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Videos on current affairs, politics, science, technology, entertainment, movies and more from India's national newspaper. From the very beginning our company's goal was to become the leading supplier of multidiscipline. Yet, somehow the true happiness of being a mother. Campaign 10 years ago Welcome to the Campaign RU-clip channel, where you can access all the best video content from the advertising, media and marketing industries. Seeing as I'm always telling you guys to shoot your photos in raw, I may as well attempt to explain in photography terms just exactly what raw is, especially in comparison to a jpeg file. I'm no photography expert, but I'll do my best to explain to you just what a raw file is, and why you should be using raw image format when shooting your photos, and also why it makes your life a lot easier when it comes to editing your photos! After watching this video I hope you have a much better understanding of what exactly raw files are, and make the switch to shooting in raw! I booked a one way ticket to Australia and the fun began from there! I am also blessed enough to have made some really good friends on a lot of my previous travels, this normally means I have a place to crash! Before I started travelling I gained a BSc in Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation, I intended to use my degree to get into Law school and become a Lawyer. That was all until I discovered road trips and wanderlust! Hands on knowledge in filming and editing really cannot be beaten. If you keep telling yourself you're waiting for the perfect moment to travel, 10 years will pass and you'll realise you never did, adventure really doesn't wait. Mujhe umeed hai ki JPEG aur RAW images ka yeh comparison aapko pasand aayega. About: Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday:). You can select RAW or choose to shoot in other modes. BUT what are the benefits of shooting using different file formats? In this video I show you why RAW mode is best if you want to capture the maximum amount of information in your picture whereas in JPEG mode you'll have a smaller compresses file. I compare RAW and JPEG versions of the same image in Lightroom. Initially the images appear identical but you'll soon discover how RAW is the better format to work with.

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Sport of Thrones Season 7 bowed out with an epic last episode in which we realized of Jon’s true parentage and noticed The Evening King and its Ice Dragon break down The Wall and transfer on Westeros. We lastly had a agency premiere date now although, with the present returning on April 14, 2019. I sit up for seeing this one,” Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) says initially, earlier than preparations are made for the Winter Battle. Elsewhere, Jon Snow (Package Harington) pledges to “combat for the residing”. The second then heads to a scene that exhibits armies arriving into Winterfell, which works a way in explaining why Arya appears so comfortable to have them on board. Some followers have deemed this as proof that Bran will remodel into the Evening King after changing into caught in time on the finish of the collection. Nonetheless, there’s additionally the chance that he won’t be right here as a result of he’s change into the Three-Eyed Raven and due to this fact by no means a real Stark once more. She is greeted by Sansa Stark on the gates who tells her, “Winterfell is yours, your grace”, though there’s some clear animosity. HBO led on the phrases “hearth and ice” to introduce the teaser. Though giving little away, issues look suitably dramatic. The photographs vary from doubtless contenders reminiscent of Jon Snow (Package Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to present occupant Cersei (Lena Headey) and her brothers Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). Extra surprisingly, characters together with Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) and Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) seem within the particular person posters too. Check out all of them within the Twitter thread under. This was regardless of her promise to pledge her Lannister males to the trigger. Principally, she’s going to screw over whoever she will to maintain her icy arms on the Iron Throne. Pictures taken in Dubrovnik in February counsel a gathering is about to happen between Cersei and Jon Snow in King’s Touchdown, in a scene believed to be from the fourth episode of the season. It’s not clear whether or not the previous enemies will finally change into a part of the identical group or whether or not Cersei is by some means tricking Jon. Peter Dinklage teased the epic showdown as he promoted new film I Suppose We’re Alone Now. It’s night time after night time, and time and again, and it simply doesn’t cease. It’s been exhausting however I believe it can blow everyone away.

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Mrs. Parkinson, number 12, going well there into Mr Webster's from the Co-op, Mrs. Colyer's making ground fast after a poor start, she's out of Mr Casey's into Mr. Parkinson's, she's a couple of lengths ahead of Mrs Johnson who's still not out of Mr. Casey's. Mrs Penguin and at number 8 Mrs Colyer — these two now at the head of the. Mrs Penguin making the running now, challenged strongly by Mrs. Casey, Mrs Casey coming very fast on the inside, it's going to be Mrs Casey coming. Well, a very exciting race there, and I have with me now the man who owned and. No, not really, no she's been going very well in training, and at Doncaster last week. Peter West type figure in a white DJ standing with five ladies in ball gowns and two. CAPTION: Come Wife-Swapping — North West v the South East. Hello, and a very warm welcome horn the Tower ballroom suite at Reading, where. Well, now, everything rests on the formation event and here comes the North West. Cut to two lines of ballroom dancers, ladies opposite gentlemen, sixteen altogether. The. Cut quickly to Frank Bough in the 'Grandstand' studio. And now it's time for Rugby League, and highlights of this afternoon's game between. Cut to a field where mud-caked rugby league players, one team in hooped shirts and the. The scrum has formed up, the scrum half has a dummy woman, small and light but real.

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The effect of different surface treatment techniques of nanoparticles on the wear behaviour is investigated. In addition, the latest progress on surface modification of CaCO3 nanoparticles and their polymer nanocomposites in terms of toughening and reinforcement is given in Chapter 16. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all the authors for their valuable contributions and the referees for their critical evaluations of the manuscripts. Our special thanks go to Francis Dodds, Gwen Jones, Melanie Cotterell and Emma Pearce at Woodhead Publishing Limited, as well as Amanda Macfarlane at Macfarlane Production Services for their cooperation, suggestions and advice during the various phases of preparation, organisation and production of the book. Yiu-Wing Mai Zhong-Zhen Yu Sydney, Australia xviii Preface Part ILayered silicates 1. Introduction A typical polymer composite is a combination of a polymer and a filler. Because compounding is a technique that can ameliorate the drawbacks of conventional polymers, it has been studied over a long period and its practical applications are well known. Polyamide (nylon) is a thermoplastic polymer, and glass fiber and carbon fiber are used mainly as reinforcing materials. A filler, typically micron-sized, is incorporated into composite materials to improve their properties. The polymer matrix and the fillers are bonded to each other by weak intermolecular forces, and chemical bonding is rarely involved. If the reinforcing material in the composite could be dispersed on a molecular scale (nanometer level) and interacted with the matrix by chemical bonding, then significant improvements in the mechanical properties of the material or unexpected new properties might be realized. These are the general goals of polymer nanocomposite studies. In order to achieve this purpose, clay minerals (montmorillonite, saponite, hectorite, etc. have been discussed as candidates for the filler material. A layer of silicate clay mineral is about 1 nm in thickness and consists of platelets of around 100 nm in width, so it represents a filler with a significantly large aspect ratio. For comparison, a glass fiber 13m in diameterwith a length of 0. mm is 4 109 times the size of a typical silicate layer. Inother words, if the same volumes of glass fiber and silicate were evenly dispersed, there would be a roughly 109-fold excess of silicate layers, with an exponentially higher specific surface area available. A nylon 6-clay hybrid (nanocomposite, NCH: Nylon 6-Clay Hybrid) was originally developed by Usuki and his colleagues and was the first polymer nanocomposite to be used practically. Since 1990 when it was first used, various studies and analyses have been reported.