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Most viewers know Linklater — if not from such comic generational touchstones as “ Slacker ” and “ Dazed and Confused,” then from “ Before Sunrise ” and its two sequels or the family classic “ School of Rock. Benning, for the uninitiated, is a revered art-film maker whose meditative, adamantly nonlinear movies are more often seen in museums and galleries than at the multiplex. At first blush, the two may not seem to have much in common. But filmmaker Gabe Klinger adroitly maps out the territory they share, and the ways each has challenged and expanded film language. In Linklater’s case, his work defies conventional narrative as much as it exemplifies it at its best. Filming a visit Benning paid to Linklater at the latter’s Austin production office and country house in nearby Bastrop (where they chat while having a catch), Klinger captures philosophical conversations between the 53-year-old Linklater and the 70-something Benning. Gahan Wilson's cartoons have brought laughs to Playboy and the New Yorker. (David H. Kennerly) GAHAN WILSON: BORN DEAD, STILL ALIVE Reviewing the recent documentary portrait of artist-illustrator Ralph Steadman, “ For No Good Reason,” gave me a hankering for more of the same. So I was delighted to stumble upon “ Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird.

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Il n'en faut pas plus aux deux freres pour esperer reunir leur famille. Adel etait suppose rester avec ses grand-parents une semaine, a laquelle s'ajoute une autre semaine et il rate l'ecole. Timo, force par les circonstances, accepte ce pacte des plus morbides. Cecile va adopter cet enfant africain et Lancelot va grandir en France. Sans domicile, sans argent et sans amis, Ali trouve refuge chez sa soeur a Antibes. Il est pauvre; elle est belle et pleine d'assurance. Il va l'aider simplement, sans compassion, sans pitie. Emilie est loin d'imaginer ce qui l'attend In Real Life. Florence, sa meilleure amie, aimerait qu'elle s'installe dans une relation stable et harmonieuse. Mais, Abbas porte en lui le souvenir obsedant d'evenements tragiques.

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Then we take a trip back to the world of Disney's Beauty and the Beast with the dvd review of Belle's Magical World ( courtesy of Walt Disney Home Video ) and Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas on blu-ray ( courtesy of Walt Disney Home Video ) as we look at some untold tales from the Enchanted Castle. To wrap things up we turn to the world of the MMA with the 20-disc dvd review of The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition ( courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment ) where we look back at some of the greatest battles in the octogon from July 2010 to June 2011. First up the holidays in Holland take a turn on the terror side with the blu-ray review of Saint ( courtesy of eOne Entertainment ) as the legend of St. Nicholas gets a makeover in this Dutch horror film. Then it's man vs nature with my blu-ray dvd review of Mr. Popper's Penguins ( courtesy of Fox Home Video ) starring Jim Carrey as a businessman who has the help of the arctic birds to rediscover his kids. It's the story of a teenage boy's struggle with weigh in the dvd review of The Fat Boy Chronicles (c ourtesy of Phase 4 Films) in this heartwarming tale of overcoming odds toachieve your dream. We wrap things up with a journey back to a galaxy in turmoil with the audio book review of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Book 8 Ascension by Christie Golden as the lost tribe of the Sith continue thier march to power. Then it's a trip to the planet Luminaire where the Legion of Light do battle with Baron Dark in my dvd review of the 2-disc Collector's Edition of Skeleton Warriors The Complete Series ( courtesy of Video Services Corporation ) in this 1994 animated series. First up it's a trip back to the world of 80's tv animation with the 3-disc review of The Littles Collection ( courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment ) as we follow the adventures of tiny people in your walls.

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The company’s 7nm Snapdragon 855 is scheduled to be arriving during the month of December, so while it has not been confirmed, we might see more details from the Snapdragon 700 series during the later months of 2018. Recently, Samsung announced its Exynos 9610, and it has also been reported that the Exynos 9820 is under development for the next Galaxy flagship. The announcement of the Exynos 9610 shows that Samsung is also desperate to get ahead of Qualcomm so the Snapdragon 710 might actually turn out to be a promising chipset of the future. Even for a company obsessed with secrecy, the idea of requiring software folk to lock away a headset like it's a dangerous substance is laughable. It has already resulted in some developers deciding it's simply not worth the trouble. But the safe requirement raises the question: is this just security theater aimed at building buzz, or is there something more interesting behind it. The system can then adjust the position and shape of virtual objects as you move around to give you a palpable sense of them existing in your space. But placing sensors everywhere is both expensive and complicated. When we tested one such system last year from Eonite Perception, we had strong suspicions that the company had cheated by inputting the dimensions of the room and its main objects into its system beforehand to give the perception of live inside-out tracking. Inside-out tracking also gets harder the further away something is for two reasons: one, a small jump becomes more significant as the object itself is much smaller; and two, the slightest movement of your head would lead to a much larger movement of an object further away.

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Suggested talking points: New Projects, Babysitting Whoopsies, Dyngus Day, Buzzers, Hogbasket, Ambien Olympics, Haunting Value 57:15 March 28, 2016 MBMBaM 295: Goofbusters II It's the second week of the MaxFunDrive, and our second week of reviving some of your favorite classic bits from MBMBaMs past. Suggested talking points: MBMBaMily Reunion, Octonutting, Horse Talk! More Farm Wisdom, Gold Encryption, Baby Mommy, My Very Tall Wife, Bucket List Moonwalk, Barefoot Office, 16' Doll Wife 1:19:48 March 21, 2016 MBMBaM 294: Goofbusters AWWWW DUNK. Suggested talking points: Haunted Doll Watch, Hat Stink, Quinoa Month, The Saddest Lib, Lil' Musky, Boogle, Mailroom Ghost, Dr. M'Crum, Truck Month, Regarding Marrying Sonic Characters 1:17:37 March 14, 2016 MBMBaM 293: Dark Ages Teen Life After a rocky, inscrutable start, this episode starts to tackle some heady subjects. Suggested talking points: A Bizarre Scattershot Intro, Dog the Break-Up Hunter, Pillow Love, Wine Accident, Stiff Bevins, Edible Bean Bags, Sliding Doors, Jesterwork 1:02:01 March 7, 2016 MBMBaM 292: Remain on the Smooth Tip H-hey, you guys are cool with us talking about Fuller House for a hot minute, right. Suggested talking points: The Gibbler Shed, Young Love, Underwear Voice, Gildo, Birthday Business Future Man, 22 Slices, SkiDrake, MC Scat Facts 1:09:46 February 29, 2016 MBMBaM 291: Most Likely to Boat Bliss Delight returns to the studio after a few weeks spent traveling the Ethersphere and kicking it on Earth Jr. for a bit. We've only got about an hour of studio time before the next metamorphosis, so let's get this thing on wax. Suggested talking points: Carly Spray, Rick Steez, Life Skills, Getting a Boat, Cat Permission, Old Man Star Wars, The Guyron Throne, Drum Fighters 57:28 February 22, 2016 MBMBaM 290: Kung Fu Panda 3 Watch Everybody said it would never happen -- that America hadn't done anything good enough to deserve a third installment in the Kung Fu Panda saga.

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While the gameplay is sold and the premise amused us, what really took this game to a whole new level is the absurdly detailed label creation engine, as everyone knows the most important part of releasing a beer is naming it and coming up with the label. If you’re a craft beer nerd, you need this game. -EH. Developer Michael Brough is known for making highly strategic roguelike games with incredible depth and emergent gameplay, and Cinco Paus fits that bill. The game has you negotiating through single-screen dungeon rooms collecting treasure and dealing with various types of enemies. The twist is your selection of five magical wands which do a variety of things, and can each only be used once per room. Element does all that and more with a realtime space strategy game that is surprisingly complex while never feeling overwhelming. It’s really cool how you can get so much done in such a short amount of time without ever getting annoyed with the game’s controls as well. -EH. Ironhide really, really knows how to make a good tower defense game and there’s a reason why the Kingdom Rush series is so legendary.


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Two of my daughters having fun in the snow. Hello Bill, The recent rains have made Clay Lick creek look like Niagra Falls. I took this picture from my back deck after the storm blew through today. I took this panorama picture with my Iphone after the storm this week. Co-workers of Glasgow Water Company employee (and Louisville fan) Jeff Reed, decorated Jeff's office just in time for spring. Blue Angels performed their first public show of 2011. This marked the first time the Blue Angels have flown. Hi Bill, It looks like Spring has sprung as the old saying goes. he dogwoods and redbuds are in their full glory now. As a previous neighbor, Denver and I were in admiration of Mr.

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Nuovo video riguardante i Treni in transito e nello specifico vediamo il primo v. READ MORE: Views 3,900 15 days ago EuroNews - Europeans - Cipro e l'euro: reportage nell'isola Cipro sta per adottare l'euro. Ma per arrivare a questo punto, e stato necessario varare una serie di. Views 1,180 16 days ago Virginia Raggi, Rome's first female mayor, talks to euronews Virginia Raggi, aged 37, is the newly elected Mayor of Rome. I dont own the images music or copyrights to Game Of Thrones. (Property of HBO). Just when the characters of this TV adaptation of George. R. R. Martin fantasy novels win our hearts, it becomes time for their grisly demise.

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For all we know, Varys' plan is fooling Qyburn into thinking he fully controls the network. If the previous seasons have taught us anything, it's that the Lannisters-- and particularly the twins-- are not terribly good at the art of war, individual fighting talents and wildfire notwithstanding. In the last three episodes, some curious things have happened. Euron happened upon Yara's fleet and caught it entirely unawares, at night. The Lannisters brilliantly abandoned Casterly Rock and moved a large army to attack Highgarden. To do 2, they either pulled reinforcements from King's Landing OR they failed to reinforce King's Landing, even though a queen with three dragons and two nearly overwhelming armies (plus half of Westeros) should have been coming there Real Soon Now. They sure seemed willing to gamble those armies would be elsewhere. Pretty gutsy, unless they knew for a fact no one was coming there. So, I submit, this leaves us with three options: Varys is a mole the writers are getting more than a little sloppy, or someone else is a mole. I've put those in order of how likely they are, although I consider 1 and 2 pretty close contenders.