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Nothing in the show is “exactly” adapted, nor should it be. However, there is no reason to believe that the Hold-the-Door scene needed any significant changes from unreleased page to the screen. Everything important that happened Sunday night is consistent with the books and consistent with GRRM’s style. I loathed the TV arc for reasons we have endlessly discussed, but the profound differences in characterization, ethics, and plotting found in the books (both past and likely future) afford ample opportunity for the latter to deserve a different review than the former. However, at this point, it is impossible to fully judge. If Stannis is defeated and retreats back to the Wall, he may burn Shireen out of desperation. After a total defeat, what could he hope to gain by murdering his daughter. Better to send her away somewhere safe and take the black. Bran was not warging Hodor: he was not aware what was happening. Meera was not warging Hodor: she never has shown any ability to do that. My bet is that Selyse will do it while Mel is busy reviving Jon and dealing with the immediate aftermath.

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At the end of the hike, David matter-of-factly told his dad he needed the car. Marcos Sandoval reminded his son that he didn’t have a permit. That afternoon sitting beside his son in the family’s old Honda, Sandoval got a glimpse of the man David was becoming. He was proud. Sandoval is grateful for the nearly 15 years he had with his boy. It wasn’t enough, and there are days when the pain chokes him. His other children keep him going when it’s hard to see a way forward. He worries about his daughter, 18, who doesn’t talk much about her brother’s death. Sandoval doesn’t know what to say to her when she spends hours in David ’s room, lying on his bed. And he fears for his youngest son. “I know he is scared, too.

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The shared setting that kicked off with “Daredevil” was supposed to be the television equivalent of the hugely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has produced some of the highest-grossing films of all time. On Monday Netflix canceled both “The Punisher,” whose second season premiered last month, and “Jessica Jones,” whose third season will stream later this year. They were Marvel’s last remaining live-action Netflix shows — “Daredevil” was cancelled in November, and “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” both got the ax in October. But now, Disney is directly-competing with Netflix — and in the process overshadowing Netflix’s Marvel shows. Though Netflix famously does not release ratings information, the individual told TheWrap that Netflix does weigh cost-vs-viewership, and that thanks to the unspecified high price of licensing Marvel IP, the shows were too expensive to produce given their viewership level. Marvel did not immediately reply to a request for comment from TheWrap regarding the price of licensing. The abrupt cancellation of “Luke Cage,” for example, caught the cast and crew off guard. Netflix didn’t say why the Mike Coulter-led series was axed, but an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap at the time that the decision came down both to creative differences, and an inability to reach terms on a third season deal. Similar drama played out behind the scenes on the other canceled Marvel shows. Besides the Marvel TV series, which were produced by Marvel and ABC Studios, Netflix has trimmed its roster of other non-owned series including “American Vandal” and “All About the Washingtons. That’s not only because in-house shows will always be available to subscribers.

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That’s how I feel. I’m more Christian than you tards realize. I’m not kidding, I had a sincerely pathological aversion to him for a long time because of that. Anyway I ended up reading one of his books the day after that last trip I took that I told you about and it was surprisingly stirring. I’m going to live under a bridge. No. But I’m going to wait until there are 200 people around and THEN I’m going to go off hahahahhahahhah! H! ! ! !

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Sometimes when we say we are going to take these small steps, they seem small; however, they mean a great benefit to the people in our ridings. In turn, that means more money they can invest back in their business. It almost means job creation and economic prosperity for them, and then that rolls out. If it is good for them, it is good for the community; and it is obviously good for governments when they collect taxes. It is twofold, in closing the tax loopholes and combatting tax evasion. We are going to introduce new administrative monetary penalties and criminal offences to deter the use, possession, sale and development of electronic suppression of sales software designed to falsify records for the purpose of tax evasion. It is easier to say it than to actually implement it. However, we know that if we do not implement, then we will never move down the road. That is an important part of being able to deal with that suppression part. On the other hand, the period during which Canada Revenue Agency can reassess a taxpayer who fails to report income from foreign property will be longer, to ensure that when the examinations happen they are exact, accurate and are carried out in a responsible manner. I did not want to interrupt the member's speech, but no less than twice in the short time he spoke, cell phones were ringing from across the opposition benches.