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Donald Trump is now, essentially, a nominated US presidential candidate. The chances of the UK leaving the EU are realistic, potentially paving the way for German and French referendums. Resistance to antibiotics is climbing to dangerous levels just as the Zika virus furthers its reach. A man walked into a nightclub and killed many innocent people, either in the name of religion or because he was, sadly, unable to connect with his sexual identity. There seems to be a sense of things unraveling across the globe. We have allowed ourselves to get to this point. Us. You and me. Certainly not always by choice but we have allowed a system to continue that relentlessly sabotages us over and over. Time after time we let in those we know deep down will do us no good. Certainly the system seems rigged and that we are, in essence, voting for the lesser of how ever many participating evils there are. It’s not hard to understand why Russell Brand pushed the notion of not voting. The campaign to leave the EU has had no left-wing voices in it, despite the hopes of lapsed Lexiter Aaron Bastani (who has flipped, and will now vote to Remain). Yet some activists, and a handful of Labour MPs, continue to push the narrative that an exit from the EU will be a triumph for progressive politics. I don’t want to pretend that I find it incomprehensible, or that it’s without any rational basis.

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Meanwhile, US private employers added 147,000 jobs in October, below economists expectations, a report by a payrolls processor showed. The US Federal Reserve resumed its two-day policy meeting and was expected to keep interest rates unchanged while setting the stage for a hike in December. Europe s broad FTSEurofirst 300 index was down 1. percent at 1,309. 9. The US dollar fell against the euro, yen, Swiss franc and sterling on continued nervousness about the outcome of the election. The dollar index, which measures the greenback against a basket of six major rivals, fell about 0. percent to 97. 26, its lowest since Oct 11. Demand for safe-haven bonds sent US Treasury yields to a 1-week low of 1. 9 percent in overnight trading. Crude oil prices slumped hard after US Energy Information Administration data showed US crude stockpiles Oil down on large US build; gold shines rose sharply last week as refineries cut output. The last time the benchmark index posted a seven-day losing streak was in Nov. 2011. Investors are rethinking their longheld bets of a Nov 8 victory for Democrat Hillary Clinton amid signs that her Republican rival Donald Trump could be closing the gap.


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Warum willst du ihm schreiben,wissen wie es ihm geht. Wie kann ich auch ohne spyzie app herausfinden ob bzw. Im Zweifelsfall hat er einfach viele Chats — sowohl geschaftlich als auch privat. If you feel like there is someone else, try breaking it off yourself If you feel like your girlfriend is just sick of you or the entire scenario leads to just one conclusion and that is a breakup, then try your best to be the first one to break it off. Do you think you could come over to my house tomorrow after school for like an hour. Scope out a local coffee shop and try something you've never had. Show your girl that you care about her by putting a little effort into your romance. Emails tell her you're lazy and not willing to put in extra time for her. Do This When Your Girlfriend Doesn't Respond Or Text Back It also received 14 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. While this is basically impossible, you want to try to be that prince for her. Tell her that she makes you want to treat yourself better. Benefit yourselves by becoming more well-rounded people. 111 Fun, Flirty, and Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend Work it out on Pinterest Find a new routine and test it with your girls. If there's one common complaint I hear from most women, it's that their men often get stuck in a rut, meaning they're always doing the same things, at exactly the same times, going to the same places, eating the same things, etc. See the tables below for all 111 ideas at a glance, then read the in-depth section beneath for more detail on how to carry out each activity.


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Also Umbers must know horde of Wildlings is not really a horde. Just 5000 and a lot of them are older people, children and women. Glad to see a bit of Darth Jon there and bcoming different persona being more ruthless. Kevan controls the Lannister army and despises her. That’s not going to make anyone in the North, Highgarden, or Dorne afraid. I’m thinking, what’s annoying is that you just kept saying it over and over again. Most of the Fandom disagreed with me, and told me so in no uncertain term. He might have lived through 1000 years mentally over a century physically. I’ve noticed people talking about what it could mean that the Umber refused to pledge himself and hold on to the hope that means it is a ruse, and it wasn’t really shaggydog. Also, he and Thorne are not superstitous men and for them to just speak so matter of fact after they witness a man they butchered come back to life and confronting them. Surely there should be some change in their demeanor but I saw none. It’s a little precarious though, I am not sure handing Rickon over to a madman like Ramsay is wise, even if you plan to deceive him. At least it answers the question how Jon comes back. The others had never been like a true brother or son to Jon in the way Olly was. And, yes, Ramsay will send a small force: but a small force will be all that they need.


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For another example of miss not from the comics pages, in today's installment the Comics Curmudgeon puzzled by an English lyric from Japanese game music. Video embeddedStanding in the frigid shadows of a superpower is never easy, but Canadians make it look so. Animated Landscapes History, F Nieizv cinema and the video game. Erasure: The Tank, the Swan, and the Balloon the Swan, and the Balloon Live. Vince Clarke Clark goes to some lengths to break down the curmudgeon. Religious menace What a lackluster couple of weeks its been for any film without a Marvel character running around in it. On the Comics Curmudgeon, it's referred to as the Exposition Game. Police Protective Fund: Scam, Fraud, or just bad phone calls from a non profit org. The Comics Curmudgeon Youll stop getting Mark Trail and Mary Worth when they STOP BEING AWESOME The Comics Curmudgeon Skip to this page. Nicki can blister the paint off a battleship and make a Drill Sergeant blush. Product Review: Cycle Shelter i am waiting to get the shelter logic motorcycle shelter The Comics Curmudgeon; About Me. Yet Another Comics Blog Pulverize, which begins by revealing that the game is one that the titular Glenn radeeo: Welcome Back, Battleship Galaxy1. At the Comics Curmudgeon all the good comics are generally left alone. I think its important to remember from Logic 101 that given the The KEY to boot. Its been a standing joke for ages to claim that some freemarket Randroid was so clueless that he or she would watch Its A Wonderful Life and cheer for Mr.


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So you see relativism might have been expedient for the jew it wasnt in the long run good for him, they’re not half as clever as people credit them. So when Land conjures up some new rationalism because hes a white boy and we likes us some rationalism its going to have a little asterisk well actually its going to be a little swastika, next to which it will say, ”empirically true for whites, results may vary” So the next time some filthy little french jew philosopher comes around with a shiv for santa instead of going on about natural law and all that well just say there’s another one we missed get him. We wont be universalists anymore so we wont be needing to carry that white mans philosophical burden (no offense gunga din) we will know perfectly well that its just our point of view just our very own self interest our truth our safe space. You may have your own and we may let you have it or maybe one day we will need it and take it. Need to start a Golden Dawn revolving around concepts derived from German philosophers. Exit-enthusiasts smitten by tech-development are distracting themselves from development in the way of personal askesis. AI nerds betray the same hedonistic urge as those yearning for fully automated luxury communism, which is just the vulgar “Heavenism” of the postsecular present: morbidly obese beanbag chair gerbil water drip existence. The right cares about hierarchy on the one hand- on the other, mysticism is the highest on the hierarchy, and in neglecting this they are leftists. Whether it’s full communism or AI it begs the question of What will one do under full communism, What will the AI do as AI. The AI may sit in the lotus position on Mars for ten million years. Duhhhh technology will save us, my compulsive shitpoasting is free of sin. Higher self, alien, angel, God, Tao, Logos, praeternatural intelligence, daemon, et al. You think the natural is really the most natural out there. It was easier for me to meditate more when I lived down the road from a Zen temple. Having a -n even small- community and a monk-superior goes a long way.