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For over 30 years, The Phantom of the Opera has been the Broadway musical all others are measured against. Since it made its world premiere in 1986, the Phantom of the Opera has entranced audiences around the world with an intriguing tale of passion, desire, and ambition, The Phantom of the Opera Broadway Tickets. Movie Heal the Living openload kickass release. In 1990, ABC aired a two-part, four-hour miniseries that garnered good reviews, big ratings and has become a cult classic, making Tim Curry an overnight sensation, fifteen years after becoming an overnight sensation from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The first major change from the novel is the time period, moving it up thirty years to 1988 (which, perhaps unfortunately, gives the film a little too much of a Stranger Things vibe, especially with Finn Wolfhard appearing in both projects). The film opens with little Georgie Denbrough anxious to go play in the rain with his paper boat that big brother Bill made for him, complete with a sealing coat of wax to keep it waterproof. But Georgie loses track of the boat and just misses grabbing it before it falls into the sewer. Not to worry though because a helpful clown is there to help him. With a face half in shadow with still brightly lit eyes, the clown tries to entice Georgie to join him and his friends from the circus, all of them having been blown into the sewer by the storm. Months later, it’s the last day of school and Bill and his friends — Richie, Eddie and Stanley — should be about to enjoy their summer vacation, but Bill instead has a plan to find his little brother. They are joined by the new kid on the block, Ben, outsider Mike, and the lone girl in the group, Beverly, all now inducted into The Losers club. As the kids continue their search for Georgie, they begin to uncover an evil in Derry, something that has made this town the number one place for disappearances and deaths of the town’a children. This thing they call “It” is an entity that has been around for centuries, feeding every 27 years on the fears of the town’s children, manifesting itself into whatever scares them most and then taking them to its lair. Early buzz for It has been excellent, calling the film one of the scariest horror films in quite some time. I wouldn’t say it’s a “scream at the top of your lungs while jumping out of your seat” scary (although I did jump once or twice), it’s more psychologically disturbing than anything else. Bill’s parents have not dealt with Georgie’s disappearance and lash out at Bill for continuing his quest to find his brother. Eddie’s mom is just bizarre, a sort of hypochondriac by proxy, filling Eddie’s head full of fears of sickness and then giving him placebo pills to convince him he is sick (and half the stuff he relates to his friends about the dangers lurking around them are patently false, but he doesn’t know that). There’s nothing overt about his relationship with his daughter, but there is plenty of innuendo to tell us all we need to know about the guy and why Beverly is so afraid of him. It almost never made it to the big screen after the original director walked when the studio balked at him making this a two-parter and filming in New York, where it would be more expensive. And that is another the changes from the book and miniseries which cut back and forth between the kids and the adult versions of the kids.

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Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and VOD ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it Fox Searchlight 22. The mesmerizing photography and ecstatic personality of A Bigger Splash will leave you tipsy, so please, bring a designated driver. Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and VOD ( watch the trailer ) related 16 Underrated Action Movies You Can Watch Right Now related The 21 Best Movies of 2015 Share on Facebook Pin it Magnolia Pictures 21. The Handmaiden Released: October 21st Cast: Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Tae-ri Director: Park Chan-wook ( Oldboy ) Why it's great: Some movies splash across the screen, others turn scenes into bold brushstrokes. The Handmaiden, an erotic thriller with twists and turns and thrusts aplenty, is Park Chan-wook's drip painting. Set in 1930s Korea, the movie follows Sook-hee, a pickpocket, who slips undercover into the staff of a sheltered heiress, with hopes of luring the deep-pocketed woman into the romantic grasp of her con-man partner in crime. The problem: Sook-hee falls madly, lustfully in love with her target. In The Handmaiden, single, sensual drops -- a prolonged glance, the zipping up of a dress, whispered white lies -- fan out through the entire two-and-a-half-hour narrative into the unexpected. Where to see it right now: In theaters ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it Universal Pictures 20. Riffing on every facet of the post-Justin Bieber era, this musical mock-doc is the perfect vehicle for the Lonely Island's bombastic pop singles and celebrity-skewering satire. Popstar careens in and out of musical numbers, truncating one-note music videos ideas into punctuating jokes. Up there with Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the pantheon of sketch comedy movies. Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and VOD ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it Sony Classics 19. Elle Released: November 11th Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny, Charles Berling Director: Paul Verhoeven ( RoboCop ) Why it’s great: Verhoeven, one of the few provocateur satirists to make a name in Hollywood (have you seen Starship Troopers lately? , veers into realism for this portrait of a woman processing a recent home intrusion and rape. The scenario could be the basis for a harrowing drama, but Verhoeven, idiosyncratic, and Huppert, known for such daring roles, explore the aftermath through sexual passion, vicious family relations, and the sort of pitch-black humor you only find overseas. At the time of the assault, Huppert's Michele is a video game designer juggling her father (incarcerated murderer), mother (horny geriatric), son (do-nothing whose girlfriend just gave birth to a baby that may or may not be his), ex-husband (failed novelist hooking up with a grad student), and neighbor (sadist Christian). So does Elle. Where to see it right now: In theaters ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it Oscilloscope Laboratories 18. The Fits Released: June 3 Cast: Royalty Hightower, Alexis Neblett, Lauren Gibson, Da'Sean Minor Director: Anna Rose Holmer Why it’s great: Each afternoon, 11-year-old Toni (Hightower) sneaks away from boxing workouts with her brother to spy on the local step team, practicing in the gym down the hall.

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A bounty hunter, taking his quarry back to Red Rock, Wyoming to hang shortly after the end of the Civil War, finds himself snowed in with six other strangers in a Rocky Mountain stagecoach stop. The movie will be playing in digital 70mm print approximation (few theaters across the country will have the real thing), and will be opening in wide release on January 8 th in standard 35mm digital. Release Formats: Standard Genre: Western Now Playing: AMC Disney Springs, Regal Waterford Lakes Rating: R (for strong bloody violence, a scene of violent sexual content, language and some graphic nudity). Coming from a working class background, nobody ever figured Joy would ever amount to much but nobody counted on her unshakable will. She goes on to found a business empire, navigating the cutthroat waters of modern business to become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the United States. Russell, who has become the nearest thing to a sure Oscar nominee as there’s been in the last few years. Release Formats: Standard Genre: Biographical Drama Now Playing: Wide Release Rating: PG-13 (for brief strong language). A young maverick FBI Agent infiltrates a group of extreme athletes who are suspected of pulling off daring robberies utilizing skills involving some of the most dangerous activities known to humans. The deeper the agent gets, the more he gets swept into their world. Eager to prove their innocence he begins to lose sight of his job and the protection of innocent lives. Release Formats: Standard, 3D Genre: Action Now Playing: Wide Release Rating: R (for violence, thematic material involving perilous activity, some sexuality, language and drug material). Two lifelong friends vacation at a resort in the Swiss Alps as they contemplate oncoming retirement. Release Formats: Standard Genre: Drama Now Playing: Enzian Theater Rating: R (for graphic nudity, some sexuality, and language). Jackson, Steve Carell, Teresa Palmer, The Big Short, The Danish Girl, The Hateful 8, Thomas Haden Church, Will Ferrell, Will Smith, Youth. Julia bought them for me when she went shopping after Christmas. Then proceeded to wear me down until I put them on for the photograph. 26 more words. I don’t celebrate the holiday, but I’m glad it’s over. In my fifty-odd years I’ve seen great, good, boring, awful, and painful Christmases. There are Christmases so boring or bad I can’t remember them.

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). The scripts for season 8 were done digitally on a tablet and disappeared after the scene was finished. James H 8 months ago I just can’t wait for season 8. JOE BROWN 8 months ago I don't think Euron will fight Jon Snow and Daeynrs. Collection of all spoilers for new GoT season in one place. Our weekly spoiler report where we pull together all the Game of Thrones Season 7 news we could find was the first and best out there. Collection of all spoilers from the Starks in the North. We look at what we've seen on and around the set related to Arya, Sansa, and Bran Stark. There will be reunions and tensions between the Stark siblings, and Littlefinger won't be far away. The eleventh in a series of profiles and back stories of characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. Let me know who you would like me to do a video on next in the comments. Special thanks to Ross Bugden once again for the awesome music. Information for this video is sourced from the ASoIaF novels, HBO's Game of Thrones, The Lands of Ice and Fire, The World of Ice and Fire, A Wiki of Ice and Fire et al. Could a poor lad from flea bottom rise to become Lord of Storms End. I believe since the Game of Thrones show creators have merged his storyline with Edric Storm's, It is very possible. Who else on the show could be made Lord of Storms End. Gendry has the birth right, Jon could sympathize with him, being as he knows what it feels like. He wouldn't be the first bastard to rise high in the world of ice and fire. This video contains actual scene video so please proceed with caution. It's at the end.