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Haha. It was amazing for me, man. I’ve always had a very (over)active imagination, and watching these flicks just made me happy, sent me to another world. I’ve always been a collector and very fond of physical media: books, records, VHS tapes etc. And since the internet is how most people get their information nowadays, I think it’s really important to keep physical media around. It’s tangible; it’s not just some coding the blinks on some screen. I never thought it would get such a great reaction. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to connect with so many people that care about VHS and weird cinema in general. I can recall some of my friends just knowing that I was scared when it came to zombies and they’d be like, “Zombies, Josh. How would you describe Lunchmeat Magazine to oh, let’s say to a starving guy lost in the woods and is starving for a good meal. Weird character actors wear the crown and the stuff that’s buried in your weird but interesting neighbor’s basement is brought back to life. And referring to my comment before about “or didn’t cover before, anyway”, I feel like a lot of horror mags are starting to pay more attention to VHS now, which is fantastic. RM did a VHS SPECIAL ISSUE and HorrorHound does a feature on old releasing companies. VHS is the format that ushered all of these horror flicks into your home.

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The United States and Canada as well will be the objects of migration. . Climate change? This is not expounded on but merely taken as a given. Nothing is clear. The only thing that’s clear is: There is going to be migration. The original theory of democracy has to find a way to reconcile the question of race; to get it clear that people who look different and have different physiognomy are equal and entitled to the same privileges and rights. Rule of law cannot survive without a reduction of radical inequality. . Funny enough, while Lord Botstein is explicitly talking about democracy, Lord Botstein is implicitly operating from a belief of policy belonging in the hands of experts. Justification by faith alone, its not my membership in a community but it is my conversation with God that allows me access to salvation and grace. . But I’m going to take different route and say individualism follows from another tradition, rational egoism. .


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Here we examine the VP classic, House on Haunted Hill. In CAGE, the two muscled legends are soldiers in 'Nam, and Billy (the go-to name for someone who is a bit slow-witted) is wounded by shrapnel. In this episode, a regular feature of the Really Awful Movies Podcast we call CRAP OF THE WEEK, we discuss movies one of us has seen and the other hasn't and vice. In George A. Romero's Monkey Shines, it's a telepathic Capuchin helper monkey, and in Shakma, it's a rampaging baboon in a university hospital. It's Old World Vs New World Monkeys in this battle of our closest genetic c. Homoerotic subtext abounds in this mediocre sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street. By the time Golan and Globus got around to it though, things were really coming off the rails. This includes Mickey Rourke, whose face is now a catcher's mitt because of an ill-fated pro boxing career in Florida, Michael Madsen. He's the mastermind behind this incredibly creative, understated 80s horror classic. A killer on the lam, by some sort of Voodoo mumbo jumbo. The Prowler (released internationally as Rosemary's Killer) is set in a very Podunk Northeastern town and is about a group of college students holding their first dance in dec. The film follows the exploits of San Te, a nobody who trains at the Shaolin Temple to master kung fu in order. And it's being perpetrated by a guy named Miguel (Christopher Lee).


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Since the uniformed pushback against protesters has begun in earnest, Occupy’s polling numbers continue to decline. They claim to be a movement focused on civil and human rights, but they have no Martin Luther King, Jr. They say that this is to keep them powerful, that there is a risk of a leader being assassinated by the One Percent, or being arrested and having the power of the movement diminished. They find strength in their numbers, but that strength is going to tragic waste. The Occupy movement is powerful, but they have no application for that power. They use it to set up more tents; they use to it to prevent dockworkers from doing their jobs; they use it to energize themselves and no one else. The power they have can change nothing unless they refocus their efforts towards a goal with which more of the country can agree. Right now their only focus is their anger; and their anger has no focus. In closing, I would like to address any Occupy members who read this. Occupy has become less a movement of the people and more like a rowdy block party hosted by the students from a Philosophy of Government class at a local community college. It is the demon Republicans use to scare their children into investing wisely and voting at every opportunity. It is the whipping boy for anyone stuck in traffic in a major city. It is the most vocal of the most liberal with the most free time. Put your ideals on the line as you have your bodies.


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It was for a video project I was working on, but I wasn't ready to put it out at that time. Elements of the projection were used within the pieces. It almost felt like I made this work far too early and I just sat on it for a while. I also wanted there to be an element of light to play on the pieces. I want to show that pieces are interactive and that they are see-through, because some people couldn't tell. MCDERMOTT: I know that you create everything on a computer before physically printing it. KESH: I consider myself a digital artist, so what I'll do is create everything with technology. For instance, these are all pictures of me taken within this space. I did three different shoots and took about 1,200 images, then went through and found the perfect one that I felt was showing my emotion at the time. I did a shoot in here naked and I took it into different programs and pieced it all together. I strip it down and place different things in different areas. I like to think of them as asteroids or something—I feel like I'm flying through space with these pieces. I like to use things that didn't exist 50 years ago, or 20 years ago even. I want to always do things that are very current and pushing the boundaries of the way we create art.


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Start Cancel. In the movie by Stacy Title, whoever speaks the name or knows of the existence of the titular supernatural being face an impending doom as he curses them with insanity, hallucinations and finally, death. With The Bye Bye Man, it falls under the second category. If the movie characters have not called upon the spirits, the evil one wouldn't have been summoned to enter our realm. But call they must since that is the driving force behind the plot of horror movies like this, after all. When one day they start using a Ouija board for Alice's readings, she unknowingly invited an evil spirit who begin to possess Doris. Both share this similarity to the legendary Bloody Mary: a mention of their names will bring these nightmares to life. Candyman more closely resembles the entity from the folklore, where by calling his name five times (Mary only needs three) in front of a mirror, he will materialise in our realm and is ready to slaughter. Don't be fooled by the name, he doesn't kill with candy but with a hook (attached to the end of his arm, in lieu of a normal human hand). Directed by Bernard Rose, the 1992 movie follows a graduate student, Helen Lyle, whose skepticism of the Candyman lore made her call his name and of course, this leads to him killing everyone around her to make her believe in his true horror. So if unwitting children were to catch a glimpse of his cursed image, which acts as a gateway to another realm, he will be summoned and he would possess them, transforming them into his murdering puppets. In this 2012 movie by Scott Derrickson, Ethan Hawke stars as a father who knowingly moved his family to a house where a murder has occurred, though not knowing until later on that Bughuul was responsible for the murder and several others. The movie adds on the element of summoning as whoever has the skull of the rider is able to control him and manipulate him into killing whomever they wish. Director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp, who stars as a police named Ichabod Crane in the movie, have worked together on various projects but this by far remains as one of their best.