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It’s the second-most populous county on the mainland of New York, after the Bronx. (p6) In response to the 2010 Census, the county had a population of 949,113, estimated to have increased by 2. % to 976,396 by 2015. Located in the Hudson Valley, Westchester covers an space of 450 sq. I sit up for seeing even more residential and commercial improvement within the Bronx in the future and I encourage all New Yorkers to spend more time in this unimaginable borough. I discover elevated curiosity in Bronx real estate from Manhattanites stunning. As the first section of the Lyrics break, there’s no question that she is tattling off a past kinship (. But for guys like Colin Farrell orr David Beckam, a poor boy look can better be achieved which has a shaved head. I definitely really liked every part of it and I have you book-marked to check o? new things in your website. But wanna observation on few basic issues, The web site taste is great, the articles is in point of fact excellent: D. The Internal browser in WeChat blocked Chinese language accounts from accessing some websites akin to playing, Falun Gong and critical studies on China. Its public accounts are used as multi-media platforms the place users can have interaction in unbiased discussions on public affairs. August- Twitter takes out the 140-character limit for messages making an attempt to take a cut on the messenger app market. The implementation of official WeChat account has sensible implications for educational libraries and other establishments to conduct it and comparable social media tools, corresponding to Sina Weibo, Fb and Line. The company can be said to be planning to open a US office A to ramp up its combat against WhatsApp, Fb and other cell messaging and social services on their very own turf. That is an inbuilt social media platform inside WeChat we allows you put up photos, videos, statuses, links to articles or web sites, and also lets you see what all your mates are posting too. It has all of the features of Fb Messenger, the usefulness of Venmo and Paypal, and a multitude of different utilities that it seems unfitting to name it simply a social media platform. Customers can publish Moments on their partitions, order taxi service or film tickets, and typically make the most of the app not only for communication but for day by day services.

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I've been a HUGE fan of both bionic shows since I first saw the SMDM pilot movie when I was seven years old. It's literally been a life-long fascination and dedication for me. This time he's playing the restauranteur, but he has an unusual system of placing an order at his high priced establishment. What is his game and why is he so eager to get back to prison that makes a lame attempt at lifting Aunt Harriet's bracelet. Batman and Robin have their hands full with this caper. We discuss what initial conventions were like and delve into things like Bronie Con and Hello Kitty Con. Stay tune at the end for a song about Bonies sung by John DeLancie. Our mission is to encourage, to educate, to enable. So, while we certainly bring in some exciting professionals from the industries which bring imagination into the mainstream, our real goal is to give you the opportunity to meet others like yourself, to forge friendships, and to develop your own creative gifts. Can this much discussed movie hold the top spot for a second week in a row. And what TV on DVD goodness is in store for the gentle viewer. Michael Falkner has this, Star Wars news, and much more on a new The Weekly Podioplex. Direct download: Podioplex012014. p3 Category: The Weekly Podioplex. This time, the sardonic English teacher gets caught up in a protest over the school’s dress code. Then return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as, for the first time, we present The Lone Ranger. Thrill as the Lone Ranger and Tonto help a young man and his widowed mother recover a small fortune left to them. The secret to the location is in a very special saddle. And we’re kicking the New Year off with a great show.

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I do think it's interesting to discuss, though, especially because the 'the show is worse! 'no, the books are worse! debate never really seems to go anywhere--and for good reason, because the content itself is much the same in both. To continue the LOST comparison, it's something that show did well too, providing interesting characters you couldn't help but care about. I watch the show with mostly straight white dudes between 20-35yo and I’d assume we’re supposed to be the “we secretly find this sexy” audience and we’re all horrified and disgusted. Not saying it doesn’t exist, I know it does, but I just don’t know how big that crowd really is. But I do think that the same creepers who we suspect are creeping on the show are creeping on the books. People seem to really like weird rapey books, just flip through the little romance section at any CVS. There is a reason CVS is selling those books and not any others. I don't know how big it is either, but yeah, I also know it exists. On the forums at Tower of the Hand you can see that thread running through pretty consistently. Erotica has a majority-women following too, including stuff that includes rape fantasy. I've tried to work out in my own head why I make these sort of intuitive distinctions between what I find offensive and what I don't, and I haven't got it all figured out. That is hugely, hugely different from guys who read rape fantasy because they want to fantasize about raping women. I'm not sure what I expected when she replaced Jeyne Poole, but I was hoping for more when she was wearing the Maleficent dress at the end of Season 4. They should have given her the year off with Bran and Hodor. But the only thing the show runners seemed to care about was re-creating Ramsay's wedding night and preserving the integrity of the Poole storyline. Because, you know, that was critical compared to other things that might have been happening in the North. Did you know I was silly enough to think they understood the whole Poole storyline was monstrous Women-in-Refrigerators bullshit and they were planning on putting Sansa in that position but having it turn it on its head.

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In the Thelemic context we have been discussing, the ritual space must be created according to the understanding of the magician, perhaps using the Star Sapphire or Star Ruby rituals to cast a circle: a sacred space, a chakra. The design of the altar and the space may be purely Thelemic, or it may also incorporate Tantric elements such as the Sri Chakra which represents interlocking power-zones based on triangles, the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, etc. Naturally, only a sip of alcohol should be employed. The central part of the ritual now takes place, which involves the priestess raising Kundalini. According to Grant, this transpires as she is being sexually aroused by the magician who is performing certain mudras over her body, not necessarily touching her but making passes directly over her erogenous zones (with a wand or with his hands) and raising her to a fever pitch. The goal of this process is to activate Kundalini, to raise it gradually to the higher chakras so that they may be “burned” by the power of the Serpent Goddess and thus release their potencies into the bloodstream of the priestess. These chakras should have been previously opened by the priestess through Kundalini yoga or some other technique, otherwise opening them for the first time this way can be dangerous to her. The magician should bring the priestess to the point of orgasm, but stop just before orgasm is reached. These kalas will be collected by the magician—either orally, as in cunnilingus, if the intention is to increase the occult power of the magician or to bring him into contact with supramundane forces, etc. or on a specially constructed talisman of metal or parchment, or on the leaf of a sacred plant, or some other way if the intention is to store it for future use. The body is used to releasing itself in orgasm and ejaculation. If this normal pathway is blocked—“sealed”—through mental control and focus, then the body reacts in such a way that it seeks alternate pathways, thus opening a Gate that is normally closed. A slight shift of focus will result in a shift of vision, of waking trance. If the goal was to open a Gate, and the focus of both parties is maintained on this goal, then a Gate will open. In Moonchild the incarnation was effected in and through the normal sexual formula, and although the full impact of the moonchild’s advent is not described, the reader is left with the impression that, whatever it may have been, it was some sort of a monster in human form endowed with superhuman powers. But no entity incarnating via the usual channels of sex, no physical intrusion of another dimension into the ambience of humanity could possibly exercise power in any but a terrestrial sense. This is because the “power” has been earthed or enfleshed. The above statement by Grant eloquently sets forth the parameters of the sexo-magical rite, even to the extent of introducing the possibility that a monster with superhuman powers could be incarnated using these techniques. He also reminds us that the usual channels of sex are not capable of introducing the extraterrestrial Current into our own dimension.