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The purpose of this study was to establish the concurrent validity of PGMQ using Test of Gross Motor Development-2 (TGMD-2) as the gold standard. Providing insight into their actual level of collaboration requires a means to assess practice within health settings. Non-experimental methodological design for field testing of the instrument's psychometric properties. A convenient sample of 80 Mexican-American adults in California and Texas completed a brief biographical survey and field tested the Expectations of Filial Piety Scale. Common factor analysis with orthogonal rotation was used to extract three factors, which accounted for 58% of the variance in scale scores. These factors included: I: respect for parents (24. 5%); II: honouring parents (12. %); and III: family unity (16. 6%). Overall scale reliability was 0. 7 with individual factor reliability coefficients ranging from 0. 4 to 0.

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Semua itu sudah dipersentasikan dengan baik oleh Mike, tapi entah apa karena delete scene oleh pihak bioskop atau memang aslinya memang seperti itu, akhir cerita film ini terasa berantakan sekali. Padahal saya suka bagaimana konklusi akhir film ini mulai semakin mendebarkan di ujung. Tapi, ketika ia berada di adegan klimaks ada kesan terburu-buru, maksa dan bahkan scene mondar-mandirnya membuat saya bingung apa yang sedang terjadi. Dan itu merusak suasana yang sudah dijaga dari awal. Yah, mengabaikan fakta kacaunya bagian klimaks film ini. Ouija: Origin of Evil telah berhasil menemukan jati dirinya kala prequel-nya yang kacau balau itu. Setidaknya kita masih mendapatkan rasa ngerinya bermain papan Ouija. Dan semua itu di visualisasikan secara matang dan klasik, memberi tampilan creepy yang luar biasa. Dan atmosfer ngehe itu berhasil ditampilkan oleh salah satu pemerannya Lulu Wilson, walau artis kecil yang terlihat polos dan innocent. Jadi, jika mau menikmati film ini cukup masukkan dua faktor ini, faktor pertama nikmati horor creepy -nya yang manjur, faktor kedua abaikan ending kacaunya, sekian. DO NOT make any life changing decisions based on Her Immortal Majesty channel readings. Again, these readings are for entertainment purposes ONLY.

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The timing could not be worse for the Cowboys (5-4) to be hosting the Eagles (8-1). In last week’s debut of the Ezekiel Elliott-free version of Dallas’s offense, Dak Prescott was decidedly mortal, producing 176 passing yards on 5. 7 yards an attempt (the fifth lowest mark of his career). Losing Elliott to a six-game suspension meant not only a major downgrade in the running game, but also the elimination of the star running back as a threat on play-action passes. Knowing that Dallas would be passing, Atlanta went hard after Prescott on every play, and feasted with eight sacks. Now Dallas will be dealing with a Philadelphia defense led by Fletcher Cox that is infinitely more terrifying than Atlanta’s, while Dallas’s defense, which had shown some improvement, will be stuck trying to slow down Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ offense. It looks like Dallas is headed back to. 00. Pick: Eagles Patriots at Raiders, 4:25 p. . CBS Line: Patriots by 6. It is hard to complain about a 41-16 victory, but the Patriots (7-2) allowed enough yardage last week against a Denver offense led by Brock Osweiler for it to qualify as troubling.

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Callie sighs and says she doesn't want to go home yet. Owen says it probably got caught in the bad weather. Steve wants to lay down a card, but April already knows it says there's a tamponade, which can't happen because she already performed a pericardiocentesis. She and Alex pick up their two dummies and put them in the ambulance. April says she can make things up, too, and she decides the ambulance is now working and part of the situation. April gets behind the wheel and after threatening to run down Owen if he doesn't move, she drives to the ER entrance. April refuses to back down so Owen calls it: blue team wins. Bailey asks Derek to go over Stanley's head, but he can't do that because she's right. Derek knows it's personal for Bailey, but he tells her to let it go. Bailey won't accept that she has to tell Bill they have no idea why Mary did. Also, while they're on personal, she tells him to stop thinking about his fear that Meredith will get Alzheimer's so he can write the damn essay. Cristina doesn't get how Meredith is just fine, while she is ruined.

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Anda disarankan agar tidak membanjiri audiens dengan posting yang berulang-ulang (sering) pada feed mereka (follower). Sebaiknya jarak posting setiap foto adalah satu jam atau lebih. Ketika orang mengomentari foto yang diposting, Anda harus tahu bagaimana cara merespon atau menanggapi, memberi jawaban dengan bahasa yang sopan dan sesuai. Jika mereka mengajukan pertanyaan, Anda harus siap untuk menjawabnya. Selain itu Anda juga disarankan untuk melihat dan memperhatikan apa yang orang lain lakukan pada akaun Instagram mereka. Kemudian Anda bisa menggunakan informasi ini untuk menanggapi orang lain yang melihat dan mengomentari foto Anda. Memberikan love atau like kepada setiap foto yang Anda lihat terutama foto-foto yang di posting oleh follower, tentu saja setiap foto yang bagus. Hari itu 4 Juni 2016 tepatnya di hari sabtu aku diajak oleh temanku untuk ke Singapore atau Singapura, dimana dia ingin menemui adiknya yang bekerja disana. Sebenarnya dua minggu sebelumnya sudah kami rencanakan, dan akan menginap satu malam, so kami ke Singapore selama 2 hari pada tanggal 4 dan 5 Juni ( Sabtu, Minggu ). Pada hari Jum'at tanggal 3 Juni aku baru nyari hotel tempat untuk menginap di daerah sekitar Bugis, dan akhirnya aku dan temanku Santi setuju untuk menginap di Hotel Boss yang beralamat di 500, Jln Sultan, Singapore 199020 (Lavender). Tepatnya malam sabtu aku resmi booking kamar menggunakan kartu visa atm ku untuk pembayaran dan akhirnya dapat kamar. Tapi kamar yang kami pilih sudah penuh, karena bookingnya mendadak, dan terpaksa kami menempati kamar yang masih ada.

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Geneology was very very important for the scandinavians and slavs. Especially if living relatives are there who could vouch for them. Or simply when one side had a higher standing in society. E. when for example if the Father was a lownborn but a good fighter and better tradesmen who earned himself the hand of maybe one of the jarls daughters, it would be more benefitial for the children to use the mothers name as their family name because of the with that coming higher status in society. I bet you also believe that vikings had horned helms, wore only patched together leather - black of course - and furs, and most important of all they wore spiked bracers. I assumed that when she said she'd build a fleet it implied that she didn't have a fleet. They are a sea people though. his means they have ships meaning they have at least one fleet. But she wants to either expand their fleets or build a new fleet that is better. We have to find something to make it look stupid. Sam forgetting that Stannis told him about dragonglass mines at dragonstone.

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Sirens flashing, wrists are for slashing, wake up in the morning with shotgun mouth. Seriously the most disturbing and fucked up horror flick I've ever seen. The winner will be announced on the next Moe Knows. Everyone earns deep esteem from the AWT team for your participation. At age 6 he completed his first kid’s triathlon event. Filled with boundless energy, he started every day by jumping out of bed and crossing out the date on his wall calendar. On December 14th, 2012 Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and fatally shot 20 children between the ages of six and seven years old as well as six adult staff members and finally, himself. Before the killings at the school, Adam shot and killed his mother while she slept in her bed using guns from her collection. Up to this point I made objects because it felt good. I liked musing in a physical way about food, obsession, and the endless quest for satiety-both physical and spiritual. Having a baby brought the finite quality of our habitation of this time and space into sharp and harrowing focus. For the first time I looked into the face of the vast incomprehensible magnitude of what it means to be alive, to love, and to have something to lose.