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And has anyone played “Basil Exposition” better than Donald Sutherland as “X,” the man at the center of the web. An enthralling monologue even if you believe that Oswald, portrayed as a dupe on the periphery by Gary Oldman, acted alone. JFK may be hogwash, but it’s hogwash served on a silver platter, with truffles. There’s a great deal of additional content here, drawn from prior DVD editions of a film that must be a reliable earner for Warner Bros. an intensive, all-in Stone commentary, a 90-minute documentary that goes further into the cover-up scenario, a feature on the movie’s impact, and another hour’s worth of additional footage that includes an alternate ending. Somewhere in all this must be the ultimate version of the film; me, I’ll always recall the immersive shock of seeing Stone’s ghost-haunted requiem for our nation for the first time. If his caffeinated bombast isn’t your thing (it’s worn thin since), you can unwind and reflect upon the other barebones discs in the set, which can also be purchased individually. Covering much the same ground, but taken directly from the aftermath period (no conspiracies here), is 1964’s John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Days of Drums, a United States Information Agency production deemed so outstanding a special act of Congress allowed it to be shown in US theaters in 1966. Written and directed by Bruce Herschensohn, who went on to become a Nixon speech writer and GOP mover and shaker, and narrated by Gregory Peck, the film retains value beyond its propaganda.

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After all this time when we are looking for the Prince That Was promised, and we are believing it's Jon Snow, and we find out it's some burned out aging husk who can set swords on fire. I forget the details, but my impression was that the baby was a close relative. Then he got distracted and never finished the story. Remember he also said that he was royal blood himself, and that the iron throne would have been his at some point, though he refused it, and stuck with his Night's Watch oath. It's not explained, but I'd be surprised if it was idle talk, which it otherwise would have been. I figure the baby was John Snow, but certainly at least some prominent character. I was pissed off that Dany broke up with hot ass Dario. But her explanation was that she was going to Westeros, and she would need to forge alliances and that might mean she would have to marry. Jon will marry his aunt, she WILL get pregnant and Tyrion will be revealed, by surviving dragon fire, to also be a Targaryen (and fire impervious). I think as much as this is a popular line of fan theorizing, Tyrion will remain the dwarf sibling of the Lannisters.

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The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey went so far as to secretly leak information on jihadis to the Russians, while the DIA chief, Mike Flynn was sacked when he made his opposition public. The Washington Post says the decision CIA would stop funneling arms into Syria was made by General McMaster and CIA’s new chief, Mike Pompeo. Even within the CIA, John Brennan, its director under Obama, was probably the biggest supporter of what was dubbed sardonically “Brennan’s war”. It was his pet project and he was the driving force behind it. Almost whoever was going to replace Brennan was likely to at least scale it down. Continuing to arm the rebels now would at best mean directly arming Ahrar al-Sham, whose leadership includes former al-Qaeda members, and which used to be extremely cozy with Syrian al-Qaeda (Jabhat al-Nusra). It only means the reigns have been handed over to the Pentagon. The Pentagon has pursued a more rational course in Syria than the CIA, but it has been, if anything, even more heavy-handed. This is euphemistically termed “unaccounted,” and literally means that DOD agrees they received these funds, agrees the funds are gone, and then claims to not have records of where the money went. Of course, such “official” looting never happens with lawful accounting because records always show where the money goes.