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Last May, Ichiro moved from the Mariners’ active roster into a front office role, and while he didn’t play again in 2018, both sides made it clear that he intended to continue his on-field career. Over 951 games with the Orix Buffaloes in Japan and then 2653 games with the Mariners, Yankees, and Marlins in North America, Ichiro recorded more professional hits than any player ever. He became just the second player to win both the Rookie Of The Year and MVP Awards in the same year, also winning the first of three Silver Slugger Awards and the first of 10 Gold Gloves. Perhaps the most notable of his many achievements was setting a new single-season hits record in 2004, as his 262 hits broke the 84-year-old mark formerly held by Hall-of-Famer George Sisler. He stole a league-best 56 bases in 2001, and finished his career with 509 steals, tied for 35th-most in Major League history. As a right fielder, Ichiro unleashed a throwing arm that instantly drew comparisons to Roberto Clemente in terms of both power and accuracy. This work ethic helped make Ichiro one of the most respected players of recent times, idolized by both fans and teammates alike all over the world. King III of the New York Post and MLB. om’s Bryan Hoch cover ( Twitter links ). The offer from the Yanks “was pretty much” the only one he got all winter long, says the veteran southpaw. It has been quite some time since Gonzalez has had to fight for a roster spot and a big-league paycheck, but he says it’s “a pretty great opportunity” that he “can’t be ungrateful” for. He says he’ll be patient in allowing thing to heal, but didn’t hide his anger at hitting the shelf just before the season began. (Anderson flew to Japan believing he would be ready to roll, but the issue was worse upon arrival. Armstrong, 28, is still hoping that this’ll be the season he fully establishes himself in the majors. He has seen action in four seasons but has yet to be entrusted with more than 21 appearances in a given campaign. The veteran hurler, who’s working back from a Lisfranc fracture in his left foot, hasn’t yet fully ramped things up but seems on track to get back to being a high-powered relief arm early in the new season. “I will probably be in full shape by April something or May,” he says.

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In other words, 81% of tickets issued for crosswalk infractions went to pedestrians. Of their 43,326 combined citations, only 11. 5% (4,876) were issued to drivers. During the six years covered by the data, there were more jaywalking tickets issued in just the Central Division than there were failure-to-yield tickets in the five divisions combined. Meanwhile, 20 pedestrians were killed by cars in the Central Division in 2017 alone. David Drexler captured this photo on on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach on Sunday. The BAC is the only official voice for bicyclists in the city, even if most of the city’s councilmembers never meet with, let alone listen to, the district representatives they appointed. A Delaware truck driver allegedly blared his horn at a bicyclist for hugging the white line, then nearly ran him off the road before getting out and beating him with a wire cable. Because it’s just so hard to pick up a bike and move it if it’s in the way. And as the paper notes, it’s perfectly legal to ride abreast in the UK, though it might be polite to move over. If he thinks cycling fans are in the minority, wait until he finds out how many people actually go to church every Sunday. Meanwhile, Movistar’s Mikel Landa may miss the Vuelta after suffering a fractured vertebrae in the same crash. On or off the bike, don’t touch anyone who doesn’t want to be touched. And many men argued that they were just trying to help. Just ask first. If a woman — or a man, for that matter — wants your help they’ll tell you. Most people will usually ask advice if they really want it.


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Pecakapan selanjut nya adalah antara Tyrion dan Podric. Akhirnya mereka semua sampai lah di Dragon Pit sebuah amphitheater yang sangat luas. Dragon Pit terbagi dalam 3 Tenda besar, dimana tenda tersebut di gunakan oleh orang orang yang sangat penting nantinya. Hampir semua orang sudah hadir (tidak begitu jelas siapa saja yang sudah sampai di tenda di Dragon Pit), akan tetapi kehadiran Cersei tidak terlihat juga. The hound membawa Weight dalam Kandang ke tengah tengah amphitheater, ketika itu Cersei bertanya kepada Tyrion dimana Dany. Hingga membuat Cersei bertanya-tanya dimana Naga ke 3 milik Dany. Lalu kemudian the Hound membuka isi kandang Weight dan Weight dalam kandang itu mendekati Cersei layaknya hewan buas, tak lama the Mountain mengikat Wegiht tersebut sebelum mencapai Cersei. Perasaan Cersei berkecamuk antara terkesima dan ketakutan oleh Weight tersebut, disana the Hound mendemonstrasikan bagaimana Weight tersebut tidak akan mati meskipun sedikit demi sedikit bagian tubuhnya di iris dan di belah oleh the Hound. Tak lama Jon Snow berteriak hanya ada 2 cara membunuh Weight. Pertama yaitu dengan Api (Jon membakar tangan Weight yang di sayat the Hound) tak lama kemudian Wegiht tersebut merasakan kesakitan. Dan kedua yaitu dengan Dragon Glass (Jon pun menghujamkan Dragon Glass pada Weight itu dan dia pun mati). Akan tetapi Jon Snow berkata lain, Dia bersumpah di khalayak ramai bahwa dia hanya akan melayani satu ratu (tidak secara harfiah berlutut aka bend the knee) dan Ratu itu adalah Ratu Daenerys Targaryen. Dan tak lama kemudian Jon Snow berlutut di hadapan Dany sehingga membuat Cersei kesal, Cersei menolak berlutu pada Dany dan juga mengurungkan kerjasama tentang expedisi Long Night kemudian dia pergi meninggalkan Dragon Pit. Jamie sudah mengetahui bahaya dari Long NIght, dan dia berjanji akan berusaha semaksimal mungkin untuk merubah keputusan Cersie. Jon, Dany dan Tyrion setelah mengetahui keputusan negatice Cersei berdampak pada tidak semua pasukan di Selatan akan membantu Utara. Tyrion pun pergi ke Red Keep di kawal oleh the Mountain untuk menemui Cersei. Tyrion berkata mengenai seberapa benci Cersei kepada dirinya, masalah membunuh ayahnya, masalah jofrey dan berbagai alasan lainnya.

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(And Jon accepted a title he had to right to because it would be the only way to mount an effective campaign against the Others. Not the best-written scene in the show's history, but it wasn't completely improbable and it does advance the plot. Is Sansa had been put in charge, Jon would have to spend episode after episode begging her to take the WW threat seriously. R214 Oh god, I didn't even look at it that way, you're right. And she'd come off as totally incompetent and clueless in the process, as opposed to now where she is clearly knowledgeable, if a bit tactless. They were rejecting Sansa who took the lead in those discussions. When they finally got to Lady Mormont, she made it plain: YOu call yourself Sansa Stark. So Sansa does have either the weight or the credibility to rule on her own. What she has is with Jon's backing and with Littlefinger and Lord Royce. Now if Sansa really wanted to be diabolical and show some cunning, she ought to get Royce to dump Littlefinger. Without the army of the Vale, Littlefinger is nothing. In fact, if Sansa were really an heir to Cersei's tutelage, she would marry Robyn Ayrynn, kill him, and take over the Vale with Royce on her side. Yes, she was the one who called in LF to save them in the Battle of the Bastards. But she is really undermining herself every time she opens her mouth in these meetings and gets overruled by Jon who gives wiser, more reasoned explanations for why he is making the decisions he is making. OTOH, Jon needs to listen to her in private and consult with her because that's all she really wants. But when she called Littlefinger and the Vale Army to rescue them, and didn't even bother to tell him, and Littlefinger keeps wandering around whispering in her ear, I don't blame Jon for telling her nothing. He hasn't yet seen that he can trust her, while she, OTOH knows she can trust him.

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2007 New Line Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. RUB 129. 0 Brave Russian audio Pixar Animation Studios, the creator of Toy Story 3, whisks you away on an astonishing adventure to an ancient land full of mystery and tradition. Bursting with heart, unforgettable characters and Pixar's signature humor, Brave is incredible entertainment for the whole family. Take a heroic journey with Merida, a skilled archer and headstrong daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Determined to carve her own path in life, Merida defies an age-old custom sacred to the unruly and uproarious lords of the land. Then, with barely any warning, the movie propels us into the fantasy world of Narnia in a literally immersive transitional scene. This is indicative of the movie as a whole, which is packed with—. As a result, I suspect younger moviegoers and audiences unfamiliar with the source material will especially enjoy the sweep and spectacle of this adventure yarn. Versatile director Michael Apted keeps things moving at a rapid clip, working from a screenplay by Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, and Michael Petroni. They do a fine job, although the intriguing scenes that confront their adolescent character flaws—Lucy’s wish for physical beauty, Edmund’s suppressed desire for power and riches—are dealt with rather hastily. Those fleeting moments tease us with the kind of thoughtful content that separates The Chronicles of Narnia from routine fantasy tales. I suppose readers of Lewis’ books will be able to fill in those gaps, while movie audiences are treated to a series of outsized adventures, brought to life with some truly breathtaking visual effects. The parade of cinematic spectacles begins when a painting in cousin Eustace’s house comes to life, and continues through encounters with a fire-breathing dragon and a particularly predatory sea serpent. He appeared in the last film, as well, voiced by Eddie Izzard, but this time, with Simon Pegg providing his dialogue, he steals every scene he’s in. A courtly and implacable hero, he seems absolutely, utterly genuine, like an actor sharing the screen with his fellow thespians and not a computer-generated creation.

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Speaking on the occasion, Bali said over 140 girls and boys will be trained in trades like cutting and tailoring, beautician, electrician, plumbing and driving etc under various social welfare schemes in Rajpura Domana constituency. Referring to several measures being initiated for welfare of the under privileged segments of the society, Bali said that the Government is keen to spread literacy among such people as only education can transform their socio-economic status. He underscored the importance of various welfare programmes in bringing about a healthy change in the living condition of poor and needy. Speaker launches development works Speaker Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta today said that soon more than 100 water coolers will be installed in 24 municipal wards of Gandhi Nagar constituency. He said this while inaugurating new water coolers that have been installed by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) in ward Nos. 55 and 56 in Gangyal at a cost of Rs 6 lakh. Speaking on the occasion, Kavinder Gupta said that installation of water coolers in public areas will help p rovide clean and cool drinking water to people giving them respite in stifling temperatures. “With these installations, we are focusing on areas that draw a large number of people like medical institutions, religious institutions, market places and other area that experience heavy foot traffic. We aim to position them such that maximum number of people can benefit from the facility”, the Speaker added. Later, the Speaker also launched development works for construction of lanes and drains in Gangyal area. The work is being executed by JMC at an estimated cost of 5 lakh. Speaker while addressing the residents assured them that all efforts will be made to provide them better amenities and said that many restoration, renovation and construction projects for the area are in pipeline and will soon be executed. Sham inspects work on PHE schemes in Akhnoor Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control, Sham Lal Chaudhary, today conducted an extensive tour of various areas of Jourian in Akhnoor to assess the status of development works being executed in the area besides taking stock of public grievances. The Minister inspected mini tube well at Lahm having pump discharge capacity of 5,000 and reservoir tanks capacity of 10,000 and 15,000 gallons respectively. He was apprised of the i nter connecting pipe system and provision of adequate number of hand pumps supplementing the routine supply of water as means of ensuring continuous and uninterrupted water supply to the area. The Minister also took stock of Border Supply Scheme for Budwal and Channi areas which was initially introduced in 2002. The infrastructure houses a 20,000 gallons water reservoir with 5,000 discharge capacity catering to the agricultural and domestic water requirements of 100 and 200 households inhabiting Budwal and Channi areas respectively.

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When Moody saw the shoes, he mentioned the need to others because he knew their custom. Moody collected all the shoes and cleaned them himself. A friend who made an unexpected visit to his room revealed what Moody had done. The word spread, and the next few nights others took turns doing the cleaning. Moody’s leadership style of humility inspired others to follow his example. The apostle Paul reminded Timothy to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Tim. 2:1-2 niv). When we remember that our strength is a result of God’s grace, that keeps us humble. Then in humility we pass on God’s truth by being an example that encourages and inspires others to follow. Show me and teach me as I read about Your example in Your Word. Give me the grace to humble myself and serve others. Humility is the result of knowing God and knowing yourself. Insight: Paul had been mentoring Timothy as he pastored a church in Ephesus. Paul instructed Timothy not only in matters of faith (2 Tim. 3:14-17), but in matters of church etiquette and order, and in practical matters of conducting himself in a manner that reflected the grace of Jesus Christ. The importance of the last of these is reflected in today’s passage (vv.

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