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No idea who Hit-Girl is. I'm fucked. -Chocolate Fuck. Some of you will be on my team. Oh Myyy. hat's your Zombie Apocalypse Team. He is Snuggly warm this cold morning in his Star Trek Sweater Vest! Deadlines have closed to order Custom Sweater Vests to be made in time for the Holidays but I have lots of ready to ship Vests in my Etsy Shop for you to snatch up before they are gone! You are always welcome to order a Custom Vest to be made in your choice of colors but please know it will not be ready to place under the tree ? PugNotes. tsy. om. Sir Patrick Stewart OBE (born 13 July 1940) is an English actor whose career has included roles on stage, television, and film. In 1993, TV Guide named Stewart the Best Dramatic Television Actor of the 1980s. In 2010, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for services to drama. Wikipedia. To say that the UK is a democracy is to forget that it is a liberal democracy. In just the same way, it is lacking to say that the Costa del Sol profits from tourism, when really it profits from mass tourism. The mass changes everything, indicating a mass influx of tourists and a corresponding frenzy of mass consumption in the destination.

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Also a formal apology to Bryan Dechart, whoops you’ll see what I mean). Green seems nice. “If our kid doesn’t have your lovely brown eyes it’s not our kid, end of story. “What the hell are you two talking about? Hank yells from his couch, you and Connor sit in the kitchen- he on a chair and you on the table. It was typical of you both to be here; Connor may live with you, but you both adored Hank too much to leave him to his own mind. You yell back, “We’re trying to find our sperm! Biting the strings of your hoodie you laugh at yourself, even Connor who has a rough sense of humour finds himself snickering, trying to muffle himself with your thick sweatpants. Hank groans, “Please don’t do that in my kitchen. That, Connor can’t control himself with, laughing so hard you swear you could hear a pig snort. You get up from the table and Connor follows suit, the two of you walk into the living room where Hank lazes, tossing yourself onto the couch with Hank, Connor sits on the armrest. “Well, you know how we’ve been trying to find a sperm donor for a few weeks now? You turn over to face Hank, who looks like a blob of a person the way he was leaning. In reality, you and Connor had been trying for a baby for some time, you were nearing closer and closer to getting your adoption request approved and then you both had to cruelly find out, that androids weren’t allowed to adopt, even in a human relationship. Which was really burning the cigarette into the skin, considering this happened soon after you both found out it was illegal to get married. Android and android only. Of course. But you weren’t going to let any of that set you back. Connor doesn’t care what any of these men looked like, but of their details- While you cared about how much they looked like Connor, and feel you can change anyone from being like their father’s if they happen to be not so educated.

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I was trying to buy an existing bench with drawers or low dressers to put it in, but I have to say, they are tooooo ugly. Here is the frame and a wooden top, which is a countertop and we cut it to fit it in. In the bottom, i used L shaped bracket to hold it. I love their shaker style doors, so clean and sleek. I installed the drawer fronts in the morning I got them, just can’t wait any second. After that, I locked (screwed) these two cabinets tight, put on the toe tick and capped the gap between cabinet frames and jambs. I’m brand new to writing a blog however I do write in my diary every day. I will always bookmark your blog and may come back sometime soon. My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here. So wonderful to find another person with a few original thoughts on this topic. I have joined your feed and look ahead to seeking extra of your magnificent post. Anybody looking to get a smartphone minus the extra almost all some of the larger models could be wise to experience a close look at these two devices. These corporations make use of educated professionals who are able to packing and unpacking goods, and loading and unloading them to and from transit vans or trucks. However sometimes when individuals are shifting their residence or office from one place to a different, they may require to retailer their belongings in some momentary and secured depository. When you reside with someone, who just isn’t your loved ones, there are a variety of changes anticipated from you to make the living easy and fulfilling. There is no Mr. Excellent on this world; not even you. There may be many such habits that may need tested your persistence. You have got tried telling your roommate to improve but to no heed.

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Didn’t even realize it until my second re-watch tonight. A tutor for your boy, knights to train him to fight and to ride. And when he comes of age, he’ll have a keep of his own. And even though all of the elements are there for topping everything we’ve ever seen before, we are missing the mortar that holds it all together, that makes the magic incredible in the positive sense rather than in the negative sense. Even this stellar and best episode ever gives us magically apparating Varys, apparently on purpose. I don’t care how you finagle that timeline, there’s just no way that Varys travels all the way around the globe in the time it takes Dany to get packed. The whole time that the ignorant scholar was giving Sam and Gilly and Baby Sam such a hard time, I was waiting for Alleras to step up and step in. I’m hopeful they made Sam’s plot so slow this season because they wanted to wait to cast Merwyn and Alleras. I mean, why does it take Sam all season to reach the Citadel when Varys can go that same distance inside of a single episode. For BoB, though, there were many of us screaming “WTF, Sansa? even before the show faded to black, I promise. There was quite an interesting bit of Sansa tension and fallout. And that’s why I’m posting these quotes since they confirm, as I suspected, that all of this animosity was there and was intentional. I don’t think we should make definitive conclusions about the tension, but there certainly is tension there. Even on second viewing, I still cried. -I cried when Davos shouted, “I loved that girl like she was my own! Oh, Davos. -I cried when Tommen sadly put down his crown and then seconds later jumped out of the window. I know some of you here were criticizing him for being lame, weak, etc.