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I noticed a dip in the quality of the writing in Season 5. It’s still an alright show though, better than The Walking Dead. They endlessly tout on her being the anti-cersie who will be a master manipulator. They even dress her like Cersie, but she's never done anything. Little finger gave her that speech about just being a witness to tragedy and she's embodied that sentiment ever since. Blank Cheques, amazing costume designer, amazing Casting director in Nina Gold and AMAZING actors for great characters. All it needs, is to remove it's show runners, the writers, and producers oh and that one director. Bring in some people who sincerely know the material AND people who know know how to manage a show. The Old and New gods know there's quite a few of those now. Thats quite extreme and even if I agree, I have to downvote such blatant scam. If she had slit their throats when they were sleeping, after they had been nice to her, threatening Sansa and behaving like a paranoid psycho would have been more palatable. Arya proposed to kill northern lords for complainning but couldn't kill Lannister soldiers. She condemned Sansa for signing a letter under threat but she let the Lannister soldiers go. Either set her up as a psycho vengeance driven coldblooded killer, with zero tolerance to those who are opposing Jon, or give that up. hey are inconsistent on what they propose. It all was a combination of bad writing (laziness because the plot could be fixed) and the craziness of inverting priorities and focusing on showing of the actors. And I stumbled upon this channel after the season 7. So, it seemed to me that Aria was being really immature and superconfident and threatend Sansa for real. Sansa was in despair and decided to consult with Littlefinger.

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If you are a minor this would put your parents in a bad situation because they are responsible for your actions until you are an adult. So something to think about, but don't blame the piercing studio for something you did. If you sat down and did the research and talked to your folks with the right approach then you could have avoided this whole situation, good luck. They buy you a video game, you don't ask for money, and do whatever they ask you to do. If they say maybe, then act like they said yes and show them pictures and information about getting a dog. Besides, aren't pet owners supposed to love their dog. Aren't they supposed to take great care and have responsibilities. On the other hand, if she is going to give away your dog for financial reasons, which is about money, then you can show your mom that you can try to earn money to pay for your dog's vet treatments, and food supply. Set up the classic idea: have your own lemonade stand. Nothing like good old lemonade will cure a person's thirst. Or, sell some things. Think. Do I really need this. Set up a poster. Have a garage sale! Many possibilities. Or, if your mom does not have time to take care of the canine buddy then make a schedule. I did that with my parents and now they are fine with me having Facebook. What you need to do is break the phone.

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just I see a lot of bloggers and so called script experts out there recommending writing micro-budget scripts to get yourself produced and I don? think the answer is as simple as that, for the reasons stated above. -Mark. Unfortunately, I haven? found another director or producer whose motivated as I am to make something happen. Usually the line of communication ends from the other side though. I? planning to next year to make a short with the SS contact or get something together. Gabe. In fact I don't write with anything in mind except to enjoy the story unfolding before me. But then again, my motivations for writing are purely enjoyment - I have my career outside of writing, so I'm just in it for the hobby. Many excellent shorts I have read are single location with minimal cast - but obviously a short benefits from being contained. So writing one of these with a budget in mind in order to get those credits makes sense But a feature. Nah - Writing a feature takes up all of your time, energy, blood and sweat, you get so emotionally involved in it, why would you wan't to stifle the creativity in order for a cheap producer with no budget to hack it out. There is a fine line to balance a great story with a budget friendly script. If they can make what appears to be an expensive script cost effective. Recently I wrote a script that was set in a warehouse. Using another website that had London locations, the guy who was making my script called the warehouses to find out what he could do. He managed to get one for free but it was for Sunday morning.

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