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It has an estimated top speed of 190 mph and can get from 0-60mph in just 4. seconds. The sleek car features a shark-inspired nose where the grille sits in shadow, tucked back beneath the main feature line. This new interpretation of the classic Aston grille hints at the car’s stealthy character All of the car’s body panels are carbon fibre, which is exposed on the sills and diffuser, and it features a full clamshell bonnet with a heat mapped perforation pattern, ensuring that there is no need for a vent surround. In a move designed to recall the DB5, the designers worked hard to make sure that when seen in profile, the DB10 has one elegant shoulder line, running from front to back. The DB10 is the sixth different Aston to appear in a James Bond movie, and only ten of these concept cars were built. Eight were employed to film key scenes in Spectre, while the other two were manufactured for promotional use. One of these extra vehicles will be auctioned off for charity next year. Here we were in the middle of a foreign capital city with thousands of beautifully dressed extras and a world-class stunt team executing jaw-dropping scenes. That is one reason why we feel that Spectre is such a special moment in the James Bond series.

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You Must Remember This has a new job, for which we are in the process of temporary relocating to San Francisco. All should be back to normal by next week. I hope. The primary research source for this episode was Catherine Jurca’s fascinating book Hollywood 1938: Motion Pictures’ Greatest Year. I basically piggybacked on her extensive, awe-inspiring research, and tried to synthesize it into something more anecdotal. This book gave me the idea to do a series of episodes stemming from the events of 1938, and so, while most of those future episodes won’t necessarily have much to do with the MPGY campaign, I thought telling that story would be the best possible way to begin a series called Follies of 1938. Next week, we’re going to return to our other ongoing series, The Many Loves of Howard Hughes. The tentative plan for the next few weeks is to alternate between series, but I reserve the right to mix it up, too. The first episode of a multi-part series on the Hollywood romances of Howard Hughes traces Hughes’ arranged marriage at age 18 to Southern society belle Ella Rice; his affairs with silent star Billie Dove and Jean Harlow, who Hughes helped to establish as a sex symbol whose body was used to evoke both money and military might; and his attempt to invent himself as the most powerful independent producer in town, with his directorial debut, Hell’s Angels. Show Notes!

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This is particularly problematic because for many people now, reality is what they can find through Google, he says. On YouTube, a search for Nehru throws up smear after smear. These stories lay bare the campaign against him — Nehru must be cast as Muslim, westernised and dissolute, to discredit him. To establish him as a philanderer, there is a patchwork of images of Nehru at innocuous moments, with Jacqueline Kennedy and Mrinalini Sarabhai, embracing his sister at the airport, lighting a woman’s cigarette. Last year, Pranesh Prakash, policy director at the Centre for Internet and Society, caught sneaky edits to the Wikipedia entries of Motilal and Jawaharlal Nehru, emanating from a central government IP address. The right wing has mastered the arts of seeding misinformation, says Shah. Their claims do not come from one author, but from many different users, each adding layers to the rumours. While such conspiracy theories sprout all around the world, in India, they dominate search results, says Prakash. A startup employee unconnected to any political party recently set up a Twitter handle called Nehruvian, trying to counter such propaganda. Propaganda is a legitimate activity, and any rebuttal is also likely to be confined to its own echo chamber, Shah points out.

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Honorable mention (and Oscar consideration) goes to Kevin Kline for his colorful portrayal of book-writing boozer, Hampton Roth. Hampton’s torrid love affair with his student, Summer, takes a strange twist when she falls in love with Will; the ensuing love triangle further muddies the waters with respect to Will’s ultimate choice for a mate. Besides relational matters, the movie’s political commentary is also engaging. Overly idealistic and highly opinionated Will starts off as a lackey at Bill Clinton’s campaign headquarters and eventually works his way up to a power position by the president’s second term. Will’s progression from ambitious upstart to disillusioned sideliner makes for a fascinating character study. Evaluation: My initial reaction to the trailer for Definitely, Maybe was “Maybe, If I Must. However, the film is a superior love story because it doesn’t constrain itself to the standard conventions of the genre: faux pas, awkward moments, startling revelations, relational gags, etc. The end result here is far superior to other recent romance films and is definitely worth seeing. He has cancer. The fussy old crank in the bed next to Carter is also a cancer victim and just happens to be the owner of the hospital, Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson).

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While the boat is getting further and further away. And Catelyn shoots him an absolutely perfect DeathGlare when he does and gives a massive side eye to her brother. Does he have a bit of a jaunt in his step? \ '''Bronn:''' The lad's practically skipping. \ '''Tyrion:''' You were gone a long time. This is more than I give you in a year. \ '''Bronn:''' He's a squire. Tywin responds with a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, pointing out that Cersei has done a terrible job at trying to control Joffrey, and that she's not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. They look like a couple of adoring fanboys gushing over their Khaleesi, especially when you contrast their behavior around each other previously. He sends an attractive man to seduce Loras, who then manipulates the Knight of Flowers into joking about his engagement to Sansa.