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There are not tens of millions of fans who can tell you all the regions of Westeros (which isn’t that difficult). Fine, even if it comes as a slight to a certain one true king. This is a high budget production with hundreds of talented people working both behind the camera and in front of it. The show should be faulted for ones that don’t work. We should not however, fault the show for making changes solely on the grounds that it’s different from the books. I can’t really say that’s not going to be a problem because I don’t know. This is pretty unprecedented as far as screen adaptations go. I imagine this is something that GRRM has thought about once or twice. Until then, I’m going to enjoy Game of Thrones and do my best to keep my inner ASOIAF geek at bay. If I had a gold dragon for every time something was changed in the upcoming season, I’d be richer than the Iron Bank of Braavos.

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Think about how much difference and antagonism is between these two sides. No way. Cersei would rather ask for Tyrion's head before she agrees to allow the Targaryen to steal her throne. She will not care if Tyrion killed Joffrey or not, he still killed Tywin. Littlefinger is a traitor on her eyes too, and even if she sees Sansa as a non-threat, she was never on her side when Joffrey was torturing her psychologically. Arya will never make peace with the Lannisters after the Red Wedding and her father's death. I think the decisive battle with the White Walkers will not happen until winter reaches King's Landing. That would mean the North forces will be defeated and pushed back to the south. Littlefinger might not be dead, but he knows he is being outclassed. Sansa does not appreciate his counsel, Arya is a one woman assassin's squad, and Bran is Charles Xavier.

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If you had a need for one or more of the following services. Chances are, you'd want to know a little something about the person's qualifications, and you might even check with a trusted friend for some recommendations. But what would you do if your friend suggested a guy who didn't really have any formal education, but did have a great personality. Everybody knows that doctors, lawyers, and such are supposed to have lots of education. Personality is nice too, but it's the other stuff that counts. Question Two. You need another body for the studio. Who will you hire? What about the kid down the block with the great personality. He's not very good with electronics, but everybody likes him.

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Might of been Danys best non fuck shit up and burn shit down moments. I get that it was cool to show the Citadel, but that episode was packed. Sam's scene is the only one that felt out of place both in its lack of a big moment (Sam getting to the library is not a big moment in the context of that episode) and in the odd choice to try to throw in comic relief in the exchange with him and the clerk. Way to call out Tyrion on it tho, he's smarter than he looks. So if Daenerys is allied with the Tyrells and with Dorne, and she has her own army of Dothraki and Unsullied, and boats and dragons, and the Freys are dead, and the whole North is anti-Lannister, it kind of seems like the war is already over for Queen Cersei, or is there some advantage they might have that I'm missing. As we had hoped, the last two episodes totally made up for the 3 episodes before them. So I guess that as it was mentioned earlier by me and several others, the finale proved more or less this season was all about set up and tying up the loose ends. But due to the amazing acting and mostly very solid directing (particularly Miguel Sepochnik and Daniel Sackheim, and even Jack Bender who did imo the best episode of the season 'The Door'), this season was still awesome and did something that is really tricky for a drama going into it's seventh season: which is (proper) HYYYPPPPEEE (take notes AMC and Scott Gimple). And alas now the pieces are set, alliances are made with the remaining houses: Team Targaryen vs Team Stark vs Team Lannister. Here's what's left to play out (and things I'm still wondering about): - When will Euron re-enter the picture.

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