cop investigating a series of grisly murders amongst members of the gay community that frequent leather bars. Well, as it happened the real life killer responsible for the murders had been apprehended. So it looks like real evil was in that movie after all. It is so crisp. Everything is spot on, deep blacks, vibrant colours (green puke) and no visible DNR or grain. It’s displayed in 1080p HD with an aspect ratio of 1.

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€”? ut especially old films? €”? erve a preservative function: they exist first and foremost to freeze-dry their actors’ bodies, safeguarding them from destruction. Actors’ heads are shrunken in the formaldehyde jars of close-ups. They are embalmed within the film, mummified by the film. That is why it is possible to view all films? €”? ut especially old films? €”? s mummy films. Photography began, after all, as a mummifying technology, a 19th-century advance in mankind’s age-old mummy complex. With each passing era, I know, mankind has perfected the perverse art of preserving corpses. First the mummy, then the death mask, then the photograph. After the photograph, there remained only one logical step: the moving image. From Egypt down to the Egyptian Theater, there has been a direct and unbroken lineage. Every movie is a pyramid, stuffed tight with mummies. Whereas most viewers see actors’ faces, all I see are death masks. Whereas my colleagues are liable to say, That actor did a fine job, I always have to stop myself from saying, That death mask did a fine job. Frankly, my dear, I hear one death mask say to the other death mask, I don’t give a damn, and I watch in horror as tears stream down the second death mask’s face.

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, and Kris Aquino (mimicked by John Lapuz. Anton Diva (who also played as ? orina? showed-off her sexy svelte figure. But what? hot and amazing in ? im? (I hate referring as ? uch. Anton should not be one to compare in the shadow of Regine Velasquez (not to discredit Regine? belting prowess), but Anton? undertone version of Regine brings a well perfect-pitched and soothing voice all her own. Another comedian who, without even trying, tops my list as a performer. His prototypical monologues and impromptu gestures are always hilarious. Without inhibition he stripped off his clothes in front of the crowd and dish out a ? leazy. Chokoleit? uncommon provocative ways pushed the envelop as seen when he tries to definefemale anatomy with a play-off women's names (? uso? g hanggang tiyan?

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The film led the British independent film awards nominations announced this week, with seven nods. The phenomenon: Bridget Jones’s Baby It’s official: Bridget Jones’s Baby is now the biggest grossing film of 2016 at UK cinemas. It’s the 13th film this year to achieve that feat, following The Revenant, Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Zootropolis, The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, The Secret Life of Pets, The BFG, Finding Dory, Jason Bourne, Suicide Squad and Bridget Jones’s Baby. Johar’s latest film reteams Bombay Velvet ’s Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, adding Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (probably best known in the UK for Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice ). Romantic drama Ai Dil Hai Mushkil (rough English translation: Oh my dear heart, it’s tough) has opened with ? 17,000 from 132 cinemas, delivering a good average of ? ,677. That Salman Khan starrer began with ? 03,000 plus hefty previews of ? 45,000, for a combined ? . 5m. For Diwali last year, top Bollywood title Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, starring Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor, opened with ? 25,000 plus previews of ? 87,000. Spreading the wealth For only the second time this year, all films in the UK Top 10 took at least ? 00,000. With ? 32,000, Ouija: Origin of Evil achieved the highest gross for a 10th-placed film since early January 2015, when Annie found itself in 10th place in its third week of release, grossing ? 28,000.