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. “I’m gonna put this in the trunk of my car. Then let’s go in this Fry’s, which has four copies of Zelda and one Pro Controller in stock. Usage: I moved to New York two months later. I got the job at Kotaku one month after moving to New York. On my tour around the Kotaku office, I saw a brand-new box of the then-yet-unavailable Neon Yellow Joy-Cons on Stephen Totilo’s desk. “They sent these to me for ARMS,” he said. “Do you want them? I immediately said, “Yeah. Perhaps Totilo meant them as a welcome present. Perhaps he saw that the neon yellow perfectly matched the “volt” yellow of my Nike Apple Watch and the Nike windbreaker I was wearing. Heck, ARMS is the one Nintendo first-party game I don’t own, which is weird. I bought a 200GB Micro SD card on Amazon after following a link from Kinja Deals. Thanks Kinja Deals! I have shoved dozens of games into that card, and it’s still barely a quarter full. I bought maybe every Neo Geo arcade game available. I’m playing them as research for my own Neo Geo-like arcade shooting game TRUCK HECK (coming QX 201X). Today I played some Shock Troopers Second Squad on the train. Condition: The Nintendo Switch is the only electronic device I have ever put a screen protector on. I turned on my shower to fill my bathroom with steam before I put it on, and everything.

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He only had two scenes in season six: his introduction with Balon at the bridge was wonderful, showing an appropriately creepy and mad Euron, but then, in the Kingsmoot, he acted as a loud buffoon. I hoped it WAS just an act to win over the ironborn, but I wasn’t sure. Hands down one of my favorite character intros on the show, I had a feeling something was up at the kingsmoot. Hopefully when we see Euron in season seven, it will become clear that he can be manipulative, psychopathic and a complete wild card. I’m just saying that unlike many of his fellow cast members, Alfie hasn’t been doing any interviews at all throughout this pre-season PR party (I’m talking about all the interviews published within the last month or so). Alfie understands Theon so well and I’ve always found his interviews a joy to read, because he always has something new to say about his character. Truly a spectacular performance from him that entire season. Some people just can’t separate fiction from reality. I really liked Euron’s introduction scene, and was kind of disappointed by his portrayal at the Kingsmoot. I’m glad to hear that was apparently just an act to impress the Ironborn. Very talented actress who I would of loved to see more of. She was great in season 1 as just a child, and her acting has improved every season. Her timing and tone and facial expressions are just so convincing. He’s been doing superb work since the very first episode and has never disappointed. The spouse insisted we FF through the torture scenes on recent re-watch and, TBH, I was relieved to do so. Theon will never be my favourite character, but by the gods, Alfie has made him believable, sympathetic, and at times mesmerising. And not being pure evil makes me chuckle, as book Euron may be the most evil character in the series. Two different characters with only a name in common. He sure looks a lot like Alfie Allen\u0027s Theon Greyjoy, no. Part of me assumed this was just out of spite, or pride.

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Otherwise I do think Sansa would have killed him, she seems annoyed at having to tolerate him. hough Arya could just take his face and solve that issue. It's extra long which means something outstanding has to happen. Edit, Saturday 26th: oh for sods sake! mad: Spoilers for episode. on YouTube. I'm off internet until Monday. 'm sorry this happened to you. Youtube has always been really bad for spoilers, which is why I tend to be super-weary of it these days. I got burned with a spoilery video title when TRU came out all those years ago (spoiled Lara finding her mother). Ever since then I've never searched any videos on anything that might cause spoilers to appear in my suggested videos. If my favourite characters were killed I'd be moaning about it, but another part of me would be like - wow, Cersei is going to have to defeat the ww herself. Everything would be turned on its head and all expectations thwarted. Hmmm. jmp::p. He\'d rip out your tongue because he needs a moment of silence. He\'d happily murder his niece and nephew, Theon and Yara, just as he murdered their father, Balon. I love that you\'ve already addressed why Euron isn\'t wearing an eye patch, among other parts of his mythology. And it\'s a good way to communicate with people, to know what\'s going on. We have this saying in Denmark, You can only have one.