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There is no way that a show ADAPTATION could have followed all those storylines. I don't even think they could have done it with 50 hour long episodes a season. Considering how difficult many people found it to follow all the characters that are included in GOT, it's just crazy to say they should have included all those convoluted conspiratorial storylines. If they had there wouldn't be room for the 'main cast'. Plus some of it is best left in the imagination and would not have translated well on screen IMO. I think it's a shame that it can't be a full adaptation, they don't have the source material for that. The book series is one of the best ever too, so far. In fact we don't know for sure GRRM will manage to finish his books at all. Authors have died while working on good book series before. Also all the Starks being Wargs. 7. Barriston Selmy's story and the looming Battle of Meereen. Also Tyrion, Jorah and Penny storyline. 8. Victarion Greyjoy and all of the Iron Islands plot. 9. Mance Raydor plot, switching Gilly's son and uniting the Karstarks with the Thenns.

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I don't remember this happening a lot until recently. I'm not sure where all the confusion is coming from. shrug. I'm not sure where all the confusion is coming from. shrug: In this instance it's just another case of Big Red's search for ways to act like he's been offended. I was mainly talking about Dylan's misunderstanding (and the Dude in another thread a day or two ago). The Dude is nothing new, not that I've made any progress understanding it. He has a penchant for asking people randomly something about being best friends with BEP and PB, or turning a minor clarification or random musing into WWIII. I've already seen it myself, unavoidable if your into social media. Episode 9 has been the big one every season so far, and I think we all knew where they've been headed. Tonight is 6. Blood of My Blood Next week is 6. The Broken Man. Then, according to the leak, it's 6. No One followed by 6. Battle of Bastards and finally 6. 0 The Winds of Winter HBO will probably release the titles themselves in the next week.

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“They’re not beasts to me. No matter how big they get, they’ll always be my children. Daenerys’s skirts billowed around her. She must share their minds, and their emotions, when she rode them. Seriously, turn back now if you don’t want to read about them. Arya not realizing how close Jon and Sansa are and how much Jon trusts and loves Sansa. I need to know that Sansa, in her letter, gave him that boost dammit. GRRM does not do happy endings. Period. Which means every single ship on this show has a lacing of sadness and sorrow. Every. Single. One. If jonsa comes to pass, it’ll be true for jon x sansa. If Jonerys comes to pass, it’ll be true of jon x daenerys. So embrace it. It’s okay for your ship to be complicated.

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Ahmadullah Shah managed to wriggle out from this situation by leaving Agra. The sequence of events following Shah’s departure from Agra provides striking evidence of his cordial relations with people of different religious faiths. From Agra, Ahmadullah went to Aligarh and stayed as a guest of the Hindu Raja of Mursan, who treated him with great deference. He was given gifts by the Raja, including a prized stallion. He then left for Gwalior and avoided visiting Agra where rumours were afloat that he would be arrested on charges of treason if he visited the city. It was at this period that a communal clash between Hindus and Muslims took place at Hanumangarhi in Ayodhya. Maulvi Amir Ali, a well-known Muslim cleric, was assassinated in this clash. The Shah decided that it was time that he shifted to Lucknow which was becoming the centre of all revolutionary activity. He also felt safer in Lucknow where his jihadi activities were still not in the knowledge of the local authorities. It was here that he came in contact with Azimullah Khan, the adviser to the Maratha Chief Nanaji Rao. Azimullah was one of the plotters behind the Revolt. His meeting with Ahmadullah Shah was to be the ultimate turning point in the events which followed. It was the accumulated hostility between the ulema and the British which had been brewing since the time of Shah Abdul Aziz since the early part of the century. 60? Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British India The End Ahmadullah Shah decided to withdraw from Lucknow and with a loyal band of supporters shifted to Bari near Sitapur. It was here that he was joined by the forces of Begum Hazrat Mahal, who was leading the troops loyal to erstwhile Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. She was the mother of Birjis Qadr, who had earlier been anointed as a successor of Wajid Ali Shah.

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And leading up to the special day, Jesinta continued taking part in official David Jones duties. She even opened the annual Christmas window display at the retail giant's Sydney store just hours before the wedding. Then, guests falsely claimed on social media the ceremony was held in different places across the world in an bid to keep the wedding location private. Reports began to emerge the ceremony took place in Queenstown, South Australia's Barossa Valley and even Cape Town. The newlyweds now appear to be heading on an equally elusive honeymoon. On Monday, Jesinta posted a snap of a car travelling down a tree lined road and captioned the post: 'Let our adventure begin. The pair have reportedly signed an exclusive deal with a magazine to publish their wedding photos. Scroll down for video A Twitter account was also set up under the 'Kevin the Carrot' name with a flurry of posts over the weekend hinting that it was in relation to a Christmas campaign. The advert follows the plight of 'Kevin The Carrot', who at 3 inches tall, embarks on a dangerous quest through a lavish Christmas spread to meet Father Christmas, all the while passing treacherous conditions before him: tumbling on goose fat potatoes, encountering an Everest of ice cubes chilling a bottle of bubbly and bumping into a vintage pudding. The story ends well as viewers see Kevin The Carrot swing bravely onto a chimney breast and land, albeit exhausted, next to a perfectly placed mince pie. The ending then sees Kevin close his eyes and - with the magic of Christmas - fly high in the sky onto Santa's sleigh over London, Glasgow and Bristol. Narrated by actor and Golden Globe winner Jim Broadbent, the story is accompanied by the iconic John Williams' Home Alone soundtrack. A limited-edition Kevin The Carrot soft toy will be launching in stores from November 24 for ? . 9, with 100 per cent of the profits raised going to Barnardo's. There had been speculation the advert may be released over the weekend, but it is thought it will now air for the first time either later today or some time this week. BBC One dancing show Strictly had its highest peak viewing figure of the series so far as 11 million watched Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore leave the show.

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Please call (905)546-CITY (2489) at least one week before you want your bulk garbage picked up. Your closest CRC is located at 460 Kenora Avenue, East Hamilton and is open Monday to Saturday 8:00 a. . - 6:00 p. . One of the goals is addressing food insecurity in the neighbourhood. Access to healthy and affordable food is a concern in the community because McQuesten has been identified as an area that can be classified as a food desert; a geographic area where healthy and affordable food is not accessible to residents, especially individuals and families without vehicles. Currently residents do not have access to sufficient, nutritious, and safe food at all times. This involves, growing, processing, and distributing food in urban areas. An urban farm as part of a food continuum would promote food security and can facilitate residents having access to safe, healthy and nutritious food, it promotes inclusiveness by helping residents build relationships with each other, it connects individuals and families to their food, and it can help people build skills for jobs. The long term goal is to have an operating and sustainable urban farm that will feed residents in the community, teach skills and be part of the evolution to food security. Helen's Centre in McQuesten (see picture to the left). We are all very excited to be part of this and invite you to join us. The prciect scope includes full road and sidewalk reconstruction with watermain replacement and sewer improvements from Main Street to Dunsmere Avenue. In addition to the reconstruction of Cope Street, the road resurfacing along with high severity concrete repairs will be completed on various streets within the Bartonville, Glenview West, and Delta East Neighbourhoods. The final project scope is to finalized and remains subject to approval through the Capital Budget process. This relatively new walking speed allows for approximately 20% more crossing time than previously practiced across the City.