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Tallahassee Mall: 11:15 a. . 2, 4:40, 7:30, 10:15 Dracula Untold PG-13, 92 minutes. Bloody violence, graphic gore, scary special effects, CGI gone mad, flocks of bats. During a big tiff with a testy Turkish sultan, a 15th-century Transylvanian prince makes a deal with an ancient vampire-monster to give him superpowers in this origin story about bad Vlad the Impaler. Directed by newcomer Gary Shore, who should stick to making plot-free TV commercials. (C-) Governors Square: 12:40, 3:45, 7:35, 10:30 Tallahassee Mall: 1:15, 3:45, 6:15, 8:45, 11:15 The Equalizer R, 131 minutes. Rough language, extreme violence, sexual content, corkscrew abuse. Although he appears to be a mellow, middle-aged clerk in a Home Mart mega-store, a former black-op commando goes after Slavic gangsters with guns blazing to rescue a young girl from the sex trade. Profanity, extreme violence, loud explosions, big egos. Rugged, international mercenaries get more than they bargained for when they go up against their former boss. With Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by Patrick Hughes, who comes from the world of video games. Movies 8: 12:20, 3, 6:55, 9:45 Flight of the Butterflies in 3D Not rated, 44 minutes. Even though it takes decades to discover, a determined scientist in Canada finally figures out that the monarch butterfly's migration path begins and ends in the mountains of Mexico. Beautifully photographed docu-drama should appeal to families and butterfly-lovers alike. An enjoyable journey.

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Jika ditanya hari apa yang menjadi hari favoritnya, Pooh akan menjawab “Hari ini. €ť Memang kebangetan lugunya, makanya jadi lucu. Tapi lantas, Pooh juga menganggap Christopher yang membawa tas kerjaan ke mana-mana, sedangkan putrinya yang ia bilang paling berharga selalu ia tinggal, bersikap tak kalah lucu. Mungkin kinilah saatnya giliran Pooh menggoda Christopher dengan “dasar, Silly old Human”. Film ini dibuka dengan Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, dan Roo mengadakan pesta perpisahan untuk Christopher yang di usianya yang ke Sembilan itu harus masuk Boarding School. Berjanji untuk berteman selamanya, Christopher menutup pintu di depan teman-teman semua. Ia kepala keluarga sekarang, mana ada waktu untuk bermain-main. Dia tahu dia harus serius karena mimpi itu enggak gratis. Saking sibuknya kerja, Christopher enggak ada waktu untuk putrinya; Madeline, yang ia suruh untuk dewasa lebih awal dari dirinya di usia 9 tahun. Apalagi untuk mengunjungi Pooh, faktanya, sudah tiga puluh tahun, Christopher tidak memikirkan teman-teman yang ia tinggalkan di Hutan tersebut. Beruang itu nekad masuk ke lubang tempat Christopher biasanya muncul, dan sampailah Pooh ke London. Ke tengah-tengah kehidupan nyata Christopher Robin. Karena memang ceritanya bagus, tokoh-tokohnya lucu. Aku nonton kartunnya di VCD, aku punya majalahnya, punya edisi komik dari film-filmnya, aku bahkan nontonin serial balita My Friends Tigger and Pooh while I’m babysitting my baby brother (ternyata, serial itu tidak dianggap kanon oleh film ini, bayangkan kecewaku hihi). Film Christopher Robin pun tak luput dari akrab dan bikin hati kita berbulu lembut dan hangat seperti demikian. Makanya, film live-action ini terasa benar perbedaannya. Sense pertumbuhan kuat sekali, cerita tidak berdalih dari majunya waktu; dari konsekuensi kehidupan nyata yang dihadapi oleh orang dewasa.

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Unfortunately, none of the characters feel fully fleshed out in what ends up being an ambling, overly talky film subject to long narrative lulls. Cody's heart is in the right place, but the whole thing -- from the setup to the dialog to the conclusion -- feels far too hokey and contrived to come close to resonating. DVD extras: Directors commentary track, behind-the-scenes interviews, theatrical trailer. OTHER RELEASES Star ratings are taken from staff and wire reviews that appeared in The Times-Picayune, and are on a five-star scale. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of NOLA Media Group. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears - opens in a new window or tab. It does an amazing job showing some of the huge highlights of the man’s life. When it switches back and forth between public and personal life footage, it kind of throws the flow of the documentary off a bit, sometimes confusingly. For example, when Kennedy is giving his speech about outer space and goes into great detail of the accomplishments and hopes of the American government with bringing people to the moon, you want more footage of the space program prepping for such things. As soon as that footage is complete and you’re waiting for some NASA footage to support the speech the documentary suddenly shifts to footage of Kennedy at his home in Virginia. The transition from one to another is not smooth and it kind of slows things down a bit when they should get rolling. Even the narration from one to the next seems a bit lost in translation. There are quite a few moments like this, but it doesn’t throw the entire thing off at all, just a bit. JFK Remembered: 50 Years Later does a good job of summing up his life in beautiful highlights and powerful, sometimes personal footage. Kennedy’s life. You get a great amount of footage from his private life (such as footage when he was a young man and footage of his family at their Virginia home), as well as some gorgeous footage of his speeches. Two of the best pieces of footage on the DVD is his speech on outer space and his speech at American University on the need to avoid nuclear war and concentrate on peace.

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Then, I’ll provide a recap of the season so far to prepare you for the season finale next week. It reminds me of the shots of the Fellowship traveling in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The way that the characters are overwhelmed by the landscape does well to set the mood. Gendry walk-and-talks with Thoros and Beric, with the Hound butting in at the end. Gendry is understandably upset that they lied to him and sold him as chattel to a woman who wanted to violate his body at best and kill him at worst. The fact that he objects to that is played for comedy, believe it or not. If nothing else, this scene clarified for me whether you’re supposed to pronounce the g in the word “whingeing” or not. Laugh if you like, but I had never been clear on that. Jon is King of the North and really should be executing Jorah, who is still under sentence of death. But the ways in which this show is ignoring the worldbuilding premises set up in the early seasons are too numerous to enumerate at this point, so let’s just skip that. This conversation also reminded me that I’m still not clear on who exactly knows that Jon has risen from the dead and who doesn’t. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t like this whole Tormund-Brienne thing. It seems to treat the idea that someone would be attracted to Brienne as a punchline in and of itself. It also considers the fact that Tormund stares at Brienne to the point of making her visibly uncomfortable to be funny. These are establishing character moments, and they reference earlier events on the show. They’re a chance for each character to move forward, to grow, and for the audience to deepen our connections to them. This show is so shot through with nonsense on every level that they just don’t do anything for me.

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We must come to an agreement, the sooner the better, he said. However, Lavrov insisted that Washington help enforce a November 2015 United Nations Security Council resolution condemning support for extremist groups in Syria. When we adopted this resolution, I remember US Secretary of State John Kerry s words. He said: Whoever wants to be part of (the political) process must sever links to terrorists, Lavrov said through a translator. Almost a year has passed and we await these words to be carried out, he added. Russia has accused the US-led coalition of failing to rein in hardline Syrian rebels, warning that the chances of a political settlement to the crisis was now remote. The United States are a great power, but that does not mean that everyone else must play by America s terms, Lavrov said. If they follow this policy we will not be able to do anything in the world. In turn, the West has accused Moscow of committing possible war crimes in Aleppo through indiscriminate bombing to support a brutal Syrian government offensive. Moscow has been conducting a bombing campaign in Syria in support of long-time ally Bashar al-assad since September 2015. More than 300,000 people have been killed since Syria s war devolved from a widespread protest movement against Assad s rule in March 2011 to a multi-front war between rebels, jihadists, Kurds and regime forces. Meanwhile, the head of the Turkish armed forces, General Hulusi Akar, held constructive talks with his Russian counterparts on the situation in Syria s Aleppo and the fight against GCC legislative Continued from Page 1 held in Manama Wednesday. He added that the law does not concern a certain country, but rather all countries, and the Gulf states are concerned about the dangers of such a law. Al-Kandari noted that the GCC legislatures chiefs would thoroughly deliberate such recommendations in their coming meeting, scheduled Nov 23-24. Hackers hit Continued from Page 1 Google countered that it gave Microsoft seven days to fix the flaw, as per its policy regarding critical flaws, before making it public on Monday. This vulnerability is particularly serious because we know it is being actively exploited, Neel Mehta and Billy Leonard of the Google threat analysis group said in an online post. Google said it told Microsoft and Adobe about the vulnerabilities on Oct 21, and an update to Flash addressing the weakness was released five days later.

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