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I’ve seen complaints from some people (not you, Inga) about how having brave Jon duck under a dragon is ruining his character or something similar. Jon and Davos ducking to the floor is a human instinct (and will make the cgi look more convincing). Team Dany not ducking is just them being more used to dragons and their low swoops, because they the dragons won’t attack them. Of course Jon and Davos seeing dragons will be used in the show to convince them of Dany’s power, but it doesn’t have to be in a despotic, power-hungry way from Dany. Seriously, I’ve never been this excited a television show in my life. I guess Dany is only with Missandei, Varys and the Dothraki on Dragonstone. Jack Bauer 24: So if Team Dany is already there is Jon going there expecting to meet her, or are him and Davos going for dragon glass. Oh, you must miss the “bending the knee” discussions quite a bit, to bring it back. And I would love to see Jon and Jaime meet again at some point. Either way I don’t really care, but I would’ve thought Tyrion would observe protocol, even though Dany is his queen. Facing WW is one thing and standing still when suddenly a dragon comes at you with full wings spreading.

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Or another hallway that leads to another door that goes to the same room as the other. I never play the multiplayer in any game (except Diablo 2 and 3). For me the 90s FPS are all about the single player experience. And he hates almost every popular AAA franchise that comes out these days with very few exceptions like deadspace or wolfenstein. From what I have seen I wouldn't like the Doom 4 singleplayer, because it is so retro. I was hating on the multiplayer because judging from the beta I think it is objectively bad. Without having played it myself, my impression from the singleplayer is that it is objectively good, but not my cup of tea. I didn't like any of the retro-ish modern shooters like painkiller, serious sam, etc. The people not liking it seem to have a very specific idea about what Doom is for them and they want this game to be exactly that. I mean isn't 3D rendering code be hundreds of kilobytes in just code. Also there was some insane compression going on, they've written their own packer (unfortunately many AV software detect.

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Above all, Ouija: Origin of Evil is acutely aware of its influences, although they're technical rather than formal. Ouija-related possessions have gone UP 46% since the release of our film. It is true that you don't know who or what will decide to talk to you and take an interest in your doings once you purchase a ouija board and start messing around with it. Ouija: Origins of Evil is the prequel to the awful horror Ouija, released two years earlier. My expectations for this prequel, but although this is an improvement of its predecessor, it isn’t enough for the movie to get a recommendation. I can't believe this is a sequel to one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This one is scary and best to watch alone, in the dark. It was decent. I liked the whole 60s thing, the look and the story and actors were not bad. It was a million miles better than the first film but I dunno felt a little flat at times and quite devoid of atmosphere. Good performances from all involved make up for some ropey special effects.

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Which could come in handy if Reek does help Sansa escape to Stannis’ camp. Ramsey will take his men and probably cause problems with the Mannis. I’m not entirely sure we’ll see resolution with this plotline before the end of the season, which is okay since I had serious doubts as to whether or not Stannis would survive at the beginning of the season. She probably found Lady Stoneheart or she and Podrick went back to eat at Hot Pie’s restaurant, probably with Gendry. As I said last week, the charges against her are far more severe than the books. She’s being accused of regicide and yet the stakes don’t seem to reflect that. Well, Sansa is also wanted for regicide and the crown seems to be okay with letting her fool around in Winterfell so maybe killing the king isn’t such a big deal. Don’t people know that Dr. Bashir needs more screen time. I don’t really see them being able to carry on for more than two seasons now that the ice zombies have officially entered the fray. Rest in peace to our dearly departed friends: Summer Shaggydog and Rickon So the episode was more of a surprise in that we ended up with the Meereen storyline, as well as the Battle of the Bastards.