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With light weapons like these, even hobbyist drones can transform into deadly weapons. As a result, stopping drone attacks has become an increasingly prominent problem for the militaries across the world. In Iraq, the violent nonstate actors ISIS built drones, booby-trapped those drones, and also used regular hobbyist drones as grenade-dropping mini-bombers. In the eastern Ukraine, as fighting continues between the Ukrainian government and Russia-backed separatists, both sides have fielded drones to scout trenches and even act as artillery spotters. To counter this type of drone warfare, countries are investing in everything from eagles to lasers to special jamming rifles. There’s no consensus yet on the best anti-drone tool—and until there is, it’s unlikely that every ammunition depot will manage to protect itself against drone threats. The most straightforward change is to stop using open-air storage facilities. Open-air facilities are expedient, and can be set up so that if one section of the facility catches fire, that explosion is buffered by thick, dirt walls, these facilities are still open to attack from the air. There is another standard type of storage facility: earth covered magazines, sometimes nicknamed “Igloo” or “Yurt”, where the explosives are stored within thick walls and a thick layer of protective dirt on top. “Earth-covered magazines provide temperature stability and are particularly desirable for the storage of propellants and pyrotechnics,” notes an Army training manual. “Earth-covered magazines are the best and safest type of storage facilities. . In 1969, Bob Leiendecker was the commander of the Army specialist unit assisting Marines as they cleaned up two ammunition depots that caught fire and exploded in Danang, South Vietnam.


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MRS. HARRIS Director: Phyllis Nagy Producer: Pamela Koffler, Elizabeth Karlsen, Christine Vachon, John Wells, Chrisann Verges Cast: Annette Bening, Sir Ben Kingsley Delivery Status: Post Production A tale of love and obsession, MRS. HARRIS explores the story of Jean Harris who killed her lover, best-selling diet book author Dr. Herman Tarnower, and subsequently stood trial for his murder in the early 1980s. CLETIS - INITIAL GROUP EMPIRE FALLS Director: Fred Schepisi Producer: Paul Newman, Marc Platt, Scott Steindorff Cast: Ed Harris, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Helen Hunt, Paul Newman, Aidan Quinn, Joanne Woodward, Robin Wright Penn. BUSINESS OF FANCY DANCING (103 minutes) Director: Sherman Alexie Producers: Larry Estes, Scott M. John, Gen Tagaban Sixteen years later, two Native American friends are reunited, but mutual feelings of hurt and resentment stand in the way of their friendship. FRIENDS AND FAMILY (90 minutes) Producers: Linda Moran, Kristen Coury, Joseph Triebwasser Director: Kristen Coury Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Greg Lauren, Christopher Gartin Stephen and Danny are a gay couple in Manhattan who have it all, until a surprise visit from Stephen s parents threatens to blow the boys big secret. Producer: Kevin Menton Starring: Andrew Scott, Kelly Reilly, Katy Davis Delivery Status: Complete Country of Origin: Ireland When Tommy seemingly kills his girlfriend in an accident, a series of twists and turns ensue when he discovers a second dead body and more dark secrets. ADVANCED WARRIORS Interactive Fantasy - DVD only (20 mins-60 mins depending) Director: Andrew Dymond Producer: Andrew Dymond Executive Producer: Jon Lomas, John Wabe, Mark Strickson Production Companies: Lightworx Media Ltd. Starring: John Carrigan, Rebecca Nichols, Jeremy Bulloch, Chase Masterson Delivery Status: Complete Country of Origin: UK Two ordinary citizens are transported to a different world, where they must use their skills to get out alive - but it is up to the viewer whether they survive or not. One tries to find his place in western society, while the other does all he can to prevent this. REDEMPTION Urban (90 min) Director: Sean Reid Producer: Bonner Bellew.


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Most of you are a bunch of pukes that need to make your new year’s resolution “Read more gr8 books, lazy ass. . You never talked about metaphysics, and political philosophy presupposes metaphysics. Could it be a dead, self-hating Nazi like many of us, only a lot smarter. It is advisable, therefore, that you postpone reading Nietzsche for the time being, and first study Aristotle for ten to fifteen years. . You first three are pathetic, Kantbot is passable but tainted by the demos. No, I have better things to do, like water my sunflowers and forget my debt to this country. He is behind all of this, do not trust me, I am Land’s puppet. You can’t just read the book, you have to physically follow his directions or you won’t see results. One trick I use to facilitate this, sounds kinda silly but it works, is throughout my everyday waking day I seriously ask myself “Is this a dream. How do I know this isn’t a dream? and I find when I’m dreaming I’m more apt to ask those questions then voila I wake up and realize I have unlimited freedom and can will God or demigods to appear.


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