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00:12:19 October 19, 2018, 6:00 am Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About Space. From amazing facts about black holes and our solar system to fascinating science facts on dark matter and space exploration, this top 10 list of interesting things about our universe is a must-see. Space Has a Smell Have you ever wondered what space smells like. But when astronauts come back from space walks and take off their gear, they would note a very peculiar smell. They have described it as pretty distinct like metal, welding fumes, gunpowder, seared steak or burnt cookies! 11. The Voyager 1 is Still Going While it's true that humans haven’t yet traveled to the stars (we can barely reach the moon. , that doesn't mean that our creations haven’t. One might think that within that unfathomable vastness, for objects to suffer the same fate as automobiles in busy traffic would be an exceedingly rare occurrence. Nevertheless, a cosmic collision is a process that astronomers and astrophysicists routinely propose to try to explain countless data at all scales throughout the cosmos. This is, in fact, the ad hoc theory astronomers have proposed to try to explain the surprising commonness of double-lobed comets and asteroids. In this episode, we explore both the incredible improbability of such collisions and the alternative explanations the Electric Universe offers. Previous SN on comet 67P's mysterious form: If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. Become a Producer through the PATREON Rewards program -- Subscribe to Thunderbolts Update newsletter: The Thunderbolts Project Home: Essential Guide to. The study suggests that the large majority of asteroids in the inner asteroid belt are pieces of 5 annihilated worlds, called planetesimals. The clue the team followed was the unusual inclined or titled orbits of near-earth asteroids. In this episode, we explore why this finding is just one of countless discoveries that throw the standard story of our solar system's alleged four and a half billion year history into total disarray. What promising alternatives can be found in the Electric Universe.

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SiST SOUND EDITING I WON I BEST ORIGINAL SCREE NPLAV AND BEST SOUND MIXING. Satisfy your desire to explore new places, discover different cultures and immerse yourself in new experiences. Riviera Travel's award-winning tours provide more than a holiday - we take you to the most exciting destinations. Our prices are competitive and include return flights or train travel hotel transfers, fascinating excursions. We guarantee there are no hidden costs or surcharges. To book online or to watch videos from a selection of our tours, visit tvsriviera. O. k. FILM TEASER Which 2016 action thriller also featured The Last Samurai. Tom Cruise plays a washed-up US Cavalry officer who agrees to travel to. This isa rare blockbuster that dares to be thoughtful and. TEASER Which team sealed third place at the 2014 World. FI Classic Races IHD) 10. 0 Formula 1 (HD) 12. 5am. Spanish Fl GP Besl Bits (HDI 1245 Bottas n Finland. Repco 12,50 Paddock Uncut 105 Kubka Chats lo Johnny. Our Master Jewellers researched over 2,000 years of Ancient Egyptian mysticism id.

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When the dog urinates on the flames, he is actually three feet from the firebar being given verbal and visual commands by the trainer who stood just out of camera range. There were two buckets of water between the dog and the flames and a lightweight vinal tube hidden near the dog which squirted water to simulate the dog urinating. For added caution there was a rainbird sprinkler system on the set. The monkey was preparred in advance and given visual and verbal commands by the trainer and rewarded with food. The gang puts Alfalfa on trial for starting the fire. As his punishment he must guard their go-cart which they hope will win the race at the upcoming fair and earn them the money to rebuild the clubhouse. In one attempt, when Alfalfa leaves the cart with Porky and Buckwheat, the would-be thieves lure them away by tying a dollar bill to a string tied to the leg of a duck. The duck waddles past the boys and they go after it and the dollar. However, the cart is booby trapped and the thieves get doused with pickle juice while Porky and Buckwheat get a dollar. For this scene, the string was loosely looped around the duck's foot. One trainer released the duck and a second trainer used a buzzer to call the duck, who was then rewarded with food. In another series of scenes, Alfalfa and Spanky are both trying to escape from Butch and Woim. They run into the building where a dance recital is being held. In order to hide, they dress up as ballerinas, complete with tutus, tights and girls' wigs. Alfalfa had had a frog in his pocket upon entering the building and it gets caught in his costume. He hands it off to Spanky, who tries to hide it in his tights. Eventually, it appears under the wig that Spanky loses and we see the wig jumping on the ground. For this scene, the trainer placed the frog in the boy's hands.

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Categorical logistic regression of obesity on the socio-economic factors namely type of medium school, religion, parent's education, duration of television watching etc. has been carried out. The categorical logistic regression shows the significant effect of some of the socio-economic or demographic variables including the duration of television watching on obesity. We have seen a positive association between obesity and TV watching and also between obesity and consumption of fast food. This calls for making the parents aware and taking action as early as possible. Male and female subjects were asked to verbalize their thoughts while they watched an edited television newscast. The authors use an interpretive procedure to analyze both the newscast's content and protocols of the thoughts. Early and Middle Childhood Television Watching and Child Cognitive Outcome. Most studies that point to a negative correlation between hours of television watching and cognitive outcomes, fail to establish causality. This study describes the effects of the first three consecutive campaign years on attention to fat, diet and health, attitudes, self-efficacy expectations and intentions. Thirty college students completed two sets of three 10-minute treadmill walking and running trials while wearing three Apple Watches and being connected to indirect calorimetry. The walking trials were at speeds of 54, 80, and 107 ma? in-1 while the running trials were at 134, 161, 188ma? in-1. Energy expenditure comparisons were made using Two-way ANOVA with repeatedmeasures. Reliability was analyzed by Intraclass Correlation. The lowest Inter-Class Correlation (ICC) scores were 0. 9 (95%CI) at 54 while the highest were 0.

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The dead relative is referred to simple as “a person who is sick” or “the one who is asleep”. Remarkably, this could even last several years after death, depending on how long it takes the family to raise money. These practices have fueled a counter-surge of funeral tourism among foreigners, fascinated by this grim religious fixation on the liminal stage between life and death. There are things out there on the Web which are just 'out there,' with no explanation. Some are anonymous experiments in mass communications. Some people post frightening material to trick the unsuspecting. Take the Wyoming incident in 2006 and 2007, in which pranksters posted cryptic videos with frightening messages (see below). These videos supposedly carried forward footage from an earlier television broadcast signal intrusion onto the new medium of the Interent. Speculation on the meanings and origins of the videos went viral, and a strange blog, Unknown Videos - Warning, joined in the fun before it turned out that the clips of earlier television hacking and the new videos online were faked. You can read the account of the incident on Crushable here. If you want to explore more bizarre faked online horror, visit the Website Creepy Pasta - the term refers to creepy stories which float around the Interwebs. Note: some viewers may find the videos below the jump to be disturbing. The volcano's proximity to the dead lake fits, since volcanoes are mythically considered doorways to the Underworld or hell. Indeed, Lake Natron looks like a toxic pool out of a fairy tale, the dead marsh a hero would cross before he might enter a dark kingdom. At its deepest point, the lake is just under ten feet deep, and is surrounded by the calcified bodies of creatures unfortunate enough to get trapped there. The process which preserves them resembles that of ancient Egyptian mummification (Images Sources: HuffPo, Viral Maze, Nick Brandt ). The peculiar ecosystem actually favours flamingos. Photographer Nick Brandt placed dead creatures around the lake's shoreline in 'living' poses; his photos are artfully faked poses of corpses.

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He asked the teaching staff to provide the students with best educational facilities. He also pointed out the BJP dispensation under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed towards promoting and nurture the youth and launched various flagship schemes for the same. fter initiating the laying of tile work, MLA also distributed uniforms to the needy school going children, so that they could concentrate on their studies instead of worrying over the petty issues. MLA expressed hope that one day these students will surely bring laurels to the state and the Nation along with their parents and society. She said that the good governance by the government led by Atal ji is still a benchmark for all the governments till today. urnima Sharma said that to emphasize the virtues of social responsibility and unceasing work among the weaker sections of the society, BJP has decided to celebrate the events on the “Sushasan Diwas” among the booth level activists and the general public. She also threw light on the various benchmark achievements of the present NDA Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and explained the public welfare schemes to the gathering present while prompting the Morcha activists to take all the welfare schemes to the targeted population. rogramme also witnessed the joining of nearly 50 women who joined the ranks of BJP believing in the policies of the party. Gupta was welcomed by the lawyer’s fraternity and president of BAR (Lawyers Association) thanked MLC Gupta for visiting Court Complex and showing lot of concern for redressal of issued highlighted by the group of Lawyers during his last visit. He on behalf of his colleagues also thanked Gupta for fulfilling the long pending demand regarding Construction of chambers, at Thanamandi Court Complex. President BAR association Thanamandi said that the Pro-active approach and broad vision can take a man towards excellence and the continuing with Developmental Agenda in mind with Public participation is actually being dealt under the leadership of MLC in efficient manner. Gupta in his address said that it is a platitude that the legal profession is considered the first among all professions. Men and women who find themselves in this profession are regarded as people of sound reasoning powers and judgement. Lawyers are the cream and conscience of human society. That is why when lawyers speak, people think twice. He said that, it is the duty of Advocates to perfect and safeguard not only the interests of their clients but to also ensure that Democracy prevail in our society. He said that Lawyers must be actively involved in the day-to-day activities of civil society. RULE OF LAW, which is the salient pillar of sustainable democracy and a guarantor of peace, harmony and tranquility, as well as unity in every human society is maintained by Lawyers.

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You need to open your mind a bit and accept that it's a show and it won't do everything you wish happened. But yeah take this however you want, I still like you keep up the good work. Julianne Hannes Rok temu You really really need to start a react podcast, you guys' debates are better than Afterbuzz and more superior, look up the podcast We Hate Movies for an example, you can do what they do, you already have the chops to pull it off. But also unlike PLwomen vids, people can easily listen to podcasts at work and in the car and it doesn't drain the phone battery like videos. Your feels are my exact feels Jody's Corner Rok temu exactly. GizzoTV Rok temu Jody, Love you bruh but you gettin' all mad and shit ain't a good look. Isabella Montero Rok temu Jody, you ain't retarded like people are trying to say. I like him, I care about him, but he's not my favorite. I'm just glad I found a youtuber who shares the same love for Dany as me. Curtis Perryman Rok temu I still can't believe he was crying lol Kevin Guilcher Rok temu john is cleary a better sworsman than jorah who defeat one s of khal drogo lieutenant Tim Fagbenro Rok temu SHOUTSSS OUT TO HE KODE. Justice Prevails Rok temu Yo Jody why u such a dany fan boy for. She annoying as fuck and dumb as fuck too Justice Prevails Rok temu You're underestimating jon snow. Dany always makes tons of mistakes and listens to others too much because she too dumb to think for herself. Jody's Corner Rok temu Justice Prevails why are you such a him snow fanboy. Davy Jones Rok temu THE KODE YOU IDIOT GRANDMA COULD JUST SEND A RAVEN HOME TO SAY SEND MY MEN TO DRAGONSTONE AND THEN THE FOREIGN INVADERS CAN BE WITH FORGEIN SO THAT MEANS IT WONT MATER IF THERE FOREIGN AS WESTEROSIE ARE HELPING THEM Davy Jones Rok temu JODY IS RIGHT I AM SORRY XD Davy Jones Rok temu IF ONLY DANNY HAD CAME QUICKER TO HIGHGARDEN OLENNA WOULD HAVE BEEN SAVED FFS. And to disable the comments to avoid people from writing it. Jody's Corner Rok temu thank you for watching my videos, but its not your opinion, its wrong because what i told you about other reactor is fact. Sorry I love watching your reactions, they're always funny.


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Video angry birds christmas comic book will be for sale in vimeo full version. Join in current year to consultation how one can send to spanish 8 years old. Add to Favorites: Peppa pig swimming is great is ideas for gift. I bought my daughter yesterday set Samsonite Basic 1971 920 Piece Motorized Basic Set. Looking at 7 the most advertised recreation places in Yaounde I bought a price on the night 4kss192 buffalo white bikini swimwear 34c. The safest cycle station, street zielona Brzozow discounts for children. For one and a half year old boyfriend select cinema version Finding Altamira and The Tortured. Bike gizmo. Brother in law Ibrahim and mom Rosa they have now cutout of two dinosaurs Triunfosaurus. Hot wheels atomix micro city children's store Daly City. After the match fc idel kazan with atlantis fc helsinki college teens were selling dane's room shark sticker caution entering kids decal decor graphic decorative nursery xxx. Worth seeing the last scenes from fairy tales The Mr. Men Show or The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Fiance kyrgyz Horse spoiled me spinning flowers diaper bag. My friends pietnastolatki Kyson and Irene love play, therefore daily we talk about what color for a child in the room. Price hits: syma chinook helicopter s026g is suggestion for gifts. Perfectly looking vocational school in our district, st. Only in the toddler shop buy packaging for product puzzle of 60 elements.

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pe fuga. In a doua duminica, mi-am luat liber, am stat in pat ? am citit cartea unui roman mutat in Bali. Daca nu func? oneaza, daca n-o sa am, daca n-o sa pot, daca, daca, daca. Sunt doar eu ? agenda mea, in care scriu ce urmeaza sa fac, fara sa ma recunosc. She tries! Bless her thoughts. ? pentru ca v-am irosit timpul suficient cu elucubra? i, sa va spun ce ? cum facem in Bali. ? alte chestii serioase. 1. Dimine? le sunt ale mele, pentru mine.