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st person and only two similes. Lowell’s details seem to speak for themselves in a language of nouns. 7 The more strictly Lowell conveys the literalness of objects, however, the more he establishes his presence as their witness. The clear glass bed-lamp with a white doily shade was still raised a few inches by resting on volume two of Lafcadio Hearn’s Glimpses of unfamiliar Japan. Its warped olive cover was punished like a rhinoceros hide. In the ? leaf: “Robbie from Mother. Years later in the same hand: “This book has had hard usage on the Yangtze River, China. It was left under an open porthole in a storm. (LS, 75) In the family drama of the poem, the poet looks for signs of his father’s psyche in his most private space; the interior of the bedroom should indicate, shell-like, the outline of Bob Lowell, who inhabited it. Bob Lowell’s characteristics matter because the poet’s journey into his father’s private room (a glimpse of territory as unfamiliar as it is familial) re? cts on himself. Lowell consistently ties his identity to writing and to books; but it’s clear even without this association that the poet of “Father’s Bedroom” expects to read himself in his father’s book, because Lowell identi? s with his father in spite or because of his father’s ine? ctuality. Their shared name, which the inscription in the ? leaf highlights, represents their actual commensurability. The rhetorical silences of “Father’s Bedroom” — including its omission of the poet’s entry into the bedroom and its absence of statement and of the pronoun “I” throughout — can therefore be read as the poet’s attempts to e? ce the appearance of his own image.

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Directors can make hay about ethical concerns in the boardroom and resign if the company prefers taking the wrong path, signaling to the market that all is not well. Finally, AI companies with significant market power or that have a business with a substantial impact on human health or civil rights should have a board ethics committee in the mold of well-functioning audit committees. Companies should set up this committee with independent directors, including at least one with expertise in ethics and technology. It should be able to seek independent technical, legal, and political advice and to probe senior management without the CEO present. Technology companies can look to the growing environmental and social impact pressure on boards in other industries for a harbinger of things to come. Earlier this year, Larry Fink, chairman of investing behemoth BlackRock, caused a stir when his annual letter to CEOs highlighted the importance of good environmental and community stewardship when the firm makes investment decisions. Fink not only called for better executive management of these matters, he called for stronger board leadership as well. “The board is essential to helping a company articulate and pursue its purpose, as well as respond to the questions that are increasingly important to its investors, its consumers, and the communities in which it operates,” he wrote. First, management must respond to board signals and enforce high ethical standards throughout the company or face replacement. Second, customers, investors, and regulators must reward companies that demonstrate ethical excellence and punish those that do not. Ultimately, AI will become as ethical as the market demands. The views expressed are the author’s and do not reflect the views of The Rockefeller Foundation. I think that it's an excellent device with an even better camera, and I'm endlessly frustrated that the company refuses to release its P-series devices in the United States. While the Mate series is available in the U. S. I always care for the design and the camera features in the P-series better. This year's P20 and P20 Pro once again focus on the camera, with the devices including dual- and triple-lens Leica sensors. The telephoto lens offers 3x zoom on its own, and the high-resolution lenses allows for digital zoom without losing quality. Aside from the camera configurations, the big difference between the P20 and the P20 Pro is the screens.


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Emilia did a fantastic job with the micro expressions. I liked that there were no hysterics and loud sobbing like in many shows. She looked shocked at Viserion dying in front of her but there was no time to grieve properly as she had to leave and save herself and the others. She looked broken at that scene with Jon even without tears, and when Jon said he’d bend the knee if he could, her first reaction was to almost cry and say she hopes she deserves his and the North’s loyalty. That is a complete change from any of Dany’s usual “fire and blood” demeanour. That was all gone now, replaced by a Daenerys that was humbled and devastated by losing one of her children and realizing her dragons can be killed and so she can be, too. She literally saw the “dagger through the heart” scar and now she understands just how far Jon will go to protect his people. She lost Viserion but she “had to see” what the White Walkers are truly like and now she’s seen what Jon is truly like as well, how he was willing to be left behind so others can escape and be safe. It’s why they’re having all this sudden talk about succession. Even Jorah was in on it when he told Jon to pass Longclaw onto his future children. The convo with Tyrion about the line of succession, her telling Jon she can’t have children, even Jorah telling Jon to keep Longclaw and pass it down to his children, because maybe Jon also wonders if he can father children with his undead sperm. Dany and Jon are each products of magic in some way so it stands to reason that both together will produce an heir. I’m still hoping Cersei was lying to Jamie about him being the father of her child. Even as a book reader, I found the incest disturbing. Ned married Catelyn even when she was his brother’s fiancee so it’s almost an incestuous relationship (consider Henry VIII saying taking Katherine of Aragon to wife was a great sin). The Starks also have a history of an uncle marrying his niece, if I remember correctly, Jonnel Stark and his niece Sansa Stark. And Sansa’s sister Serena married her uncle Edric Stark. The Targaryens weren’t the only ones who married within the family. Almost all the noble houses in Westeros did, except maybe the Baratheons.


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. program. Laine is also very busy baking another human being in her proverbial oven, so please forgive her if she’s not around for a bit (she still gets emails and appreciates them greatly! . This event is going to be lovely, with classes on Manx folklore, playing card reading (no, not me teaching, though I’d love to attend), children’s activities, and lots more. My booth will (hopefully) have a small traveling museum of North American magical artifacts I’ve pieced together, and I’d love to chat with anyone about folk magic or other such things. Plus, I’ll be trying to collect some area folklore as well, so if you stop by please take a moment to speak into the mic (though you are not obligated to do so, of course). This year’s PPPD is benefiting the Mazzoni Center Food Bank, Forgotten Cats, Books Through Bars, and In-Reach Heathen Prison Services, so please bring donations for any of those fine organizations. Fire Lyte, who is hosting the PPSM event this year, has generously offered to share his booth at the Chicago Pagan Pride Day on Sunday, September 14th, in Oak Park, Illinois, and I may try to bring that traveling museum along with me for that trip, too. I’m still waiting for a few pieces to fall into place for this even to be a go for me, but right now it looks very likely that I’ll be attending. A few other folks are tentative as well, so this is a good chance to meet folks if you live anywhere near Chicago. If I get invitations for other events or chances to come out and meet fans and friends of the show, I’ll definitely keep you posted. For now, please stop by if you’re near either of those events, and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon. I leave the original above with a strikethrough to indicate that such use was a mistake. My mistake. I regret the choice of phrase and I apologize for any discomfort or harm it causes to anyone. I don’t want to completely erase the original because I worry that doing so will look like I’m trying to hide the mistake, which I’m not trying to do. One of the most interesting and unusual characters in this season was Myrtle Snow (portrayed by the luminous Frances Conroy), a complicated, artistic, eccentric witch that is just about everything you could dream of having in a crazy aunt who can cast spells and is willing to melon-ball out the eyes of her enemies to restore your own sight. Myrtle plays the theremin, knows fashion inside and out (one of the best moments in the series was her screaming “Balenciaga!


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Brian and Lance bring you a career retrospective of the late, great Wes Craven. Phillip, Brian, Lance, Jack and Dan go into a much more detailed review of Suicide Squad. Yes, this episode contains SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. Again this week, our special guest is Pedro Nunez from the Kayfabulous Lucha Brothers show on Geekdom 101. We delve into the career of this horror master, talk abo. We also bring you an interview with UK horror author, Sam Stone. It's all about the written word this week, and horror literature's influence on t. For this template, that currently evaluates to autocollapse. The FAMAS Award for Best Actress is one of the FAMAS Awards given to people working in the motion picture industry by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award, which are voted on by Palanca Award-winning writers and movie columnists and writers within the industry. She is also the youngest recipient of the FAMAS best actress award. Superstar Nora Aunor, won five times in this category for her roles in Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos (1976), Ina Ka ng Anak Mo (1979), Bulaklak sa City Jail (1984), Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit (1989), and Andrea, Paano Ba ang Maging Isang Ina? (1990). She is also the only actress to be nominated in the Best Actress Category for 15 consecutive times. Angelica Locsin Colmenares is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer. Dorothy Guinto Acueza Jones popularly known by her stage name Nida Blanca, was a Filipina actress. Anne Curtis-Smith-Heussaff is a Filipino-Australian actress, model, television host, VJ and recording artist in the Philippines. Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion is a Filipino actress and singer. Concepcion at her US concert press conference, November 2010. Angelica Charlson, professionally known as Angelica Panganiban, is a Filipino film and television actress and comedian.


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Which member will have the honor of actualizing his or her TV rating notice. Running Man Season 1 Episode 402: Zombie Couple Race May 27 th, 2018 Seol Hyun and Hye Jeong of AOA have come back as summer queens. Winner's Song Min Ho and Kang Seung Yoon, who have conquered both the music charts and variety shows, also greet the viewers. In addition, Joo E of Momoland and Da Young of WJSN have also tagged along. The members and the guests are divided into seven teams. Among the teams are two zombies. The humans need to gather hints in order to reveal who the zombies are. Who are the zombies, and who will be the survivors. Will the zombies win, or will the human race gain victory. Running Man Season 1 Episode 404: Invigorating Race June 10 th, 2018 This week, the Running Man members are given a treat. In order to rejuvenate them from the soon-to-come, scorching heat, they are allowed to eat all kinds of hearty meals. Their mission is to finish a total of 20 servings in 5 hours. Will the members be able to finish 20 servings of food in the given time. Running Man Season 1 Episode 405: Don’t Trust Them June 17 th, 2018 In this week’s episode of Running Man, Son Dam Bi, Seo Eun Su, Lee Gook Ju, and Gyeong Ree join the show. A total of six couples are formed and among them, five are thieves and seven are civilians. Also, there is a Boss, the leader of thieves, and a King, the leader of civilians. Team Civilians will win if the members eliminate the Boss while Team Thieves can win if they eliminate the King. Running Man Season 1 Episode 406: Switzerland and the UK June 24 th, 2018 The long-awaited day has come. The Running Man members go on the Luxury Pack-age and the Shuddering Package.