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Bran - lives. Just realized i have Melisandre listed twice. ee above. I don't even know if we will know of Kinvara's fate. Not sure we will even get to see Meera's fate, but I think if we do she lives. Clegane Bowl! Drogon or Rhaegal - I think a good chance another one is killed. It's also entirely possible they're completely misleading as it has happened before. Jon Snow is a tactical imbecile and Dany and her dragons are not much better. As for Dany and her dragons, why didn't the dragon burn the undead down the same way he evidently could have burned Jaime down. Also, why did neither of the 2 dragons burn the Night King to crisp after he killed the third one. Speaking of, when the Night King spears one of the 3 dragons, for the rest of the episode you only ever see one other dragon. The way Jon somehow miraculously manages to climb out of the freezing water and is rescued by his uncle, it really seems as if they wrote themselves into a corner and needed to pull something about elbow deep out of their ass to save his should-be-a-popsicle ass. You know, instead of just having him climb onto the dragon. I haven't watched the show for seasons, but I have watched several of the latest episodes including this leaked one. The only redeeming scene I can remember were the interaction between Sansa and Arya, which were alright. Interesting to hear your opinion on Game of Thrones, though. BUT Daemon died fighting the enemie?

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Cersei makes a grandiose proclamation that the Lannister army and banner men to help. Jaime rightfully calls out this highly flawed strategy — if the white walkers win, they kill everyone and everyone else will gun for the Lannisters if they win. Cersei likes to brag about her strategic mind, but her blow everyone up final solution won’t work in this case. Shedding his golden armor, Jaime heads North to honor his commitment to fight against the walkers. True to Iron Islands thinking, he has to fight the captain to the death to gain their respect and get their help in saving Yara. This is probably the first time anyone on this show was happy to be a eunuch. He’s got Sansa all set to sentence Arya and possibly execute her for crimes against the realm. Littlefinger is smart enough to know Arya is having absolutely none of his foolishness and has his puppet do his dirty work. Only thing he didn’t count on though was the Stark sisters were playing a long con on him. Sansa called him out in front of the northern lords and ran down his long list of crimes. He assumed he was the smartest man in the room in any situation, but didn’t recognize he was giving the Stark kids all the tools they needed to outsmart him. It was fitting that Littlefinger’s first slip-up throughout the series cost him his life. I loved Arya’s subtle tribute to her father with her outfit here. It’s weird though that it took the conversation with Sam for Bran to fully see Jon’s true lineage. Turns out Sam was listening to Gilly and was able to help Bran use sight beyond sight to learn Robert’s Rebellion was based on a lie. More importantly, Jon is the legit rightful heir to the throne and his real name is Aegon Targaryen. It’s going to be all kinds of weird when he learns he just hooked up with his aunt. I get this was always hopelessly understaffed and ill-prepared for an attack, but why didn’t Tormund have anything to stop them.


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Taking something nostalgic out of our town, said Stacy Tovar, 49. 20, 2017)None of the children were injured during the incident. he first suspect is described as a black male who was wearing a black jacket, black pants Canada Goose Parka and black shoes. The second suspect who had chased after canada goose black friday sale the children is described as a black male with gray hair and a gray goatee. He was last seen wearing a green canada goose store jacket, blue cheap Canada Goose jeans and black shoes, police said. xtra patrols will be present in the area as police continue to investigate. And emphasis is laid on the end users, as well as on the applications of the product. Young people learn (and master) countless athletic skills, hobbies, interests, and passions, and make huge strides in academic learning. Here are 12 ways experts say you can protect and nurture your teen while body and brain catch up cheap canada goose sale with each other. Grown up during that time, Canada Goose sale Rubchinskiy and other young designers, feed on that raw energy. Russian fashion meant buying a T shirt at Moscow airport bearing an image of Stalin face. It a must see for someone visiting town. Is Mr. Carrey smiling at his words or his memories (or at us). It can be hard to know, an uncertainty that fits the movie’s exploration of reality and its simulations. By contrast, the documentary’s genesis, which is partly spelled out in title cards, is rather clearer and can be traced to some 100 hours of behind the scenes video shot during the making of “Man on the Moon. This material had been stashed in Mr. The jineteras had become conspicuous consumers who pranced around in fashionable shoes with boomboxes on their shoulders and had become enemies of the Communist ideal.

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“These crimes only stopped when they were caught,” Caddell said. The victims, who did not want to give their names because of safety concerns, told The Herald on Tuesday of the harrowing crimes. Police say Jeremy Kimble, 36, a convicted felon out on bond, went into a store in York, then a store in Rock Hill, then a store between the two cities. Another man, Albert Lingerfeldt, 59, is accused of conspiracy and other charges for his role in the robberies. Kimble, of Clover, is charged with armed robbery, two counts of attempted armed robbery, three counts of conspiracy and a weapons charge. Kimble is a many-time felon barred from having a gun, State Law Enforcement Division records show. Lingerfeldt, of York, is charged with three counts of conspiracy and two counts of attempted armed robbery. The crimes were at Pride store in York around 5 a. . Tuesday, West Main Discount in Rock Hill before 4 p. the same day, then China Gardens after 4 p. . The owners of China Garden store on S. C. 5 between Rock Hill and York said that Kimble was a regular customer who often bought food and cigarettes at the store. The wife was at the counter and pressed a panic button before calling 911. Kimble told the woman to give her all the money, just as he had at the West Main Discount less than an hour before and in York in the morning. In the first incident, Kimble allegedly cased the store in York before dawn, police said, then came back with a rifle while masked and robbed the clerk at gunpoint.

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in a (usually futile) attempt to renderthemselves invulnerable to criticism. Chalcedony is asemi-precious blue-gray variety of quartz, composed ofvery small crystals packed together with a fibrous, waxyappearance. Note how both the gold etymology and the waxyappearance perfectly match Chrysoprases character asthe rich, suave, uptown Mafia-troll. The Latin name translatesquite literally to Shameless penis. In English itscommon name is Stinkhorn fungus, and it has beendescribed to me as a large, phallus-shaped, pallid,woodland fungus smelling very strongly of rotten meat,and usually covered with flies. Once experienced, neverforgotten, as my source puts it. Another mushroom expert subsequently mailed me along, detailed description of the toadstools appearance,which Im not going to include here. Suffice it to say that MEN AT ARMS 71 The Annotated Pratchett File its full of phrases like yellow, glutinous goo, the headexudes a black slime and Ive smelled these from 50paces on a still day. This is almost a direct quote from a scene in Twin Peaks: Cooper: God help me, I dont know where tostart. Until recentlytransport cafes always had menus like that, except thatChips was the recurrent theme. I used to go to onewhere you could order: Doublegg n Chips n Fried Slice,Doublegg n Doublechips n Doublebeans n Soss. nd so on. The key thing was that you couldnt avoid the chips. Ithink if anyoned ever ordered a meal without chipstheyd have been thrown out. Note for UK types: this place was the White Horse Cafat Cherhill on the A4. Everyone knows Carrot. e comes up here sometimes and talks to us. o.

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Montgomery was chair of the House Taxation Committee (they called it what it was back then) and was a craggy, grumpy, short-tempered, sour man who walked with a cane, chain-smoked Pall Malls, and was unquestionably brilliant, direct, caring and beloved by every member of the House. Mr. Ryan was Mr. Montgomery’s intellectual equal, but soft-spoken, personally modest, unfailingly fair and more tenacious than any human being could be considered. Mr. Ryan was also one of the critical figures in Michigan history. It was his influence, his intellect, his ability to build coalitions and, yes, his tenaciousness that made the Legislature. And yes, in the end, he too was beloved by every member. With that combination, it seemed a transportation tax increase was an inevitability. Mr. Milliken, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Montgomery, Speaker Bobby Crim, anyone and everyone who favored the package could not get it to move. March passed, then April, then May, then June and the Legislature broke in the first days of July to campaign and the package was going nowhere. No. Where. It was dead, everyone said so. Well, Mr.

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As effective as it has been, the tax credit barely allows the nation to maintain a constant (and still deficient) level of decent affordable rental homes. Tax credit-financed homes are developed at a rate of about 100,000 units annually, but nearly as many are lost because of demolition, abandonment, or conversion to higher-income use. The Republican governors of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Utah oppose the elimination of the housing tax credit. Helmed by the incredible Jennifer Lopez, “Second Act” charms audiences with an inviting plot perfect for this holiday season. As the title suggests, it is a vigorous exploration of wildly divergent orchestral effects and dynamics. But instead of facing the lowly Hawks, the Celtics will be confronted with LeBron James and the defending Eastern champion Cavaliers, with the winner going to the conference finals The Celtics were pushed to the limit by the Cavaliers, 74-69, last night at Quicken Loans Arena. The last time the East's top seed won a road game was at New York April 14. No NBA team has won a title after losing six straight road games The Celtics, however, are 7-0 at home during the playoffs. We've faced a lot of difficult situations this year. The Celtics had seven offensive rebounds and 2 second-chance points. A Garnett jumper gave the Celtics a 31-25 lead with 6:12 remaining in the second. But the Celtics fell apart and were outscored, 17-2. After a Pierce turnover, Delonte West nailed a 3-pointer at the halftime buzzer to give the Cavaliers a 42-33 lead. After missing 15 straight shots dating to the second quarter and six straight to open the third, the Celtics got a putback from Ray Allen (9 points) as they finally woke up A 15-2 run ending with a Pierce 3-pointer trimmed the deficit to 51-48 with 3:51 left in the third. The Cavaliers, however, finished the quarter with a 6-0 run for a 59-50 lead. Two Pierce free throws brought Boston within 72-67 with 1:19 left. But Pierce was called for a questionable offensive foul with 49. seconds remaining while being guarded by James.