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We do a. We talk more Metroid, Golf Story, Agents of Mayhem, Steamworld Dig 2, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, and Butterf. Also, some of our listeners may have bitten off more than they can chew in this week's smorgasbord of listener ques. We talk about video games like Metroid, Dead by Daylight and Pro Evolution Soccer. This week the team bring you the news from yesterday’s big Nintendo Direct (spoilers: there’s some very cool stuff! , we discuss what we’ve been play. We check in on launch day impressions and what we hope for going forward. We also chip in our lightning rounds and go over games. Plus we chat about our first gaming memories, the most money we've ever spent on a game and Bobby answers the ultimate marry, boff, ki. This week, the crew discuss Discord’s decision to ban altright.

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She isn’t a charlatan; by all accounts the Red God’s power seems to be quite real. Despite the horrific things she’s done, I couldn’t help feeling for her as she retreated into herself and avoided speaking as much as possible. My interpretation of her doesn’t allow me to think that this crushing depression didn’t include tremendous guilt. But no amount of “I’m sorry” would even begin to cover it, so she finally snaps out of the funk enough to just double down on her determination to help—to do all she can before her death to try and set things right. If I’m allowed to post a link, this essay on Tumblr explains how I view Mel (well, not 100%. Cersei was a sworn enemy of the Starks and, although Jon didn’t expect her to march her armies north in winter, she could have harmed him and his family in many other ways, just as Sansa warned him. After that she seemed really invested in getting Cersei’s promise. The fact that Jon Did Not Engage tells us he didn’t really believe Cersei either. And why would he think Cersei was more important all of a sudden. I like to think that, offscreen, Jaime’s hand got dropped down a well somewhere, from whence it can do no further damage except to the drinking water supply.

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Arya easily defeated her with Needle, whereas by every other mean she couldn't. By the way Dany looked, she looked as if saying 'WTF is happening here! . And the fact that she had multiple stab wounds yet is able to do parkour moves, fell down concrete stairs and still kill the waif is just poor writing. Looks like the stabs did nothing at all to her, so the point of havingthat scene in ep 7 was what exactly. Whilst the last episode wasn't exactly stellar in the writing department, it probably takes LESS creativity and imagination to do a full battle scene for an episode. May as well watch Braveheart or Vikings instead for the same action. The battle sequence was what ruined Hardhome for me. But, I agree with you on just how can she do all those things and defeat the Waif, even when her wound had split open from that landing she did. There's a pretty big difference between good and bad battles; a lot of creativity goes into what happens behind the camera that a lot of people take for granted.