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The development of new stent designs may expand the indications of the percutaneous treatment. The data to inform everyday clinical management are weak and therefore a Delphi consensus methodology was used to explore areas of consensus and disagreement concerning the diagnosis and management of patients with suspected iliac endofibrosis. A three-round Delphi questionnaire approach was used among vascular surgeons, sports physicians, sports scientists, radiologists, and clinical vascular scientists with experience of treating this condition to explore diagnosis and clinical management issues for patients with suspected iliac artery endofibrosis. Analysis is based on 18 responses to round 2 and 14 responses to round 3, with agreement reported when 70% of respondents were in agreement. Initially there was agreement on the typical symptoms at presentation and the need for an exercise test in the diagnosis. Round 3 clarified that duplex ultrasound was a useful tool in the diagnosis of endofibrosis. There was consensus on the most appropriate type of surgery (endarterectomy and vein patch) and that endovascular interventions were inadvisable. The final round helped to inform aspects of the natural history and post-operative surveillance. Progression of the disease was likely with continued exercise but cessation may prevent progression. Surveillance after surgery is generally recommended yearly with at least a clinical assessment. There is broad agreement about the presenting symptoms and the investigations required to confirm (or exclude) the diagnosis of iliac endofibrosis. There was consensus on the surgical approach to repair. Disagreement existed about the specific diagnostic criteria that should be applied during non-invasive testing and about post-operative care and resumption of exercise. A 41-year-old man with previous medical history of recurrent, alcoholic pancreatitis presented with several episodes of hematemesis and abdominal pain for 48a? ours. Physical examination revealed a soft abdomen, with no abdominal bruit, no pulsatile abdominal mass, and no stigmata of chronic liver disease. Abdominal CT revealed a 5-cm-wide peripancreatic mass compressing the stomach and constricting the SV. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy showed blood oozing from portal hypertensive gastropathy, small nonbleeding gastric cardial and fundal varices, gastric compression from the extrinsic mass, and no esophageal varices.

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Shit you never thought would go anywhere does, and shit that you think won't go any further manages to too. With Bran muffin being able to warg into Hodor we're slowly introduced to warging into Humans, and with Varamyr Foreskins we know that shit is possible, and is gonna happen with SOMEONE. He says a lot of suspicious shit, and knows a lot more than he should. But he says something that piqued my interest Perhaps we can fly. All of us. How will we ever know unless we leap from some tall tower. No man ever truly knows what he can do unless he dares to leap. Sounds suspiciously like what happened to Bran cereal. But hey! Maybe Euron is just some asshole who happens to say some uncanny shit. His personal coat-of-arms is a red eye with a black pupil beneath a black iron crown supported by two crows. Two Crows. Puppeteering. A. Fucking. King. But why Euron? How?

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Most consumer bandwidth can’t handle 4K much less 8K, which that may or may not change during the next decade. And the eye really can’t resolve 4K, much less 8K, from standard TV viewing distances, much less mobile devices, which is increasingly where many viewers are watching their TV these days. I also find it hard to believe that in 10-15 years the majority of TVs will be 4K, and certainly very few will be 8K, especially when there are homes that still have CRT TVs which haven’t been upgraded. And given that some people have only recently upgraded to 1080p TVs in the last few years, they’re unlikely to rush out and upgrade to 4K for at least 10-15 years. Regardless, it’s nothing like the leap from finishing a series on videotape which was at a 480i standard, and an analogue one at that. The leap from analogue 480i to Digital 1080p is staggering in terms of what the eye can perceive. 480i looks horrific on my 32” 1080p TV where as 1080p looks indistinguishable from 4K on my 65” 4K TV. And I gurantee CBS took that all into consideration. Now maybe in 50-100 years when studios are converting their programs to fully immersive holographic VR mediums, they will wish that DISC had been produced in 4K or even 8K to gain added realism, but again, it will be in very good company in not being able to make that conversion. Then again, technology may be such by then that extra pixels to bring the 2K resolution up to the new standard may make it indistinguishable from original 8K source. At some point it’s all still a business, and businesses have to make economic decisions, which may result in compromises. Yes, I still have one single CRT from the early 2000s. Even 4K sets are coming down dramatically in price and already are the majority of the available models in retail places. As someone in his mid 20s, I think you’re expressing a very out of date perspective that 4K won’t be relevant for a while. After reading many comments and viewing some videos regarding Star Trek Discovery, one would think this is the worse show in the history of television. And because it is available via streaming in the US, it is hard to gauge the popularity of the first season. Yes, the show broke records in Canada on Space Channel and yes, it seems to have quite an international audience on Netflix, but I often wonder if fans really do like the show. Well at CCNY the cast panel hall was filled to capacity and when I went to Fan Expo in Toronto, the lineup to get into the Discovery cast panel lined the lower hall and main floor north and south walls.

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make The stunt in for melody, but itself it did was ' She secured his final decree of divorce The other there to settle the divorce matter, and is glad to be rid of him. He the room wives. greeted and is the admitted to by both At this point the farce reaches a high pitch. The crossfire at the Proctor's, Yonkers opening has Barry ae a florist's deframed of this usual act type, The livery I oy. A male of business that grows funny with pianist solos an introductory song repetition is Barry's attempts to for the principals. The next announcement dances smoothly, the girl possessing is Sam Bernard, with Barry doing personality, appearance and grace. He is an expaniment of violin, accordion and perienced, capable comedian who mandolin. This As a flash for the Intermediate pair should be up there rJl the time houses it averages up with any of any time. The husband figures in only the last few minutes, furnishing all that is necessary for the short part. He is inclined to carry the part overboard at times. The juvenile occupies the stage the major portion cf the time, using pop numbers during costume changes by Miss Parker, lie also figures in all of the double dances with her. Opening with a number, they top it off with some Russian stepping, the boy following with a number allowing his partner to change to a country girl costume for a eolo dance, including toe work, splits A and slides cicely performed. Miss oq I pranced down to the matinee, my Maurey couldn't go. Brice has been absent for about my baby, so I went alone to the show. It's a different setIt sure would have been Just fine. With that song in the act ting but the same Tramework as the contortionists, came on No. 2; The Le Orohc, thre. One of the men is tall and slender the other one's quitn stout The Morton-tJlass act had a landfigure like my Maurey's— why.

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HOME MAID SPANISH, both are designed for housewives to communicate with their. Venice: Inside and Out: a Photographic Guide with. Architecture, Culture, Water Canels, Gondoliers, History, Biography, Regional. Dust Jacket. ISBN: 8876661085. Fabulous pictorial, amazing views, incredible. Illustrations. Clean and Unmarked Text: Parents Magazine Press, Clean and. ISBN: 0819308420. Spine nicely clear tape reinforced. Productions, 1981, 2- This is a First Edition, Stated By Pu. 1 SIZE: Oversized. Walls, Lisa A. Bucki, Anne Owen, Greg Wiegand, Nancy Stevenson, Amy Peppler. Adams, Lisa Lynch, Chris Nelson, Jim Minatel, Charlotte Clapp et al. Power. No Dust Jacket. ISBN: 1565298624.

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She's a free spirit cranked to eleven, then the dial breaks, snaps and spins out of control before the amp catches on fire. If you've ever known and partied with the type then you know how rare and intoxicating they are right at the moment before that happens, and how sublimely chilling after. In that moment we're still protective of her, nervous like fauns we are, genteel-like, the gaze of the camera seems to shudder with the realization it's privilege to some special moment in time and person when it gets her all alone in a private thought. A sweet, sweet Scorpio (born Oct. 15), she's the kind of friendly animal a Pisces like me would let ride on our back as we swim the channel, but I'm too savvy to ask why she'd sting me to death halfway across - it's not even cuz Charlie told her too, or because of acid, it's just her nature. Her long straight hair like wind-stirred gossamer over a denim jacket picturesquely dabbed in a cop's blood, when Lowry starts slowly laughing at the carnage going on down the hill in The Crazies there's a weird schism that marks a great unexplored middle ground between the sane heroes and the 'changed. Rather than turn zombie or something where the line is clearly drawn between normal and 'possessed' or us vs. Whether she'd be in the mood to play her dangerous Go Ask Alice -style games with us (rather than staying on the phone all night or hanging out on the porch with some sketchy boyfriend) was another story. But if Jupiter aligned with Mars and she was ready to focus her loving laser beam attention upon us, then it was like some magic new dimension was opened in the Kuersten house, like she alone had a key to a secret door in the hallway wall that led to where all the cool stuff was. As long as we don't try to pull her out of it, no harm will come to either of us. She's so much, man, so much like my old babysitter, who I wonder about today, if she's still alive. She was too pretty and too damaged, without a house or a home, the kind of freedom we all envy until we see that bloom begin to fade and wither, then we turn up our collars and rush home, half-ashamed and dehydrated, unable to swallow, terrified of water. (fire is cold, knives are like fire, and water is like a hard razor wire cat o'nine tails). Toots, I hated having to say that name to address you, my froggy voice stringy anchored by sublime pre-genital rapture. I was 13, so bye-bye cool wild flower power kiss you on the mouth babysitters and hello slasher craze sober virgin final girls making sure we did all our homework and went to bed on time and then we lay awake, and terrified anyway. The early 80s: devil worship wasn't 'fun' anymore, but the province of icky child molesters at day care centers (big difference between the special love I had for T---s). By then the slasher craze had even us once louche grade school swingers afraid even to go upstairs alone unless mom was already up there. It didn't matter which side of the censorship barrier, what was once shag carpet and wood panelling vivid, once Seth snake cult decadent was now just postage stamp size color pictures in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and John Buscemi Conan the Barbarian reprints.

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. The first cities were formed there, too: Uruk, in southern Mesopotamia, was a political and economic center by 3300 e. . And it was there the first empires were created, starting with the Akkadian around 2300 B. . the beginning of a long line that includes Assyrian, Babylonian, Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sassanian. Joan Aruz in the Assyrian Art Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photograph bv Vernon Doucette TRADING PLACES THE NETWORK of connections linking the disparate civilizations of the ancient Near East has long intrigued Aruz. As the first centers of culture arose, so too did the first inklings of globalization. The three great civilizations during the third millennium B. . Egyptian, SUMMER 2004 BOSTONIA I9. Egypt especially remained quite isolated, but archaeological finds show that trade must have taken place. Take the case of lapis lazuli, a semiprecious blue-purple stone mined in the Badakhshan mountains in what is now northern Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli was traded widely during the third millennium B. . throughout western Central Asia, Iran, Mesopotamia, Syria, and the Mediterranean region, Aruz notes in the book that accompanied the exhibition, which she edited and contributed to. That exhibition in mid-2003 was the biggest Aruz had undertaken as a Met curator.

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Mikey: As in Holidays, so I think we probably have about 31 pregnant women even if we didn’t have them in all 31 movies! Solee: Yep. That’s not a trope I find necessary or even all that palatable. Although, given the somewhat creepy nature of growing another organism inside oneself (sorry, all you pregnant ladies! , and the great plot opportunities for one thing - alien, ghost, etc - sneaking into another thing - sweet little baby, hormonal lady, etc - I can see why it’s used so often. Solee: That makes me think of ghost inside alien inside baby inside mother. Mikey: Not nearly enough turduckens in horror movies. Solee: Even in this movie, where it’s integral to the plot, I don’t love it because I think it’s pretty lazy, unoriginal writing. Rape and incest are too often used as a convenient launch pad for completely unrelated plots. Mikey: Yes, same idea: look how traumatized this woman is now, we can go anywhere with this. Solee: Exactly. Mikey: But there’s more to this movie. There’s arguing couples, and arguing couples, and couples arguing simultaneously while we cut between them to enjoy all the arguments at max intensity. They really prefer when couples calmly talk things out. Mikey: They’re like relationship counselors in that way. It felt like an alien invasion story where the victims of the aliens stuck around as ghosts. To help future victims? I’m not so sure about that part.