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The movies Witchboard from 1986, also deals with the subject of the Ouija board, but is way more creepy and scary than this movie, so I recommend Witchboard instead. Lin Shaye was great in this movie as she always is, so she made the film a little bit better, but still not enough to give it a three. Halloween is my favorite holiday and always have been. I always watch the same two movies at Halloween and I do it as soon as I wake up. I start with John Carpenter's Halloween and then I watch House of the devil, but this year I will add another movie to my yearly viewing, so give me your thoughts on which one. After I have watched the movies this friday I will go to a party, but I do not have a costume yet, but I hope to find one tomorrow. I will also get some pumpkins tomorrow and carve them, so I have lots of things to do tomorrow. We have a struggling actress, that really wants to get her breakthrough role, while trying to make a living by being a waitress at taiter tots. This movie takes a normal young woman and turns her into something completely different. The last thirty minutes was incredible and filled with blood and gore. Many people can become desperate and do things they would never imagine doing, just to get that breakthrough. I like movies that suddenly goes crazy, which Starry Eyes does. I was anticipating buckets of gore and blood, but I did not get the amount that I had expected, which was a bit dissapointing. Gore is not everything, but they cut away from many good opportunities where the gore was needed in Among the living. The story was good, but not as intense as Inside, Frontiers or Martyrs. The use of the clown mask was creepy and well placed. One scene was quite gruesome because it had many different elements of torture and it was a pretty long scene if my memory serves me correct. The ending was expected, but I still enjoyed Among the living and the four is close, but I will settle with a three for now. I have put most of my dolls in that shelf and my Dario Argento collection.

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It's all done. Customer: (getting rather testy) Look here old fellow, I know when a chap's cut my hair and when. Barber: Yes, yes, I will, I'm going to cut your hair, sir. Customer: Yes, flowers could do with a drop of rain though, eh. Tape Recorder: (snip, snip) Did you see the match last night, sir. Tape Recorder: (snip, snip, snip; sound of electric razor starting up) I thought Hurst played well. Tape Recorder: (razor stops) I thought Hurst played well. Customer: Oh yes. yes. he was the only one who did though. Tape Recorder: Call you put your head down a little, sir. Tape Recorder: I prefer to watch Palace nowadays, (electric razor starts up again) Oh! Sorry. Customer: (angrily) It's exacdy the same as when I first came in. Barber: All right. I confess I haven't cut your hair. When I was a kid I used to hate the sight of hair being cut. She said the only cure for it was to become a barber. The crash of mighty trees!


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So there has to be a faceoff between him and his brother, The Mountain, now known as Ser Robert Strong. Cersei. She is one of the most disliked characters in Game of Thrones and is held responsible not only for the death of Ned Stark and other innocents, but also for the death of her own children. Some sort of bad ending is highly expected: either Arya will reach her and exact her revenge or she’ll be killed in some ironical way- maybe Sir Strong aka The Mountain will kill her inadvertently when in fact he would be trying to rescue her. As I have explained already, Bran Stark could be the Night King and the main catalyst of many of the events that have come to pass in the ASOIAF universe. If so, he will become (if he isn’t already- for Hodor ) one of he most disliked characters of this universe. Melisandre She has fulfilled her destiny, she says so herself, she brought Ice and Fire together. As to the way it will happen, theories abound: she will become some sort of conduit for a final revelation, she will be helping forge Lightbringer with her sorcery- so on and so forth. He has to pay for the countless deaths he is responsible. For Ned Stark. For Cat Stark and whe whole Red Wedding. For Sansa and the countless miseries he has brought in so many people’s lives. I really want him to live long and have a freaking great, hilarious romance with Brienne of Tarth. But he is Tormund and he won’t stay put if there’s a battle to be fought. Without Thoros of Myr, there’s less wish for Beric to live. His arc will be completed somehow if beric does some extraordinary feat that will help the humans in their fight against the White Walkers. Then anyone else, really: Sansa could, Arya could, heck Ghost could, too. Which character's death in Game of Thrones affected you most? View more.

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For some reason I was skeptical going into this one, but I shouldn't have been. Also provides a fascinating look at dogma and superstition in both Korean Christianity and shamanism. Reminding us adults just how phantasmagoric and violent the fairy tales we learn as kids really are, this brings together childlike wonder and adult tragedy like no other film. And if you don't think it's horror, revisit the Pale Man scene and tell me it doesn't freak you out. This wacko exploitation spectacle in which parents develop a sudden inexplicable urge to murder their children is one psychotic and frequently hilarious trip. Lance Henriksen makes a great cameo, and of course Nicolas Cage does insane the way only he can. Some iffy special effects don’t distract from the inventiveness of the plot or the quality of the acting in this very low budget indie flick. A ghastly little piece of art-horror that flips the script on both the Norman Bates archetype and the entire torture porn subgenre. Full of moments both queasy and gorgeous, and the blend of Portuguese fado and new age-y minimal synth on the soundtrack is terrific. Idiosyncratic in a uniquely Japanese way, this is the most narratively complex of all the found footage horrors out there. Takes a while to start to come together, but the payoff is one of the most deliriously chilling and strange climaxes ever. Set entirely within the Budapest metro, this film hides a serial killer horror plot (a hooded figure is pushing folks onto the tracks) within some brilliant fantasy worldbuilding, wherein the subway feels more like a dark otherworldly realm than a simple public transit system. Nerds will argue over whether or not this is horror forever, but if “The Bad Seed” (1956) is horror, so is this. It's a very realistically disturbing film - Kevin falls somewhere between your everyday sociopath and a Damien-ish demon child, and it’s highly disconcerting. With one of the highest scares-per-minute rates of the last twenty years, an intensely claustrophobic setting, and an ending to make even the most jaded horror junkie's blood curdle, this is high in the running for the best of all found footage flicks. His soul, observing the repercussions of his death, seeks resurrection. Not horror as such, but this, like Gaspar Noe's other films, has added so much to the vocabulary of modern art-horror that it warrants inclusion in this list. Simply put, it's a bad DMT trip put to film, but the unsettlement it induces goes far deeper than druggy camp. One of the most misunderstood films in history - it's indeed an ultraviolent teen-vs.

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Guess you couldn't tell by the HUGE grin on his face. During a recent visit to Wisconsin to see his grandparents, we got a neat picture of our son. As you see, George the 4th enjoyed his perch on top of this pumpkin wagon. It was across the street from a dairy where they make butter and cheese. Here's a picture of Tye Garmon at Jackson's Orchard in Bowling Green. He loves riding the wagon to the pumpkin patch and picking out his own pumpkin. My grandchild (6 weeks) welcomes the fall season by sleeping in the pumpkins. Hello Bill, As you can see from these Pokeberries, fall is well on its way. When I was a youngster, we used the Pokeberry juice and a turkey feather as pen and ink. I recently spent the day with my kids at the Beaver Trail Park and we could not resist playing in the leaves. She is also the girl in the Sharp Bedding commercial. Bill, We took our little cowgirl, Wells, to the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville on Saturday. We came home with some matching duds - a pink cowgirl hat and boots. Hi, Bill, This is our granddaughter, Shady Lynn Wood. Her pappy, Arthur Hatfield, was getting ready to play music at South Green Elementary for Pioneer Day on Monday, Nov. 21. He was having a time trying to get his hat away from Miss Shady. While in Chicago on buisness this week (Aug. 23), I had a small amount of time to go downtown on Monday night.

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And frequent bathroom runs can mess with your sleep. So after a night of heavy drinking, drink a glass of water (and a second one, if you're particularly thirsty), and leave a full glass on your bed stand to treat dry mouth in the morning. While sleep deprivation won't cause a hangover, it can make your hangover worse. Incidentally, alcohol disrupts the second part of your sleep — which occurs after the sun rises if you go to sleep particularly late. While you can't control the quality of your sleep after a heavy night of drinking, you can at least minimize environmental disruptions with a sleep mask that keeps light out of your eyes. Always avoid painkillers that contain acetaminophen though: You can seriously damage your liver and kidneys if you take them with alcohol. Experts agree that it's straight-up stupid to booze it up the morning after heavy drinking. It only delays the inevitable: a hangover that's even worse than the one you've got. Go with a plain poached egg or dry omelet, which won't upset your stomach as much as greasy bacon or heavy breakfast meats. When researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China, analyzed the effects of 57 different drinks on alcohol metabolism, they found that the Chinese version of Sprite and regular soda water help speed up the body's alcohol metabolism, which decreases the amount of time your body is exposed to the harmful chemicals produced when your body digests alcohol. At 26, she's survived a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, had her leg amputated, endured 40 more surgeries, become a snowboarder, climbed Kilimanjaro—and now gotten naked on top of a mountain to be photographed for a magazine that will soon be on newsstands nationwide. But unlike most athletes, or at least most who grace magazine covers, Ennis has had hers so broken that she almost didn't make it. In 2012, while she was on duty in Afghanistan, Ennis' helicopter was shot down. In November 2016, she finally finished the last of her many surgeries; doctors had to remove two more inches of her femur. Especially, she explains, because athletics, the very stuff ESPN celebrates most, is what saved her. On July 7, ColourPop Polish will debut with six shades, all seven-free so you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals lurking (there's no Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, DBP, TPHP, and Xylene). After posting an Instagram Live tutorial explaining how she uses her KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlight Kits in conjunction with other makeup, Kim went on to show a beauty tutorial that featured her only using her own KKW Beauty products to makeup her entire face. I know the drill: it simmers beneath my skin for a day or two, comes to the surface a glaring red, painful spot, lives there for up to two weeks, then finally goes away. Unless I got a cortisone shot from my dermatologist, that was my fate.

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They depict the children themselves as well as the First Men and how they banded together to defeat their common enemy, the White Walkers. She is finally awestruck and convinced of Jon's sayings, promising to defend the North with him when he bends the knee. Although he insists his people would never accept a southern ruler after everything they suffered, Daenerys rhetorically asks him whether his own pride is more important than the lives of the Northmen. Enraged at the loss of her allies, Daenerys snaps at Tyrion, accusing him of devising soft plans to protect his family and impulsively suggests flying to the Red Keep and burning it to the ground. She then turns her attention to Jon and asks for his advice. He tells her that all her followers saw her accomplish the impossible and believe she can do so yet again. However, using the dragons to destroy the castles and cities of Westeros would make her no different than the ones she is trying to overthrow. The Lannister-Tarly infantry assume an anti-cavalry shield wall, but Daenerys has Drogon blast them with dragonfire, clearing a path through the formation for her warriors to charge. Although the Lannister and Tarly forces fight fiercely and inflict heavy casualties against the Dothraki at first, the combination of dragonfire and cavalry charges overwhelms them, and their formations soon fall apart. Jaime briefly rallies a group of archers to target Daenerys as she dives again, hoping to kill her and leave her forces leaderless, but Drogon pulls up sharply and the arrows glance harmlessly off his scales. Daenerys and Drogon launch dive-bombing attacks from above to destroy the Lannisters' supply convoy, and the Dothraki mercilessly slaughter every fleeing soldier they find. Seemingly out of nowhere, a giant bolt whizzes right past Drogon as he flies and Daenerys immediately heads for the scorpion to destroy it. Before she can reach it, Bronn (who is manning the weapon) manages to strike Drogon's wing, causing the dragon to wince in pain and lose his balance. After plummeting nearly to the ground, Drogon regains his balance right in front of the scorpion and incinerates it with his fire-breath. He then lands on the battlefield and demolishes what's left of the scorpion with an angry swipe of his tail. Daenerys dismounts on the riverbank and tries to pull the bolt out of Drogon's shoulder. While trying to do so, she turns to see a mounted Jaime galloping towards her with a spear in hand. As if to reinforce this point, Drogon roars menacingly from his perch behind Daenerys, at most of the survivors quickly kneel, with the exception of Randyll Tarly and Dickon Tarly. Randyll refuses to trade his honor for his life, claiming he has chosen his queen.

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That versatility might be limiting on the one hand again because designers had to make the hardware light and portable, but liberating to players in another sense, because the games can be more simplistic and inviting to those who don’t typically play video games as much. Then there’s also the idea of sensory marketing, as well, which encompasses brand identity and the full experience of using the controller. It’s interesting though that controllers also lack the kind of fetishization of the new that the rest of the console has, because it has to maintain a semi-consistent form that blends beauty and fit. Lastly, I was appreciative of the fact that Parisi touches on other advancements in video game controllers that use other physiological stimulant effects, and even those that are more full-body extensions such as helmets for more virtual reality type consoles; the idea that the hand-controlled controller is still this kind of nexus of some of the aforementioned processes of embodiment in game play definitely indicates its importance as a focus of further study. One area of analysis within the various frameworks and approaches that Caldwell puts forth for looking at TV history, that I would have liked to read more about was the uneasy representations of race and sexuality that is touched upon mainly as it related to consumer commodification. I think it’s important that during the 80s and 90s, when TV aesthetics were being refined and celebrated, they were so crucially related to r acial and class politics, and were not apolitical aesthetics. That TV had a kind of love hate relationship with sexuality, high culture, and race, or that it exhibited an active simultaneous repulsion and fascination with those themes, is something that I think is worth deeper consideration. This distinction reminded me that these images are indeed never separate from the cultural contexts that produce them. I thought it was interesting that putting these topics and types forth might be akin to airing dirty laundry and threatening racial unity. Gray even says that TV can’t be dismissed for its commodification of different black representations or for how TV packages; as TV started to relate more and more to broader cultural questions and modes of production and reception, it emerges as an important site for cultural politics, organizing and mobilizing certain representations of blackness and constructing oppositions to existing ones. It brought up questions of representation via a particular medium, and how this relates to subjective memory as well as cultural or historical mass memory. I especially loved the idea he mentions about film not being just about the celluloid but about what the images refer to in terms of lived experiences, dreams, etc. There are things which carry only experiential meaning that cannot be transferred to film. I agree with this, but feel that it is still worth trying to capture one’s journey, one’s identity, and one’s history nevertheless, especially within a medium that can engage so closely and deliberately with cultural discourses that surround how those things function outside of the media, or within actual society. While there is something significant about being able to admit to the ineffable quality of a given object, story, or memory on film versus reality, I think it’s complicated and certainly worthy of questioning further what the liberating qualities might be of attempting to depict those things within a mass medium that opens up larger discussions and solutions. So I felt like in scrolling down the page, the look was very text-heavy on the left and in the middle, and then barren totally on the right. Then I spent some time playing around with the html I was using for this widget (this was a widget supplied by Goodreads, for the purpose of inserting into any other personal site, but the html was a little wonky to start off with). I finally figured out how to center the entire thing, which made it look a lot better than it did at first, so I’m happy with it now. I was, at the beginning of the semester especially, quite self-conscious that I was not doing enough with the site in this regard.

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Game of Thrones boasts having some of the most beautiful women on TV. For this list, we're looking at the lovely ladies of Westeros, and those across the Narrow Sea. Special thanks to our user MattW128 and drewbrown for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at. Anyone who’s read or watched the novels or TV series of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones knows that there’s enough family feuds, war, politics and intrigue for ten franchises. But for all the shocking deaths, betrayal, and strokes of luck that the series has featured thus far, there’s one question that fans debate more than any other, believing that it may hold the secret to the entire story. The mystery hinges on Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, the former head of Winterfell - the identity of his mother, to be exact. It’s one riddle that readers and viewers are both hopeless to solve until the end of the story, but one theory has risen above the rest. And if it’s true, Jon Snow may not just be an underdog hero, but the savior of all mankind. Obviously there will be plenty of POTENTIAL SPOILERS in our look at the theory and evidence behind the Game of Thrones theory that reveals Jon Snow’s shocking lineage. The entire Targaryen family tree, from Daenerys Targaryen up until the doom of Valyria. Only confirmed Targaryens are included, so there won't be Jon Snow or Orys Baratheon. The only Bastards mentioned are, Daemon Blackfyre, Bittersteel, Bloodraven, and Shiera Seastar. In this video we'll go over the possibilities of his whereabouts. Created with Toon Boom Studio 8. , a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet, and a Blue Yeti microphone. Stopping By the Inn by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). In this video Chris from SmokeScreen and I discuss all the different outcomes we think we can expect to see in Game of Thrones Season 6 for Tyrion Lannister.