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No fair. you've got two points and I've only got one. ). No falsehood lingers into old age -- Sophocles (406 BC). No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism. - Winston Churchill. No formula the textbooks know, will turn a bullet from your coat. No free man shall ever be barred the use of arms - Jefferson. No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms. - T. Jefferson. No friendship is so cordial or so delicious as that of girl for girl; no hatred so intense or immovable as that of woman for woman. -- Landor. No game is perfect on release, but Apogee's are close! No good buys. Just amenities. - Tasha Yar at the mall.

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However a hoopoe is extremely distinctive and I have multiple very good photos, so in this case confirmation should not be required. Similarly a pragmatic view will be taken as to whether a number of sightings some time apart should be taken as being one or more individual birds. What, in the idealised bird-spotting world, is a sighting supposed to represent. I think you are saying that, ideally, one sighting should equal a particular individual bird -- so if two different individuals spot the same bird on two different days (assuming you could tell, somehow), then that would count as one sighting, not two. It's certainly very common for one person to sight a rarity and the next day dozens of twitchers (not birders) will turn up because they want it on their personal tick list. However they wouldn't regard that as a new sighting. It practically begs to be picked up and fondled, and then pointed at someone. Clue: it is not a toy gun, real gun, or stage prop. A pair of cables running out of the grip attach to a standard 20MW DeLameter powerpack are terminated with alligator clips. One cable has two clips that go to the battery, the other has one clip that goes somewhere to pick up the high voltage spark and trigger the xenon flash tube. I'm thinking of pulling the innards out and replacing them with some sort of sound and light generator. Now I'm in two minds whether to tell you that the third lead goes into the cap for sparkplug number 1. Nor will I mention the long metal electrode you need to attach to the sparkplug so you can connect the dizzy and the raygun of soon to be chewed-up-in-the-fan fingers. Seriously, I just had this exchange on Plenty of Fish: averageGiJoe hi. As it turns out, I met my husband in a chatroom - and the first people to come and stay with me when I moved to the Netherlands to live with him were other friends that I also met in that chatroom. There are loons online, same as there are loons in real life. I wish I'd known that before climbing on that bloody dirt bike (and up the trellis).

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; the other is a hate crime people came out in droves to witness. The result is an aesthetically impoverished documentary about a great visual thinker—a disconnect hard to get over—but more detrimentally, his perspective on his own work’s merits is mostly tied to financial success (as is the case with many American filmmakers, including Spielberg). There’s a purity of vision and concept to Baumbach and Paltrow’s approach for sure: wind up the man and let him talk. These are movies which either don’t have a story, have an incoherent story, or have a bare-bones generic story, but succeed through showing the audience some sort of spectacle they’ve never seen before. But there’s another kind of spectacle I haven’t talked about: The spectacle of interesting ideas. The ideas can be real or fictional, as long as they’re compelling concepts we haven’t really seen on film before. Some examples are 2001, Inception, Memento, and Terry Gilliam’s non-Python movies. Everyone I’ve talked to about the movie, including myself, considers it somewhere between lousy and mediocre. (My own opinion is that it’s on the mediocre side of things. I think it would be interesting to compare it to Inception, an idea-based spectacle movie by the same writer, same director, and in the same style, which ended up being much better. We’ve seen the idea of traveling through wormholes in Disney’s The Black Hole, Star Trek Voyager, and the children’s book A Wrinkle in Time. We’ve seen a world in decline in 75% of movies that take place in the future. I suppose we’ve seen the idea of dream-jumping in A Nightmare on Elm Street. But Inception did this much better, with coherent and well-explained rules that don’t rely on outright magic. We know this is extremely difficult because everyone in the movie insists it’s impossible. (Though Cobb knows it’s possible because he’s done it before, albeit with horriffic results. The potential solution to this problem involves an intricate heist, multi-level dream journey, and lots of ass-kicking.

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. The federal government does not provide federal aid to undocumented immigrants. Private institutions, however, can choose to provide financial aid to undocumented immigrants by looking at them as domestic citizens. Brown University and Cornell University have amended their policies to reflect this, but they have joined a list that is too short. At Ithaca College, undocumented students are grouped together with international students and are ineligible to receive federal financial aid. Financial aid policies concerning undocumented students should be reformed to consider undocumented immigrants who have resided in the U. . for a certain number of years. Cornell’s new policy allows undocumented students who hold Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival status, which grants nonimmigrant legal status to undocumented S supposed to be an efficient way for the college to re-evaluate its progress on sustainability faded into nonexistence after three years, and since then, the college has had no way of analyzing its sustainability initiatives. In fact, a report from The Ithacan in March showed that the college is actually behind on its renewable energy usage, a failure that could be attributed to the decline of a sustainability focus. Sustainability efforts also suffered from a lack of funding from the college. The grants that the college received as sustainability initiatives before 2012 allowed these programs to flourish and make a beneficial impact. But when external funds ran dry in 2012, so did sustainability. Though provosts have come and gone, the common denominator during the period of deterioration of sustainability is Rochon. As president of the college, he establishes the agenda — he determines which issues are prioritized and which are not. With sustainability’s being a forlorn symbol of what was once great about the college, it is now clear that its failure, among many others, is a telltale sign of an administration that has lost sight of the college’s best qualities and a president who has squandered a major piece of the college’s former identity. Letter to the Editor Be heard in print or on the Web.

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(2 minutes) (100 points). Note: Your video will be automatically entered into the non-profit Random Acts’ SAARA contest. See this link for all details: BE SURE TO SUBMIT THE VIDEO LINK ON THE GISHWHES WEBSITE, not the Random Acts website. We will allocate your GISHWHES points and forward your video to Random Acts. If your team wins the SAARA contest, your team will vote on which charity should receive the donation. If you can’t come to a consensus on which charity to support, we’ll do a blind drawing to select a winner. Let’s do the same thing but edit together multiple kids under the age of 5 singing “It Sucks to Be Me” from the Avenue Q musical. They must be lying down getting ready to nap, playing with toys, painting or drawing or doing other kids things while they’re singing. (79 points). If you use an image already on the Internet and try to “doctor” in the cucumbers your team will be docked 60 points. 60 points). Must be dynamic, must really tell a story, must involve costumes (and costume changes points) and must have a cast of at least 15. (123 points). We must see patrons and must hear “Ribbit! each time you leap. (31 points). It should be made from 21 different pieces of fabric.

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The Nats are simply not in the right place in the success cycle to be adding Beimel. The team sold 3,068,458 tickets, a franchise record. With the economy the way it is, even getting close to that total ought to be considered a success. -Don Walker, JS Yes, because the economy is going to be bad forever, right. What's funny to me is, I see oodles of positives. ernanke says he expects the slide to end before the end of the year, retail spending is way up over LY, the stock market is up due to decent 1Q earnings, unemployment claims have plateaued, and so on. Unemployment tends to peak at the end of a recession as well, yet many do not like to learn from history, so they'll have to be surprised. Of course, not to make sense here or something, but the one plant we all know is dangerous is tobacco, and the government controls and subsidizes its growth. As far as my potatoes and sweet corn goes, shut up and get a frickin' clue. Karhl, for those of you who do not know, is transgendered, and golly, still has a deeper voice than me, and looks exactly how I would figure a transgendered person would. Guys get nicked all season long, miss a couple games here and there, and it's barely noticed. Sadly, it gets more attention in March because the results are so meaningless. I find it strange he now acts like everyone knew Braun was injured last September. hile I mentioned it, the JS acted shocked when Ryan admitted it had lingered on. It is funny how many want to build with youth, but give up on a player when he doesn't produce out of the chute (yes Virginia, we have been spoiled by Ryan Braun). nd then blame the organization when that player turns into a solid player elsewhere. My goodness, Kevin Garnett wasn't a superstar his first couple years either.

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